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Riding the political fence
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My subject is stated because I've tried to take an objective view to this past election. But here is my point. I don't think this past election has been a waste UNLESS, we (Americans) learn from the mistakes made in this election. We obviously need to do something to standardize ballot formats for all states. That would eliminate the spoiled and confusing ballot issue. We also need to work on a ballot recount process and proceedure. This would eliminate tying the mess up in the courts. I know this may seem odd but I must pose a question to both Rebuplicans and Democrats alike. Do you think that either side would settle for losing the election by less than 1000 votes with out seeking due process. Not hardly. How many Millions of dollars did people contribute to those campaigns. Those contributors would not allow them the (canidates)to lay down with out a fight. I personnally would be pissed if my canidate rolled over after pumping $$$$$ into his campaign. It might look ugly to the rest of the world, screw em. I still wouldn't trade the USA for any other country; especially after faithfully serving in the armed forces (USAF) for over 19 years and being sent to just about every S*** hole possible. But to sum it up. This election will be a waste and embarrassment if we walk away and keep doing buisness as usual. I am a Rebulican and all of this is of course IMHO!!!
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Personaly I think the "Business as Usual" is what you are going to see after the outcome of this turmoiled mess.. these lawyers and the courts have no business in this affair of an Election.. allot of this Has been Un-Constitutional.. those legislators and the laws writen in there States on elections fallow the basic guidlines as our US Constition.. the Liberials out there have goudges away to Attack our Constitution and its way.. to try and say its time for a new one.. NO it isn't its time to wake up America and get back to the Basics of the Original One..your interpretation my interpritation this is exactly how the Liberal Views get murders back on the streets and they want everyone else to view it there way..they are going to try and push this in the courts way past the deadline to go before the Electorial College... Then What?? let the supriem court decide our next Presedent?? or the Senant house leader become Pres. or maybe Slick Willy will just decide to stay in office.. I Don't Think So!!!! All in All Our Great Constitution and Democrocy is Still Standing Tall... it has weathered Many Storms and Gores outfit isn't going to get the job done either
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Donald, From someone sitting on the Demo side of the fence, I wholeheartedly agree with your post. I believe that there were serious problems with this election, that can't be resolved (or rectified) for this count. Missed ballots could just as easily affect the republican party in the next election, so lets fix the process. Barry
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