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Sore Loserman
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First off, I NEED one of the nifty Sore Loserman signs hoisted by the rowdy republicans down in FLA. The ones that look like the Gore Lieberman campaign signs. They are priceless. Secondly, does Algore realize how stupid he looks? He says he wants EVERY vote to count, but he is only looking in HEAVILY democratic counties. He should at least make a feable attempt to appear as if he wants ALL of Florida counted. I do not like Clinton. But at least you could listen to him speak. Algore is getting more and more difficult to stomach with each mechanical breath he takes. And I think Tipper is gaining a pound for each lie he spews. Sorry, that was uncalled for. But Algore is organizing the demise of our electorial process and the media is supporting him! I can't take this anymore.
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Tailgater I agree totally those signs are classic.LOL
Hey Hog you think you can get your dad to pick up a couple for us.Make it worth your while!!!
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