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PIB/Wants - Non Elitist
7401. Author: LeeBotDate: Fri, 10/29/2021, 9:13PM EST
The generosity of people on the forum has overwhelmed me a little bit (and overwhelmed my storage situation a lot). I thought about not even posting lists of things people have sent me recently because the post would be too long, which this one is, but decided it's good to let others know what kind of community this is and to express my gratitude.

First, Marcus recently picked me up on this thread and smashed me. To smithereens. Then when I innocently asked about the Blind Man's Bluff and how it tasted, he sent me two of them and a bunch of other really killer smokes! Almost all of this is stuff I've never had, but I've wanted to try, and am really digging. Between the two hits, it was:

1st bashing
- Viaje, Ten Plus Two and a Half, Gold
- Viaje, Exclusivo Nicaragua Leaded Maduro
- Tatuaje, 10 Year - Bon Chasseur
- Cabiguan Guapos by Tatuaje - robusto extra
- Room 101 Chief Cool Arrow
- Perdomo 10th Maduro
- Perdomo 10th Sungrown
- RoMa Craft, CroMagnon Aquitain - Mode 5
- Crowned Heads, Four Kicks Capa Especial
- Ilusione Epernay - Le Petit
- Ilusione Rothschildes
- EP Carrillo, Seleccion Oscuro - small Churchill (smoking this as I write, nice too)

2nd (gratuitous) bashing
- Viaje Full Moon ('19)
- Viaje Zombie Antidote ('21)
- Viaje Thanksgiving Leftovers, WLP, White Meat, Criollo Wrapper ('19)
- Viaje Ghost Pepper ('19) (Marcus fav)
- Viaje Private Keep, Tangerine ('19)
- Viaje Collaboration, Juntos ('16)
- Crowned Heads Four Kicks Maduro
- Padrón 2000 Maduro
- JRE Aladino Corojo, Palmas
- EZ Jamais Vu, Exquisito box-press
- CH La Careme, Cononazo
- Sobremesa short robusto
- Viaje Exluusivo Nicaragua Leaded Maduro (x2)
- CH Four Kicks Capa Especial (x2)
- Caldwell Blind Man's Bluff (x2)

All of this was sent before I ever sent him anything. Thanks so much Marcus. You floored me. Your generosity is encouraging.

Then, drglnc just picked me up on this thread again, but SOMEBODY volunteered me and wouldn't let me pass, and despite my warning, drglnc sent me a bunch of great cigars checking off all kinds of stuff from my list.

- Diamond Crown Maximus (been bidding on these and losing)
- Cu-Avana Punisher toro
- Cu-Avana Punisher Jalepeño Poper x 2 (nh till I tried on of these. I liked it. Different, but good, and kinda fun.)
- RP Barrel Aged
- Flor de Ybor City
- Perdomo 10th Anni Sungrown (only had one before, from Marcus, and liked it, and this is a different vitola!)
- Perdomo Vintage
- Fuente RSC?, RSL?
- Fuente 858 Flor Fina
- Fuente 858 Flor Fina Maduro

Another fantastic hit! Thank you drglnc. You da man, and I take back everything I said about you!

At the same time drglnc hit me, Jake RAOKs me a baker's dozen of smokes that I've never tried and most I have never heard of. I'm over here playing cigar box Tetris determined to make everything fit in my existing space, and he drops a bag on top of it, being like … Spanking

Some Caldwell Lost and Found stuff, which I'm really looking forward to. (I like things like this, one-offs and odds & ends.)
- L&F One Night Stand
- L&F Swedish Delight
- L&F Paradise Lost
- L&F SuperStroke
- L&F Pepper Cream Soda
- L&F La Whatever

- Henry Clay 2018 LE (I like double perfectos)
- La Dueña
- La Barba (been wanting to try, but keep getting outbid, probably by Jake)
- Warped Futuro
- Xhaxhi Bobi
- Herrera Estelí Brazilian Maduro (really been wanting to try these)
- Don Pepín lancero (never had the lancero and have wanted to try it)

Thanks so much Jake! Just fantastic. I didn't do anything to deserve all of this, but I am grateful.
(And Warning to Others: Jake is a tricky retaliating bastid. You gotta watch him.)

While I'm trying to explain to my wife why she should let me turn her closet into a humidor, borndead hits me with a nice bag of nice smokes - all never hads. No mercy.

- Espinosa Murciélago
- Herrera Estelí Miami
- Casa Fernandez
- La Herencia de Cuba (I have had a couple of these in a different size, and have been wanting to try this Lonsdale!)
- Siboney Reserve
- Unbanded custom rolled COH (not sure what COH is)

All of these were lonsdales, corona gordas, or lanceros, all of which I am really into. This was another great hit for no particularly good reason. Thank you!

I couldn't sit down and work on this in a single sitting, and it took me two days just to catalogue all this stuff. Thanks to some really kind BOTL. I never expected to get bombarded like this, but I am deeply appreciative and am going to smoke the hell out of some nice cigars.

7402. Author: SunoverbeachDate: Fri, 10/29/2021, 10:40PM EST
Holy crap, fellas! That there's some high quality dogpiling
7403. Author: LeeBotDate: Tue, 1/4/2022, 10:39PM EST
Somebody pick up Charles. I would do it, but he picked me up. Seems incestuous.

But I will do it!

7404. Author: Mwehunt89Date: Tue, 1/4/2022, 10:58PM EST
Which one is Charles ? I’ll pick him up Drglnc?
7405. Author: drglncDate: Wed, 1/5/2022, 7:13AM EST
Mwehunt89 wrote:
Which one is Charles ? I’ll pick him up Drglnc?

Yea that's me, ill send a PM with Addy.
7406. Author: Mwehunt89Date: Sat, 1/8/2022, 7:16PM EST
Shipping out Monday
7407. Author: drglncDate: Tue, 1/18/2022, 4:11PM EST
Mwehunt89 wrote:
Shipping out Monday

Man! One HELLUVA hit from the new guy!!!

13 Sticks, some new to me and some good ole friends i cant wait to revisit!

List of Damages

Liga Ratzilla Corona Extra (new to me and CAN NOT WAIT to try it)
Schizo Toro
Plascencia reserva original toro
AF curly head nt Lonsdale
AF Curly head deluxe Maduro
Perdomo 20th Ann Maduro Robusto
CI legends DE (actually had my first one earlier today in Maduro and it was a pleasant sweet smoke)
Perdomo Lot 23 Belicoso
CAO America Monument
Brick House Mighty Mighty Nat
Rom Y Jul Bully
Caldwell Eastern Standard Cream Crush Churchill i think(cant wait to try this one)
La hernencia Cubana

VERY Nice hit and Much appreciated. One word of wisdom if i may, if possible either use a smaller box or add some padding such as crumple paper or something. While these all seem to have made it with no issue at all.. USPS can be brutal and these bouncing around in that box could make for an upset BOTL on the receiving end if they are not as lucky.

But really man, nice hit and THANK YOU!

Mwehunt89 post up a list and Somebody pick up this brother and get him some smokes!
7408. Author: delta1Date: Tue, 1/18/2022, 5:14PM EST
multiple assaulters: mjrburn, jake, drglnc, and borndead}---->horse <----leebot

mwehunt----------->Frying pan <-----------drglnc

some nice and viciously placed hits, gentlemen!!! well done!
7409. Author: SunoverbeachDate: Tue, 1/18/2022, 7:36PM EST
Very nice hit, Mike!
7410. Author: Mwehunt89Date: Tue, 1/18/2022, 9:16PM EST
Thanks man hope you enjoy them. And sorry about the box I told the wife to put them in a different one before she sent it out. And I tried to get some from your list as best I could.

And I haven’t really tried to much variety. So I’m open to anything. I enjoy maduros for sure. And I’ve had some of the undercrown Maduro as well those are nice. Some I haven’t tried yet are

Any Cuban (I just received one today but open to anything)
Henry clay
I’ve had the 26 padron but no other
5 Vegas
Diamond crown

Really anything at all I’m new so not really picky
7411. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Tue, 1/18/2022, 9:53PM EST
I got mwe
7412. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Tue, 1/18/2022, 9:54PM EST
Send me an addy
7413. Author: LeeBotDate: Tue, 1/18/2022, 11:02PM EST

drglnc ----------> Spanking <-------------Mwehunt89

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Jake the Snake bombed me again! Mercilessly. At least the silver lining to F-ing up my storage situation so much is that it helps me make my case to wifey to turn her closet into a walk-in humidor.
7414. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Thu, 1/20/2022, 8:34AM EST
ram27bat no address outrage
7415. Author: delta1Date: Thu, 1/20/2022, 1:25PM EST
LeeBot wrote:

drglnc ----------> Spanking <-------------Mwehunt89

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Jake the Snake bombed me again! Mercilessly. At least the silver lining to F-ing up my storage situation so much is that it helps me make my case to wifey to turn her closet into a walk-in humidor.

how's that working out, Jake?
7416. Author: Dg west deptfordDate: Thu, 1/20/2022, 3:55PM EST
Does this mean Jake is up outrage?
7417. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Thu, 1/20/2022, 4:50PM EST
The rage is I cannot ship without an address. Without ship no list from me lol
7418. Author: Dg west deptfordDate: Thu, 1/20/2022, 5:05PM EST
Stuff & nonsense!
No list outrage is upon us all!
7419. Author: drglncDate: Thu, 1/20/2022, 5:22PM EST
Jakethesnake86 wrote:
The rage is I cannot ship without an address. Without ship no list from me lol

Just sent you a PM with his Addy
7420. Author: SunoverbeachDate: Thu, 1/20/2022, 5:30PM EST
No list outrage!!!!

7421. Author: LeeBotDate: Thu, 1/20/2022, 6:28PM EST
delta1 wrote:
how's that working out, Jake?

I'm not sure if you were asking Jake about his outrage or me about my storage situation.

Converting the wife's closet isn't going anywhere. To hear her talk about it, she thinks it's important to have a dedicated place to put shoes and clothes and stuff.
7422. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Thu, 1/20/2022, 6:31PM EST
Outrage on my end subsided. List to come on the fly
7423. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Thu, 1/20/2022, 6:34PM EST
Caldwell booth AJ the T
Joya de Nicaragua something good from them.
Saka anything
Monte 1935 anniversary
Vegueros tapados think that’s how it’s spelled. Pretty cheap Cuban. Or used to be
Any Cuban within the price limits
Any tat

I don’t care what you send honestly If you like it pretty well chances are I will.
7424. Author: Dg west deptfordDate: Thu, 1/20/2022, 7:24PM EST
Got a funeral and a wedding tomorrow so give me a minute...
And an addy
7425. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Thu, 1/20/2022, 8:07PM EST
Take your time, and thank you for the pick up !
7426. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Thu, 1/20/2022, 8:11PM EST
ram27bat where’s the list???
7427. Author: Dg west deptfordDate: Fri, 1/21/2022, 10:22AM EST
Tracking to the snake
9500 1162 9527 2021 1252 42
ETA Monday 24th

Oh yeah NON elitist

How's 'bout Eiroa - especially the Jamastran. But any Eiroa you'd like to share

Any Honduran habano you like
Or any Habano habano would also be appreciated
7428. Author: SunoverbeachDate: Fri, 1/21/2022, 6:26PM EST
I think I've heard of this Eiroa chap. I'll give it a shot, Dan'l
7429. Author: Dg west deptfordDate: Fri, 1/21/2022, 9:36PM EST
Thank you sir!

And list por favor!
7430. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Fri, 1/21/2022, 9:41PM EST
Yes list please sir?
7431. Author: SunoverbeachDate: Fri, 1/21/2022, 9:56PM EST
Today's list will be brought to you by Mjrburn, whom has just been gifted my turn.

Hop to it, Marcus! Outrage is imminent
7432. Author: mjrburnDate: Sat, 1/22/2022, 4:10AM EST
So much for "out of sight, out of mind" doesn't work around here! d'oh!

A few wants below but you're welcomed and encouraged to send anything you enjoy and are willing to share.

some specifics...
BLTC Boondock Saint
Caldwell Blind Man's Bluff Maduro
Diesel Esteli Puro
Monte Afrique
Psyko Seven Nicaragua
Punch Egg Roll

or any...
Caldwell BCS or La Barba

Thanks for the pass, Dan, a true gesture of brotherly kindness that will not be forgotten! Anxious whip ram27bat
7433. Author: SunoverbeachDate: Sat, 1/22/2022, 9:43AM EST
You were missed. Glad you will remember and cherish the gesture without any of those nasty retaliatory thoughts Whistle
7434. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Sat, 1/22/2022, 3:28PM EST
Dg your box is here overnight. Thank you very much. I’ll do my best to ID these smokes but ima be needin a lil help with a few. Very fine selection sir
7435. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Sat, 1/22/2022, 3:29PM EST
Oh I sent mine away today as well
7436. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Sat, 1/22/2022, 3:54PM EST
List. Or an effort to make one here
Partagas serie D no6 never had. Have a couple 4s
H upmann petit corona. Prolly not the name but never had
Montecristo #2 I dig these
Warped cloud hopper NH.
Warped cloud hopper yeah I’ve been wanting to try. Feeling a little like a child. I feel sending 2 means you really like these
Warped chinchalle I own one of these but I hid it from myself. I dream of organization. Looking forward to it
Joya de Nicaragua numero uno Lonsdale ish size Never had it
Warped maestro del tiempo bout lonsdale sized never
Dunbarton mi querida TT (red label) dig em.
The tabernacle ct broadleaf perfecto. Never had
I think this next on is an ez?? Ezra Zion brass knuckles. I think. It’s got just a set of brass knuckles for a band. If I’m correct I know I never had it
Here’s where things get wonky for me
We’ve got a cigar with a ribbon for a band. I had some Caldwell lost and found a good while back with ribbons but I don’t think that’s what we have here. Lil help ? Closed foot. Well rolled with a triple cap

Then we have a couple 2 I’m calling them Coronas no band whatsoever hmmm. Help a brotha out dg.

Thanks for the wallop. I really appreciate this. Very very nice selection. Now off to make some labels sir. I’m gonna go have a smoke lol.
Lotta very very nice smokes here. Heck of a gift. Thanks !
7437. Author: Dg west deptfordDate: Sat, 1/22/2022, 4:20PM EST
Yeah, I saw the cute list I made up to put in the box on the desk when I got home from USPS.


The 2 unbanded are Illusione La Grande Classe Rex
The ribbon is an EZ spiked Egg nog 21'
Those EZ Brass knuckles are very special (imo)
The H.Upman is a Half corona rott & very good
The JdN is the L' Ambassadeur
The PSD6 is a '19
Th Monte #2 is also a '19
The Saka - Goliath also very nice & I suspect will age well
A well deserved hit,
enjoy in good health
7438. Author: Jakethesnake86Date: Sat, 1/22/2022, 4:39PM EST
I had a lot of fun trying to guess lol.

Thank you sir. I’ll enjoy all these. Appreciate the nice smokes. And the quick pickup
7439. Author: SunoverbeachDate: Wed, 1/26/2022, 5:37PM EST
I have slacked long enough. Smokes are Jerseybound.

9500 1111 4276 2026 3324 16
7440. Author: Dg west deptfordDate: Wed, 1/26/2022, 5:42PM EST
Oh yeah!
7441. Author: Dg west deptfordDate: Wed, 1/26/2022, 5:54PM EST
! tone could have been misconstrued in that last^

spoken as giddy excitement in a child!

I have Eiroa coming my way!

I'm learning there's more than 1 Eiroa of the family. & as is the case with alpha males within a family of cigar barrons,
there is drama

That was spoken in the narration voice of Mike Rowe

Thanks for the quick pick-up Dan'l!
7442. Author: SunoverbeachDate: Wed, 1/26/2022, 6:09PM EST
You're welcome, sir. I hope it's worth the giddiness.
7443. Author: Dg west deptfordDate: Wed, 1/26/2022, 6:17PM EST
Anything from you, my brother will be treasured for many moons before a vikings funeral.
I assure you.

I only burnt so many recently gifteds because it was asked of me.

It's only a non elitist pib so I only hope you behaved
You're not known for good behavior so I trust mutual annihilation concerns have kept you in check
7444. Author: SunoverbeachDate: Wed, 1/26/2022, 6:28PM EST
I behaved as well as I am able. Comparable in conduct I believe to one dgwestdeptford. Frying pan
7445. Author: Dg west deptfordDate: Mon, 1/31/2022, 4:01PM EST
The Eiroa Bomb arrived today with what looked to be some very special treasures!
Thank you Dan'l !

I was careful to immediately make a list so as to post up here before I stowed them all away properly. Then I lost the list!!!

Its around here somewhere! Bombs going off in my office cause more disorganization then normal.

one iircc is a very old Camacho, that i'm very excited about! I believe all but 2 were NH.

Back to looking for the list.
To be continued
7446. Author: SunoverbeachDate: Mon, 1/31/2022, 7:12PM EST
Ooh! Memory time. I vaguely remember memory
Asylum Eight 11/18
Asylum 13 Pandemonium 8.5x52
'06 Camacho Corojo Nacionale
Eiroa 20yrs Maduro Prensado
Edgar Hoil Cultura
CLE Prieto robusto
CLE Habano robusto
Wynwood Hills Mayhem
Wynwood Hills Unhinged (maybe Deranged)
And a couple others I can't recall. 80ish% is passing, right?

Glad they made it and that there's some new ones for you to try out.
7447. Author: Dg west deptfordDate: Tue, 2/1/2022, 1:30PM EST
Can't figure out who stole my list!

Either that or one day I'll pull a customer file and find a detailed cigar bomb list.

Had to relist.

You missed 1

that's 90% so you get an A in my book

The only 1 or 2 I'm certain I've had were the Winwood Hills which you sent me

That Pandemonium is a looong stick! Very interesting

Thanks again Dan, very much appreciated!
7448. Author: SunoverbeachDate: Tue, 2/1/2022, 8:53PM EST
Oh yeah! That one. It's a good one. I think you'll like it
7449. Author: mjrburnDate: Sat, 2/5/2022, 7:19AM EST
mjrburn wrote:
So much for "out of sight, out of mind" doesn't work around here! d'oh!

A few wants below but you're welcomed and encouraged to send anything you enjoy and are willing to share.

some specifics...
BLTC Boondock Saint
Caldwell Blind Man's Bluff Maduro
Diesel Esteli Puro
Monte Afrique
Psyko Seven Nicaragua
Punch Egg Roll

or any...
Caldwell BCS or La Barba

Thanks for the pass, Dan, a true gesture of brotherly kindness that will not be forgotten! Anxious whip ram27bat

Some adds...

I could use some LFDs, I'm low on 'em.
Oliva, Fuente, Padron, Eiroa, CCs are always desired.
A sixer of Old Milwaukee and a pack of Winstons would also be greatly appreciated... I ain't picky Beer
7450. Author: SunoverbeachDate: Thu, 2/10/2022, 10:54PM EST
Bumped for poor, neglected Marcus
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