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I think this national election has
demonstrated the IMPORTANCE of the
electoral college. Just look how
perilously close we came to getting Gore
for our President. Because "they" are
"Sorelosermen" they want a hand count of
the votes including the ones that the
counting machines reject just because the
state totals for Bush and Gore only
differ by less than 1000 votes! What do
we have machines for! I trust the
machines a lot more than the Demoidiots
that would be the counters. GW said he
truts the people, not the Demoidiots.
That is not a contradictin. I don't trust
them either. I trust REAL Americans! Republicans! My
own oppinion is this makes it clear in my
mind at least that it is the popular vote
that needs to be done away with and the
electoral college would simply be
established by the majority rule in each
state thereby assuring a Republican in
the White House from here to eternity
unless they turn their backs on the
American people like the Demoidiots have!
Wake up America!
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KM, You wouldn't be my brother would you? I whole-heartedly agree with you. Only, you'd better watch flinging your anti-democrap opinions around in here unless you know how to fight back...someone just may tear you a new ****! Anyway, hang in there and keep the faith bro! E-chick
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