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Cheers to All The Veterans
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Out there!!! Past, Present and Future!!!
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Beer Beer
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Here here! A toast to the veterans.

Regardless of your motivations, we are happier and more secure due to your service and sacrifices. And for some of you paid, and some who continue to you pay every day.

Hope we don't have to blow the dust off of some of you fog, with recruitment down & high school graduates weights up.
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MACS wrote:
Beer Beer

Beer Beer Beer

I may or may not need an UBAR in a town that is only a mile wide and long today!!! d'oh!
I'm taking my Challenge Coin to the Legion for our local ceremony and Free Lunch, some Dice and Pool are in order along with a beer for all my Brothers & Sisters in Arms that are not with us any longer... the list is getting longer!!

Congrats on your retirement and Move Brother!!!
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thanks to all who served.
All of you here.
All I have known.
My father and my uncle, WWII.

Just the other day I took possession of the flag that had been draped over my father's coffin nearly 17 years ago, then folded properly and presented to my mother at the funeral by the Commander of the local Jewish Veterans of Foreign Wars Post with these words..." a grateful nation thanks you".

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