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Just Wondering
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I was just wondering something after reading a handful of the posts on the Political Board. Am I the only "liberal" - meaning I changed from Republican to something else or anything else after watching too many people eat out of garbage cans in Washington, DC during the Reagan Administration- that smokes cigars and sometimes reads this forum. I mean, hell, I am in the military and they say Bush would be better for us. But isn't there something beyond a pay raise? I don't know, even my own son likes Bush over Gore. Just let me know, are there any others out there. Regarless, I still hope Gore wins - as long as he doesn't outlaw tobacco anyway.
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I feel sorry for you sir.More over I feel sorry for all of us should your wish come true.
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Poole, I fear that you're all alone in your beliefs here. But that's what make America great. If we were all the same, the world would be a boring place. It's rare to find a Democratic Herfer, but it happens.
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More Government is the Last thing we need.. We need a leader who will give the Government Back to the People!! Bush Said that was his Aginda.. And I believe him..Give it back to each of the States to maintain there Own As it was in the Beginning of our Constitution!!! Being a Liberial is Your Prefrence but you Answered your Own Question on that One as to Why you feel the way you Do Poole Quote:(Regarless, I still hope Gore wins - as long as he doesn't outlaw tobacco anyway.)May I Underline the as long as part..
thats the Same thing people Said in Nazi Germany before the War.. and that is where this Country is headed because of thoughts like that.. "As Long As"
they are taking away my Citizens right to Have Fire Arms( I do not care I dont Hunt) OK so now they are taking away my Citizens Right to Drive ( thats Ok I live close enough to work and the Stores to walk or ride a Bike) Now they are taking away my right to Freedom of Speach ( thats OK I didn't like talkin to half the People I meet anyways.. What Kind of thinking is that?? Ask the Folks Pre World War 2 who lived through it...Poole you are in the Military??? do you ever travel Oversea's?? Have you ever Seen what Other Nationallity's Live like?? Have You Traveled More in the Past few Years then You think You Should have.. Because of National Interests?? are you ready to Pack your Bags tomorrow if things In the Middle east get worse and you are called up away from your Home and Family?? Because that is your Duty.. And what ever your Belief's are, are your's and Mine are Mine.. And I am ready for a Government who gives it back to the People..But in the Mean time I am here to uphold the Constitution of these US of A and Protect her People at what ever the Cost to myself.. Bottom Line I am Glad my Vote Snuffed out yours :-)~~~~ Have a Nice Day!!!

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The statement "People eating out of garbage cans" is so typical of liberals. Now, it is obvious you believe Conservative policies cause such circumstances. My question is, does that arise from your belief that 1.) conservative policies don't work, or is it that 2.) conservatives are hard-hearted and mean-spirited? If it is 1.), you acknowledge that Conservatives have the same goals, the difference is simply the best means to achieve them. Then we can have a legitimate discussion. I would say that "tough love" is more effective, that Conservatives generally believe we can cultivate in people a sense of responsibility and promote behavior which allows one to function on one's own and to be a contributor in society. This is not popular for obvious reasons. Now, if your parents let you live at home until you're 45 without a job and they paid all the bills I don't believe theyd be doing you any favors, although it might be great for awhile. It can be said that in general, Liberalism - which has come to embody the opposite of personal responsibility - promotes dependency and irresponsibility through handouts based on the redistribution of wealth. Let's talk about that. However, if your argument is 2.), that your intentions are more noble, how is it that you can claim the high road? For one, do you care about intentions or do you care about results? Regardless, I say that conservatism is the high road, and liberalism is for the mentally lazy - for those who like to assuage their own guilt by throwing money (especially not their own hard earned money)at anything which they don't want to deal with rather than addressing the core problem. "Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach him to fish..."
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After reading the replies from my fellow conservatives, I feel my heart swell with pride. There is something about the strength of an arguement being so powerful when a person knows they are right, that it overwhelms the weaker, flawed liberal oppinion on ANY subject! It should be REQUIRED of ALL students in America to listen to Rush Limbaugh everyday in our schools. You would find the numbers of people who subscribe to the "liberal" philosophy would begin to dwindle. Can I get an AMEN!
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Well, I guess I got my answer!!! Only G.W. fans here. However, I still don't/won't buy "the sky is falling" attitude. Is it that bad in the States right now? The reason I ask is that I have not consistently lived in the U.S. for a few years now. Am serving overseas. At least I get to legally smoke ISOMs whenever I want! Anyway, I have traveled overseas and most of the Western European countries are somewhat "socialist." I suppose socialism equates more closely to the Democratic philosophy than Republican. Of course you can also equate the word Socialism with the U.S. military system (i.e. free medical care, reduced groceries, etc, etc). Not that it is really that great - don't want any of you to quit your job and sign up. But this you can believe or you can choose not to, but the bottom line is that it is not really that bad in many of these "socialist" countries. For example, I currently live in Germany and the people do pay a lot of taxes (of course they make more money as well), however, it gets back to them, albeit indirectly via medical care, beautiful community swimming pools, well maintained highways and residential streets. Also, I can take a walk during the wee hours of the morning and smoke my cigar and am not threatened by anyone wanting money, although some Serbians jumped an American last year, but that was politically motivated. Point is, it seems the people here are okay and maybe fairly well off. Am I, or all others who personally don't vote conservative, in favor of higher taxes in the U.S. Most definitely not!!! At least not in our country, because we all know the benefits are not equally distributed (see I have a little bit of conservatism in me). But let me get this straight from the comments posted. DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE BUSH WILL GIVE GOVERNMENT BACK TO THE PEOPLE. How many times have we heard that buzz phrase from politicians? Yes, from what I have seen, I feel conservative polices do not work. Not sure Democrat policies will ever work either. But I have just seen conservatism in full swing and feel it leaves out too many people. It was posted, "have I ever traveled to other nations and seen how they live." Yes I have. I have been to Bosnia and other assorted countries within the past three years. And for that reason, I disagree with G.W. about wanting to pull out of Bosnia. Remember Desert Storm. President Bush sent us in and we still have a contingent there and its probably better we do. What will we do, leave it to the Russians to start making/leading foreign policy in the Balkan region? In the Middle East? How long will that last. We have got that lead right now in world politics and we had better hold on to it. Oh well, the differences go on and on. In closing, just wanted to say that Gore is no magic bullet, neither is Bush. From my perspective, Gore seems to have more experience in Federal government policies and that could be in our countrie's favor. Also, from a distance, it appears that things have gotten better in the U.S. during the past eight years. And I am talking about normal day to day life (i.e. reduced crime rate, people generally better off, etc), not Clinton's escapades. But you ghys tell me. Is it that bad????
Out here.
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Poole, It is good to see that living in the Military Oversea's Life has worked out for your Family and You
IE: (Oversea's Medical benifits,Reduced Grocries and all) here in the States the Price is still going up.. Military memebers are on a different health care system then that oversea's.. allot even pay out of there own far as the Base Commisaries go they are Competed with out side Military Stores for Pricing.. and most cases Lose to the Competitor's...
Do you read any of this in the Military news Papers?? You know they do have an online read now you could log on and update yourself with what is going on back in the States.. Now as far as Middle East.. We do Have Interests to Protect there.. and back during and before Administration change of hands it was a Very Good Bond between the US and the Arab Nations.. and who put that Pact together?? do you recall? Was it ****** Cheney and the Bush Administration? (I Believe So)here is a good Book to Read for you "It Doesn't Take a Hero" by H Norman Swartzcoft.. Do you read up on any past history of nations? and there Quables? how bout do you get the History Channel? for even watching the different shows on there will give you an Insite as to the Bosnia BS and how they have been Fueding for Centries, and Anilating one another Over what?? the Blood in there Viens is all.. And what National Interest Do we have there other then trying to Maintain Piece?? as far as Believing Bush will Give Government back to the States.. Hell Yes.. I Believe Bush Was Reared Right.. By his Father and came from a good Family Background IE: (Strong Morals) So I feel he is a Man of his Word. he will do everything in his Power to get this Country back on Track.. As far as things getting better and your point as takin from the previous post you made (Your Liberial View) You think it is Alright for the Government to ban Guns to its Citizens "that is how I interpret what you said" well a friend of mine.. Two years ago Christmas (3 days Shy) was Shot (Killed) in the Face by a robber of a Gas/Convienent Store.. he worked 3 Jobs to feed his Family.. he had 3 kids and a Wife.. the Robber fled and later cought.. he only got like 17 bucks.. Now Recently as Yesterday!! in my City they had another "Armed Robbery" in a vicinity that in the past month there has been 5 or 6 Same.. Now I view this as the same person doing it and how long before he/she decides to pull the Trigger?? IMHO if everyone who wanted to,had the "Right to Carry" and went through the training needed to do so.. I think these kind of Things would Stop in there tracks(Iknow theDamn Robber would be thinking twice.. Would it be worth 17 bucks or possibly more to risk gettin my head Blown Off for??) thus Cutting down on the Crime that is Going on in this Nation.. Notice I did not say eliminating it.. But it would also Free up some Court rooms.. and also Free up some Jail Cells.. but I know I am looking/talking to a person who Views it those Criminals Have Rights Also.. Well used to be you Commit a Crime you didn't have no more Rights..nowadays its Ohhh killed a man who worked 3 jobs and left behind 3 kids and a Wife.. Well Mr. You Got life and out in 20 and if your good Behavior you get a day for a Day so See ya back on the Streets in 10
While your there why don't you learn a trade?? (Like Become a Lawyer or Something?? Possibly a Liberial Senitor.. Give me a Break Sheeeeeeesh!!!!!
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Oh and Yes I meant to ask you.. What is your Point of View on the US and Arab Pact that was Joined back during the Gulf War?? Do you think it is Strong Enough to withstand a War between Isrial and Syria?? or other Arab Nations?? Do you feel our People are truely Safe in that region if that happens?? Did this Past Administration Keep that Pact as strong as it was??
oh and if you read that Book.. You Will also See that Bush SR. and his Administration Gave the Military the Ok to Run that Gulf War... What administration was in Charge Before Nixon Got in Office.. that Ran the Viet Nam War??? Have a Nice Day!!!
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Poole, don't let these guys get you down. Stick to your guns and ideas. I am with you. I spent 11 years in the military too and the so called great General Colin Powell did not do **** for the troops. If Bush does win we will have to wait and see after 4 years how screwed up this country will be. Maybe then they will be man enough or woman enough to eat some crow. But then on the other hand, these guys and gals might think that what George Bush's administation did was good for the country. Only time will tell. Hang in there Poole and don't let them get you down. TC
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