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Mark Chmura (sp?) of the Green Bay Packers was found NOT guilty of rape. Ray Lewis was found Guilty of Obstruction of Justice in a MURDER case. Ray Lewis stayed on his team and won MVP. Chmura was kicked off the Packers and the League won't let him speak to other teams until they meet to discuss things. Chmura is white, Lewis black. If this were the other way around what cry would we hear??? For the record, I think Chmura made VERY poor decision in being in the hot tub at a post prom party with his babysitter, and the league is justified in making him wait to sign. They should have been just as tough on Lewis.
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Double standard...Pure and simple based on race...Not to revisit an (old) issue by now, but same thing with Jesse Jackson...If the person in question was a conservative right-wing senator or evangelist, they would be banished from society (remember Jim Bakker?..He also took $$ from his organization, just like Jesse but more $$)...Blame it on our left wing liberal media...Just my two cents.
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Not to mention Jerry Fallwell!!!
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Seems the only people that aren't protected under these so called rights issues are,Christians and White Males or both.What is it they call us now?Angry white males?Hell No I'm not angry I'm F##@%#0king fed up already.
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Let us not forget our all time leading African American, OJ"Whoops de knife Slipped" Simpson when it comes to the double standard. Ray Lewis should not have been allowed to play in the NFL this year, but Rev Jesse would have stomped and screamed racisim and unfair standards and all the usual barfings out of his stupid mouth! The problem is the liberal left and their protecting the "rights" of the dregs of society such as killers, rapists, etc!!!! Ray Lewis was in trouble in college on several occassions, and this is nothing new to that thug!
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