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I almost want to say I can't believe it, but with Florida's all-Democratic-appointed justices, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised with the news tonight. They're going to accept the hand recounts! I smell mischief! If by chance Bush STILL wins (I think he's won 2 or 3 times now!), what will Gore's next step be? Hand-recount the entire nation? Man, this stinks. Somebody please give me some hope.
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I have a sinking feeling that Gore wont stop until he steals this thing. The guy will do whatever it takes. Nothing like changing the rules after.
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Exactly what James Baker said!! They change the rules, not only after rules have been established, but ALSO after the election has taken place. And Gore comes out saying he and Bush should meet to "demonstrate unity" -- what the heck does that mean? He just wants to sound like he's above all this when he's really right in the middle of it all. I'd like to see Bush meet with him, stick his finger in his chest, and call him a whining, sore loser. Bush is a noble man, though. I respect that he and his camp haven't resorted to the same tricks Gore & Co. are up to. I don't know who turns my stomach more when I hear them speak -- Algore or Slick Willy. They must have both had the same Hollywood-type coaching them. Don't stop praying!
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