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To re-vote or not........
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#1 Posted:
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I like many others are pissed at the Pro-Gore team that refuses to potentially accept the fact that the Clinton reign is possibly over. The Democrats have snowed the elderly and gullible way too damn long. For a second time in our Nations history the Republicans stand to gain control of the House, Senate, and most importantly the Presidency. Now to my topic: The situation at hand deals with the ballot itself as being confusing whether or not it was a legal ballot stands to be discussed another time. But if one can't clearly see the fu@#ing arrow pointing to your candidate then your inept, uneducated, dumb ass should not even vote. Point is we have arrows every day showing us exit signs, on highways to show you which lane goes where and essentially helps those who are quite frankly breathing good air and occupying space that they should not, in other words your useless. If one can't possibly see the arrow how can they see the issues at stake. I heard one lady on CNN claim she was a Gore supporter but accidently voted for Buchannan instead and wants to be able to re-vote. How ludicrous, that is like me going to the polls dead ass drunk thinking hell, I will vote for this ass wipe I don't care for for **** and giggles....only to realize the dumb **** won the next day and want to change my vote for reasons of drunkeness. If this lady realized her mistake then why not simply remove yourself from the booth and ask for another ballot because you screwed up your last one and do it over making sure you do it right this time. Plain and simple for most people to understand, the Democrats lost and now an excuse must be conjured up for a tight outcome that decided the fate of the Presidency. I am a die hard Republican and I say once the votes are tallied again in Fla. whoever wins let it be. Even if the tree hugger/ spot owl saver wins. Let our Constitution be and not take ill favor against it for a screw up that is being rectified. Blast away always comments welcomed.
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This is the kind of thing that is wrong with our nation -- If you don't like it, sue! If you did wrong, blame someone else! Hey, if you didn't follow the damn arrow, it's YOUR fault. You had ample chance to ask for assistance, and you had ample chance to protest the ballot BEFORE the election. We must stand firm with our actions, right or wrong! We must stand accountable for actions! I didn't know whether to laugh or puke when I saw all the people protesting in West Palm Beach! If you punched twice, you screwed up! You'll get your chance again, in four years. Hey, if I hit someone when I'm traveling the wrong way down a one-way street, I think I'll sue -- I shouldn't be expected to understand what that arrow-thing means.
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I think the Fla. ballot would make an excellent litmus test for allowing one to vote. If you are that stupid you don't vote! This should have the additional effect of raising the level of intelligence of the voting public. I say re-do the whole thing, GW will get more votes the second time and give Gore a KO!
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I don't think you are right about that KM. If we were allowed to revote, the democrats would win for sure. Nothing attracts a bleeding heart like a "system that failed the people", and that's how this is being portrayed. The liberals don't feel that the people made mistakes, they feel the system didn't adequately provide for the simple-minded. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, why then should ignorance of the ballot be? Were these people not allowed to exchange ballots with mistakes? If so they've got a case. Otherwise shut up and chaulk it up as a learning experience.
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