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I come home from work and turn on the television to hear NEWS about the presidency. Instead, NBC gives me 18 minutes out of the 20 minutes I watched of Bill Daly and Warren Christopher giving us their crap. Then they go on and on about the West Palm Beach ballot problem. Hey, we're all aware of it; I feel the media is trying to turn it into a much bigger issue to justify the pending lawsuits Daly says they'll support. Hey NBC, why don't you instead just give us the damn news about the UNLIKELINESS that a re-vote will take place, or the LIKELINESS that this kind of thing goes on ALL OVER THE NATION -- there were invalid ballots everywhere. The people had their chance to dispute the ballot when it was published in the media prior to the election. NOW'S NOT THE TIME TO BITCH ABOUT IT! I feel by giving so much time to the issue the media is aiding the Democratic argument instead of just doing their job -- JUST GIVE US THE DAMN NEWS!!! We're capable of forming our own opinions. This is just like the welfare system and the Democratic style of government -- that people aren't capable of conducting themselves without the government's help. Poor helpless people, they just couldn't vote by themselves; they need the government's help. I've never been big on this conspiracy idea with media and the liberal movement in bed together, but I'm starting to be more suspect. Maybe they really DID report Florida early to discourage Panhandle Florida Republicans to leave their voting lines. God help us!
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God Bless....and good night.
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First, forget the liberal media outlets;NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS. Watch Fox News Channel if you want Fair and Balanced news. If your cable company does not have it, tell them to get it and get your like minded friends to call them. If all else fails get DSS or Dish. I think George W. Bush, our President as far as I'm concerned,is doing the right thing by choosing his transition team and getting on with the business of saving this country from the do-nothing disaster of an "administration" that is on it's way out. See ya Willie boy! God bless Bush/Cheney!
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Ay-Men to you all!!!
and to you also (Man upstairs) Go Bush/Cheney 2000!!!!!
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