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Customer service
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Greetings! This is my first proper post on this forum. I have recently begun ordering cigar shipments from cbid with much success and satisfaction, however my most recent purchase was missing a "5-pack" of cigars. Though the rest of my order was intact and accounted for, I could not find aforementioned item. I have already begun the process of consulting customer service, and am merely curious as to how long I should expect to wait for correspondence; from other buyers who may have experienced this as well. Thank you in advance.
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1.5 hours on hold on the phone.
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Possibly 2 even, if several other similar posts recently are to be believed. I'll say that they're very good about resolving issues when reached. It's the reaching that's difficult
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If you are going to wait for correspondence, cigars may no longer be legal by then.
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Most eloquently composed complaint about CS yet...

Bravo Twi, bravo.

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Oh, and stick with the phone. I know the wait is long, but the wait for an email response is indefinite
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Dispute the charge. They'll get back to you.
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