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Mr Bush
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#1 Posted:
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Well...He's in!
I saw it with my own eyes on the TV!
Living as I do, in the 53rd State, we will have to wait and see what effect it has.
Most of the political pundits over here seem to be a little pessimistic about Mr Bush being the most powerful man on earth. I wonder if our Mr Blair will suck up to him as he did to Mr Clinton?...(sorry about the sucking bit, no pun intended honest!)...There is a programme on TV here tomorrow night that seems to question Mr Bush's intellegence...the trailer has been quoating some of his famous one liners like"most of our imports come from overseas nowadays"...surely they can't all be like that, he came accross as OK to me least he remembered his lines(or was he using an autocue?)Eitherway I am sure he will be a big influence on what happens to the UK economy...we shall see what the future will bring...As the man sad today...God bless America!
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Now Now AJ thats Mr. "President" if you don't mind :o) and as of 12:00 noon taday it's Mr. Clinton.As far as Your Mr. Blair sucking up to Clinton,He (Clinton) sort of had that effect on most Liberal poloticians :0).On GW's intellegence especially during the campain I truly believe he was nervous when I say that I mean because he was really trying not to be himself.I watched an interview last night on Fox and I was really quite immpressed.When he's allowed to be himself as he will be as President,I have all the confidence that he will be a good if not great President.Just my opinion and I'm sticking to it.God Bless America.Whishing you in the UK all the best.Later:Jim
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53rd State?I like it.:0)
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Kinda funny watching him walk down the street with a bullet-proof vest on yesterday heading to the viewing stand with wifey in tow. Gee, how come she didn't have one on too? He looked as nervous as a cat in a room full of rockin chairs! He's lucky he didn't get out of the car earlier........Brent
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Well I am finally Glad to say with the Line Up in the White House!!! We are bound to see positive change to this nation.. and Bush,Cheney,Powell... I don't think our Family members will be sent on way to many keep the peice missions much as in the past.. it will be a done deal anyone messes with the US or its Alies!!!!!!!
More time for our Military Members to be spending time with there family's like it should be!!!!!
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Brent.Thats a pretty cheesie comment coming from you my friend :0).Couldn't you come up with something better.
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JJ, no offense my man but I'm more than a little fed up with politics these days. Yes, its time for unity and hugs all around between the left and the right but I dont' feel convinced. All I have to do is come back here and see all the anti-liberal, anti-Clinton, anti-Democrat, verbage nonsense that undermines our common bond of Freedom to Choose. Dont' worry, I'll get over it (as will the rest of the nation). I'll be more convinced if and when some good work gets done. This is just the beginning my friend. Ain't politics great?
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Brent, Kinda funny? Do you really think it's funny that the leader of our country has to be wary of an assassin? To keep the peace I'll chaulk this one up to poor choice of words. It would be a sad day on God's green earth when someone finds it "funny" that the President would need such precautions...
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I fully concur that the mortal jeopardy of a US President is not a funny subject. Remember when US Senator Jesse Helms implied that he could not guarantee President Clinton's safety if he visited NC? I am sure there were many who thought that was funny.
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