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Angels in the Office...
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I would like some Democratic view points on this. I am an independent voter who leans heavily towards the right on election days. I despise what Clinton has done to the reputation of the oval office and our country. But one thing that HAS improved during his 8 years has been the bipartisan tendencies. Enter Al Gore. I can't remember the country being more divided, and this after an election where neither side truly had a strong candidate! Al Gore has single handedly split the country between those with common sense and those who want to win at any cost. Gore supporters want to count "all the votes" but only if they're in Democratic counties. They further want to throw away 15,000 votes in Seminole County because of a PRE-election technicality. Enough is enough. The democrats are showing that it is not how you play the game as long as you win. It has gotten to the point where I feel that most of Gores supporters don't even believe in him any more, but they've come this far and can't back down now. How can ANYBODY support what Gore is doing now. And please don't mention the failure of Bush to accept the "recount challenge" of the whole state. He won and had no reason to throw caution to the wind in such a close battle. Each time the ballots are handled, they are open to alterations, be it fraud or otherwise.
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I agree especially with the last part of your assertion that as far as a state recount that Bush had WON already and should not have to capitulate to the Gore machine on this or any other assaults at GW Bush's ligitimate Presidency. I don't care if they have video of Todd Shnick stuffing ballots in one room and Kathy Harris tearing up votes for Gore in another! Bush won and HE is our President! Wake up America!!!
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