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Trust me, we don’t really want deflation by Abrignac (Politics) Today, 9:46 AM
Presidentin' Is...The Thing...You Know...The Thing! by DrMaddVibe (Politics) Today, 9:29 AM
What'cha Smok'in Azzhats 1,000,000 Vol II by LeeBot (Cigar Discussion) Today, 9:23 AM
Dark force controls Donald Trump, I know. by DrMaddVibe (Politics) Today, 8:54 AM
5oo Degrees Fahrenheit... by danmdevries (General Discussion) Today, 8:33 AM
FOG Smack by Sunoverbeach (Trades) Today, 8:26 AM
BEST SCORES FOR THE MONTH!!!!! by cashmoneydave (Cigar Discussion) Today, 8:06 AM
Looking to smoke some cigars in Hawaii by stinger88 (Cigar Discussion) Today, 7:50 AM
Casual Friday by DrafterX (Everything Else) Today, 6:55 AM
Have u sEEn the PA state trooper "Ram" the fence dooowwwnnn??? by DrMaddVibe (Politics) Today, 6:15 AM
Reaping what they sOw...when u let gAsH run the secret serVice... by DrMaddVibe (Politics) Today, 6:11 AM
R.I.P. Lou Dobbs by DrMaddVibe (Politics) Today, 6:06 AM
What ya listening to ? by DrMaddVibe (General Discussion) Today, 5:52 AM
Happy Wombat by dharbolt (Cigar Related) Today, 3:54 AM
RIP Kombat by dharbolt (General Discussion) Today, 3:52 AM
ICANDI - CHARLIES ANGEL - Friday Finale by izonfire (Everything Else) Today, 1:01 AM
Thursday thunder......... by izonfire (Everything Else) Today, 12:58 AM
Unpopular opinion by jeebling (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 11:16 PM
Dad Jokes 729 by BuckyB93 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 9:33 PM
5 hurtinS in Colorado haVe bird FLu...oysters & mussels filled with fiberglass And micro plastic by ZRX1200 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 6:56 PM
Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? by BuckyB93 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 6:54 PM
Biden Tested Positive for ‘Rona by ZRX1200 (Politics) Yesterday, 5:48 PM
Happy 4th of July by delta1 (Everything Else) Yesterday, 3:59 PM
Wombat smash top view by delta1 (Cigar Related) Yesterday, 3:49 PM
Who shot Trump? by 8trackdisco (Politics) Yesterday, 12:07 PM
SS Director is an idiot. by Mr. Jones (Politics) Yesterday, 9:51 AM
Tenacious D: Now Available by Mr. Jones (Politics) Yesterday, 9:32 AM
Who do you think Trump will pick for his VP? by RayR (Politics) Yesterday, 9:30 AM
Streaming Video: What are you watching? by DrafterX (General Discussion) Yesterday, 8:34 AM
What cubans are ya smoking? by deadeyedick (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 6:39 AM
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