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3,400 IDJITS in PA can't fill out a mail in vote correctly?
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#1 Posted:
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No dates, incorrect dates, no signatures, not placed in the enclosed with voting packet secret envelopes...


They were all in Philadelphia...

Land of the Dumbo's who can't read or get a valid PA STATE I.D. SO THEY can go vote?

Bunch of BUNK...

File 13 'em...

If you can't fill out a voting form correctly...then you are one dumb idjIT...
frankj1 Online
#2 Posted:
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so improper votes were caught and not counted?
Just like every frankin' election evah?
Does Rudy know about this?
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#3 Posted:
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Scientists are just big kids stuck in the "why phase."
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#4 Posted:
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So Fetterman’s campaign sues to have the invalid ballots counted. (In all fairness they probably were in his favor)
MACS Offline
#5 Posted:
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Seriously... if that guy wins... the absolute frankin' morons that voted for him deserve what they get. But sadly... it affects the rest of us.
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I never realize how explicit my music is until my parents are in the car
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