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#1 Posted:
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Musk: I might buy Twitter.
Twitter Execs: No!
Musk: Maybe I really want it.
TE: We said No! But maybe? (reminds me mixed dating signals in my twenties).
Musk: How many bots or fake accounts are there on this website?
TE: Well, okay, we'll sell to you.
Musk: I don't want it anymore.
TE: You said you'd buy it. If you don't, we'll sue you!
Musk: Well, guess it save me from getting sued and going to court. Guess I'll buy it.
TE: Yea! We win.
Musk: I'm dissolving the board and starting to clean house. Check your Twitter accounts tomorrow to see if you have jobs.
TE: This is awful! Why did we allow this monster to take over the company!

Beats the hell out of Real Housewives of ______ , daytime dramas or watching dried paint. chip.

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Now the axed employees are suing because Musk did not provide them with advanced notice of their terminations.

What do you think all the bantering back and forth about his buying Twit and cleaning house meant? That should have been more than sufficient notice that a tidal wave of change was coming. Musk's made a comment a week or two back that there were 10 people moderating for every 1 person coding - of course he is going to fix that.

And I am not on Twitter - but I like what Musk is doing
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madspackler wrote:
And I am not on Twitter - but I like what Musk is doing

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I'm not and haven't been paying attention, but find it amusing now that the drama's been summarized for me.
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Didn't have twitter before, don't want twitter now... but if he let's Trump and Jordan Peterson back on, I may consider an account just to follow them and see what they say. lol

Watch people's heads assplode.
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I did have Instagram... did... I was banned for a month for posting a picture of a banner hanging on an overpass. Well... 2 banners.

One said "F--k Joe Biden" and the other said "Democrats can suck my d--k 2022". I thought it was rather funny. Hanging from a freeway overpass... and I captioned it... "And in 2024!".

The powers that be of Instagram, which are the same fascist f'ing a holes that run fascistbook... did not find it humorous and banned me so I deleted it.

But it was cool to post all kinda vulgar stuff about Trump. Hypocrites.
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I wonder if San Francisco declared a state of emergency over this.

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I think they were prepared, that was an AMAZING response time.
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