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2nd Graders can do it......why can't Democrats?
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On the news it was stated that a 2nd grade teacher used the same ballot as Flordia's to see if his 74 students could properly fill out the card and vote for their favorite Disney character in the place of the candidates. The results were somewhat surprising to many that all 74 students properly voted for their favorite character.....that is 100% success. My question to Democratic Floridians is, if your 8 year old kid can do it why the hell can't you you inept morons!
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Ha! BRAVO to that teacher!!!
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Be careful ! I believe school rules clearly state that you must punch the hole to the Right of the Disney Character. So regardless of common sense and detailed instructions, this teacher has violated those childrens right to a proper election. So although it appears that Grumpy won, Dopey is asking for a recount!
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Do you honestly have a problem believing democrats can be that stupid? Not me. I am just surprised that the rest off the demoidiots were able to vote correctly for their King of Idiots!
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