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Hi, I used to work at a tobacconist till 1997, I gave my son a box of Fuentes and arango sportsman’s from 96. I still have some Fuentes and assorted cigars plus tobacco from that time. Hoyos, macanudo montecristo and assorted lane and dunhill tobacco from that time. What should I be look to get out of them if I sell? As a “collector/holder” I have dunhill 965 and MacBaren Virgins #1 from 96. I guess should I smoke it or try to sell it?
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If someone makes an offer on it what should the price be?
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What Fuentes? What Montecristo’s?

As far as the tins, the ones named aren’t particularly sought after though the 965 with that age might get a decent price. Fire up your Google machine and look up what ages tins are going for. Some sites consign older tins.

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