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Give It Up!
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If Gore gives a damn about this country, he would do the honorable thing and concede to the rightful President of the United States of America, George W. Bush! However, since Gore does not give a damn about the greatest country on God's green earth and he is not an honorable man, our "democracy" crumbles. The democrats are trying to steal OUR election just as they do in every national, state and local election since they have been around! Wake up America!
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It's just sad. One man obviously making himself and four brief years more important than his country and all its history. If he truly stood for his country, he would uphold the Constitution. Hey, Gore, its not just a handy reference, its our country's foundation! The electoral college says it all -- you lost! How many times has Bush won now? After the first count, after the second machine count, now (it looks like) after the absentee vote counts. WHEN WILL YOU GIVE IN, GORE?! And to further make a mockery of our country, I hear democrats are quietly attempting to tamper with electoral college votes, to try to get them to switch over their Bush vote already committed to their constituents. Is there any truth to this? I hope not! What does all this teach our children?!?: Don't regard "no" as necessarily "no"; if you're wrong, grab some lawyers to find you a loophole to turn your loss into a victory (OJ for our next Prez?); if you make a mistake, don't take responsibility for it (come on, Palm Beach Floridians, you screwed up! get a life!); oral sex isn't really sex (oops, sorry; that one's from Gore's boss). What makes me REALLY puke is Gore STILL gets in front of a camera to tell us he has our country in his best interest. He almost sounds believable! He had a good mentor -- Clinton is the KING of deception. Is this what our country is resorting to? Lawsuits tossed around and Hollywood-coached liars for president? I pray Bush wins and gives the Whitehouse a good scrubbing (especially the Oval Office).
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