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Down the Crapper?
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Much has been said regarding the recent fiasco this country just went through trying to decide who won the election. Now that the results are "final" (do I smell some desention in the electors?) Let's look at where we are at. We had two major candidates with the same goals and Distinctly different paths. Al Gore was heavy on numbers and "facts". GW was a bit more generic but added one more item: Bipartisanism (is that a word?) Already he has shown to be true to his word by choosing democrats to be in his cabinet, etc. We should be proud that he is doing what he promised, yet I still hear democrats crying because he is perceived as having stole the election or he is too dumb. I also hear some heavy right-wing conservative republicans denouncing him because he is too "middle of the road". C'mon Folks, this is our 43rd president! One who should bring some moral fortitude back to the oval office. He will fight a weakening economy at the onset, but we need to back him. NOW IS THE TIME! The congress is split 50/50. The House is not far behind. Let's remove the barriers and work together to achieve the goals which we ALL want. The rest will work itself out...
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Nicely Put Tailgater.
And I am a Religous Right winger.
No, not an extremist, but a very religious man.
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Welcome Sir. That little ditty was in response to the few left wingers we have amongst our ranks. Nice folk, but misguided. Hopefully this board will get some activity in the new year.
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