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Nice Gifting
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#1 Posted:
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Received a package in the mail last night from Corey. Here goes:
1.Kinky Friedman-The Willy
2.Diamond Crown- Maximus Toro #4
3.A.Fuente-Grand Reserva
4R.P. Exclusive
5.Herrera Estell
7. Diesel
8.Oliva-Master Blend

Thank You Again Corey. Cant wait to smoke these. Most of these are new to me.
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#2 Posted:
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Nice hit Corey!

(in my head I was putting that list in alphabetical order)
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WTG Georgia boy! Applause
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Nice!Frying pan
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corey ----------->horse <------------fourfear
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Good one, Corey!

Fourfear, no matter what the return Addy says, that box did not come from Indiana
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