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Why is it that the democrats continue to kick, scatch and claw at EVERY move made by dubya, only to recind at the last moment and announce that it was only to "set the tone" for some future battle? They cry for bipartisanship, yet they embody the extreme opposite. They slandered Ashcroft only to retreat and vow to block any Supreme Court nominee other than a leftist freak. Is this bitterness from the election, or does it go deeper? I am an independent that has been driven further right by the intolerant left. Why don't they get it? They call the new President dumb, but if we could judge intelligence by the level of common sense one has then they couldn't even hold a candle to him.
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Because they know if they get a man/Woman in that position who gives a $h!t.. Then the country will see that they really Didn't (give a $h!t that is) the Past 8 yrs.. and some Prevoius Top Officials may have to answer some Questions and they don't want that...
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