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Trump Sides With Putin Over U.S. Intelligence by dstieger (Politics) Today, 2:53 PM
what did russian meddling accomplish? by HuckFinn (Politics) Today, 2:42 PM
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What 1,000,000 beers you Azzhattts drinking? by Burner02 (General Discussion) Today, 1:42 PM
12th Annual 4th of July OpFTH CAT Challange 2018 - COMPLETE PRIZES DRAWN by jespear (Trades) Today, 1:36 PM
Food Cart Chilli 500... by Speyside (General Discussion) Today, 1:32 PM
Smoking in ASHeville by midmofan (Cigar Discussion) Today, 12:55 PM
Come see Vegas in October by Palama (Everything Else) Today, 11:53 AM
Purple Heart for hating Trump..?? by RMAN4443 (Politics) Today, 11:42 AM
ring gage by RMAN4443 (Cigar Discussion) Today, 11:31 AM
Military Industrial Complex, Illuminati, Deep State . . . by frankj1 (Politics) Today, 10:42 AM
OVERBIDDING by bassman45 (Cigar Discussion) Today, 10:25 AM
2018 FIFA World Cup Thread by Mr. Jones (General Discussion) Today, 9:53 AM
Why not push it out to sea..?? by Mr. Jones (General Discussion) Today, 9:50 AM
Trump called it right. AGAIN. by tailgater (Politics) Today, 8:42 AM
What ya listening to ? by DrMaddVibe (General Discussion) Today, 8:36 AM
another FNG by tonygraz (Cigar Discussion) Today, 6:08 AM
Which historical figure or U.S. President? by bassman45 (Politics) Today, 3:57 AM
What cubans are ya smoking? by Burner02 (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 9:40 PM
What'cha BRIAR azzhats smoking 100,000? by tonygraz (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 9:32 PM
Gunsmithing by bikrtrsh (Everything Else) Yesterday, 7:57 PM
n00b PIB by corey sellers (Trades) Yesterday, 7:54 PM
Vegan Fart, Shart, in a Cart Chili 500 by RobertHively (General Discussion) Yesterday, 7:48 PM
Old Fart Chili 500 by RobertHively (General Discussion) Yesterday, 7:45 PM
Two Shart Chili 500... by RobertHively (General Discussion) Yesterday, 7:40 PM
Good Fart Chili 500.. by RobertHively (General Discussion) Yesterday, 7:40 PM
What are you reading? by HuckFinn (General Discussion) Yesterday, 7:10 PM
A Nigerian just informed me about my "outstanding" student loans...via my cell phone by RMAN4443 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 6:16 PM
What Whiskey You Drinking 1,000,000 by Whistlebritches (General Discussion) Yesterday, 4:28 PM
BEST SCORES FOR THE MONTH!!!!! by tonygraz (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 1:41 PM
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