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I Will make this Breif: Personally I feel Al Gore is Being a Wimp about this defeat, Why can't this man Be a Man about this and quit testing the waters of our Constitution? it took Nixon a day and a Half to concede to Kennedy back in 1960.. and there were more then a 20,000 vote margin in Question... Do you know which States were Involved there?? But Nixon Bowed out rather then take the American People through a test of our Constitution.. It's Time to Let Go Alf...
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Back then Kennedy's camp was "accused" of stuffing the ballot boxes. In that day and a half before Nixon bowed out, Chicago's ballots were conveniently dumped into the lake. No way to recount if we wanted to. And who do you suppose was Mayor back then? Daley's Daddy! How ironic....
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Yep you got it Gator, LOL Wanna Go fishin?? Maybe we could catch those Ballots LOLOL.. Hey think Jimmy H. May show up??
Laterzzzz Hog
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I've decided that no matter what happens with this liberal conspiracy, Bush is my President for the next four years. Hilary is more of a man than Al "Win at all costs" Gore. I think we'll be recounting ballots until they eventually come out the way the Democrats want. I'm truely embarrassed by all this BS.
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