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Elizabeth Holmes sentenced...about time...
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fog Think

The psycho (alleDgeDleY) broad from the Theranos blood testing laboratory scandal cops 11+ big ones...bada bada baaang...

All kinds of leftist journalists are bitching it's too long....
I say anyone who saw a video of her talking before this entire scam went down can tell she is a wacked out grifter/scam artist (alleDgeDleY) just buy watching her change her voice into a macabre male robotic tone of which she wandered off from multiple times in private but never on interviews or videos...

I say she got off easy...I have seen poor African Americans who rolled a Wawa convinence store for less than a grand get 15 yrs like a lightening strike...whilst Holmes scams millions if not billions from thousands and thousands of investors...
Whose investment is now worth nothing...
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So she got 22 years?
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