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Auction End Time? Why favoring the West Coast?
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Love this site! But wondering why east coasters have to suffer staying awake to the weeeeee hours to win an auction? Can we have auctions that end at 8 AM? :) Or a happy middle ground like 7 or 8 PM? Brick wall
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Because I’m on the Best Coast and Trish fixed this for me years ago when she adopted me. Sorry about your luck, you should bid so high you won’t lose like a manly man and live stress free.
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You know you don't HAVE to wait for the end of the auction, you can just set your max bid, grab your blanky and your binky and go to sleep. If you win, you win. If you don't, take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror and try to figure out why you didn't become the man you wanted to be.
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Oh my, that little bit of sniveling almost brought a tear to my eye...
If you bid properly, you will win.
Doesn’t matter what coast you are on.

Now set a good max bid on your Fumas, and quit whining.
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Those who understand auctions will bid what they want to pay. If you lose, try again when the item is next put on the auction. I find that people will bid more than they should if they stay up and watch an auction that closes late. Sometimes I do, but mostly I go to bed and either wake up a winner or have more funds to bid again. If you really want to win, put in a $ 5k bid on a box and go to bed early.

Of course you could always move to Hawaii.
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Are you the guy who went "halfer's" with barrack OBAMMY
On MAGNUM P.I.'s ( Robin masters) house in Hawaii.
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