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I'm changing my tune...
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I've decided to become a registered Democrat. No more right wing conservative fascism for me. I'm gonna close up shop and wait for my savings to deplete so I can get onto a government payroll. Let the working stiffs work for ME. Whenever I do get a "real" job, I'll be sure to join a labor union. That way I can be lazy and still get the big bucks. And we can strike if we want a pay raise. No need to get one based on merit. Uncle Sam will take care of me no matter what. I'll get the same health care that the guy who works 70 hours a week gets. Maybe even better! I'll get my kids education paid for. No need to save money, the government will pay for it all. Let Big Brother become HUGE brother. That's my motto. Oh yeah, I almost forgot; I think trial lawyers don't make enough money. They look out for us helpless victims. To think that just last year I tripped in a supermarket and didn't walk away a multimillionaire. Boy, was I misguided... I have seen the light !
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Someone get the smelling
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careful. do you know waht this country was like before unions? 2 classes, filthy rich and dirt poor. sort of where we are heading now. the big difference is we can all have almost the same toys. vcr, dvd, computer, car, etc. so it seems like we are equal. what happens to the plain middle class worker when he get's laid off. the wealthy don't care, but how far is he and perhaps you without a paycheck for 30 days (you have a savings account?) 6 months (any $ left to feed you?) of course you are ambitious, resourcefull and will work like a demon to support your family. what if all the people in your city or town are amitious, etc, and there are no job's.
years ago, when malpractice insurance costs for md's went uncontrolled and doubled and trippled. dr's closed their offices and fought the rate increase and won. that is a union. what happened to the medical techs and office staff that worked for them? nothing, they were out of a job. they did not have the financial means to live their normal life. all lazy bums are out of work, but not all people out of work are lazy bums.
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Yo Holms, do not forget to impregant many womans. It pays to have kids in different states.
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Rickmaven you are so right. As far as some others, they have been spoon feed BULLSH*t by Rush and his ilk for so long that they don't know SH*T from shinola. I tell you my favorite Rush propagada notion,"If it were not for the minimum wage laws employers would pay higher wages." They can all kiss my union ---!
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Rick, "all lazy bums are out of work, but not all people out of work are lazy bums". I couldn't have said it any better myself. That is why we have PROGRAMS to get people back onto their feet. IT SHOULD NOT BECOME A WAY OF LIFE. As for unions, when they were formed years back they were needed because of the working environment and abuse. Today, Organizations like OSHA take care of things like that, and modern government guidelines dictate humane conditions and legally prohibit abuse. Why is it that my non-union carpenter friends work all year, while my union carpenter friends work only about 8 months before they get "laid off" and go on unemployment? I know for a fact that this scenario is not unique. Yes, unions have done some good, but there is not one positive aspect of unions that can not be achieved via alternative methods. As for pay scale, it's called "supply and demand".
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KM, that is why Rush is considered "entertainment" and not a political figure. Sure, lots of folks believe in every word he says, but lots of folks believe Clinton did not have sexual relations with Miss Lewinsky...
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Gator, Great post here.. Brings up allot of Issues..
Basically if you do not Kiss the Unions @$$.. you will be out the door.. they care nothing for the Family Memeber.. Carpenters Union I know for a Fact Hands down got delt the BS.. I was a Union Carpenter (Specialty field) "Welder, Hollow metel Door's Windows ETC" I worked at two different wage scales if I did outside shop work it was commercial scale then basically shop scale which fell a few bucks shy of residential scale for my area.. this was all back in 89-90 time frame...
the company I worked for shorted my check i worked outdoor scale for a week.. they promised to catch it up on the next week(still working that outside scale the following week also) I did not go to the union and [email protected] I trusted the company I was employed 3 yrs with..
needless to say 3 weeks had gone by payday came no Scale.. owner said well it is way past makeup time. I called the BA.. he came down talked to owner.. came up with this solution.. USAHOG I can get your money for you but you will be out of a Job.. and sitting in the Hall for a long time/ or we can forget this Matter and you can keep your job and everything is fine?? Choice is yours (this was my BA and about $250.00 Difference they took off my families Table) Needless to say I [email protected] and kept my Job (pissed off at the justace of my BA and his comment) he dont miss any difference in his Pay... two weeks later I walked out and went right to work with another company Contractor who knew my work.. phonecalls came to my house from the BA wanting me to go back there saying it was not fair I drugg up on that company and they need me and this that.. new month came in Dues do so I stopped by the Hall to pay them (BA) Says you will never get work from this hall while im here... I looked that man in the Eye and said I dont need work from this Hall, you will never see me sitting around playing cards and living off others.. While there is work out here to be done.. another time frame.. 93-94 Carpenters Union.. they went to a Hours Banking System...if you did not bank hours in certian months then your dues were higher.. needless to Say I was working a different carrier field away from carpenters.. but some part time carpenter hours... then it went full swing with this other job.. I did not bank Sufficiant enough hours for the years 93-94 and they decided to Confinscate my Pension.. YES Thats Right.. I had a little around $9,000 Banked in the Pension fund for the 8 yrs carpenters Union I worked for.. Got a Letter from the Pension Fund saying I forfitted my Pension Moneys I am still holding this letter.. because I have a Quest with the Carpenters.. I know my Skills and I can design and build custom Decking and it is just a matter of time before I open up this as part of a business.. then that day will come when the Same BA will approch me to become union with this Business.. Fine By Me I Want Full Reinstatement of my Pention Moneys.. "Bottom Line" and my Full Card Back and Im not paying any Catch ups... this moneys that I have given up because they are for the Working Man... Goes to political Organizations to fund a_-_-_-s like what just left office!!! and the Jessie Jackson Foundation for Imoralities... I dont owe these people anything they took the Bread from my table.. and no Sweat off my back, I will treat my workers allot more Fair then what this BA did for me..
But I will not deny them a right to become Union for there families if that is what they Choose...
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had to make another point of issue here... there is a company here in my State.. Olin corperation.. Manufacures Ammunition for Winchester ETC.. there Machinests walked out on Stike!!!! Basically because the Company called "Manditory Overtime" Had to for Government Contracts ETC to meet Supply and Demand.. these guy's didnt like it and Walked there union backed them and they got pension moneys to help support there Families... Fine and Dandy.. the rest of the Company's Union members.. Carpenters.. Laborer's ETC abided and did not cross the Picket Lines.. Thus putting them out of Work also with nothing to help support there families.. no unemployment Etc. So where does that leave the children of these families? the company on the other hand Hired non union people they call them "Scabbs" at a rate of like $17.50 or more per hour.. Now I can Crunch Numbers and if this company was paying manditroy overtime to make there product deadlines thats some where as time and a Half
for 6 days a week work manditory.. I think they would be crackin down a nice paycheck NO?? I could think of allot of uses for that extra pay... but instead a Walk out?? Give me a Break... Who's Spoiled here??
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