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Sean DIDDY COMBS 2016 hotel " beat down video" is atrocious
1. Author: Mr. JonesDate: Sun, 5/19/2024, 6:33PM EST
The L.A. district attorney "claims" staute of limitations prevent him from pressing charges against that low life wife beater....

That video is really bad...

If that is the way he treated his wife in a public space, under video wonders...who did he pay off to hide that video since 2016???
Somebody took the money and prevented justice....

It also begs the question???? What the hell went on in his HUT on a normal day??? What went on during those big parties that were aLLedGeDly notorious for sex crimes, rape , physical beatings , on and on


Yet he skates free as a bird and his overprivalidged spawn laugh at law enforcement like their father 24-7-365...
2. Author: DrMaddVibeDate: Mon, 5/20/2024, 5:39AM EST
Its the video of Big Mike and Bathhouse Barry that got him.
3. Author: rfenstDate: Mon, 5/20/2024, 10:47AM EST

Statute of Limitations on Battery has tolled. Can't prosecute him for it. Hopefully, he lied under oath at one point- and the SOL on that has not tolled

Yesterday, I heard, seven years after the fact, he promised to get help- but that was not until after the film got out.

There are other rumors woman have complained about him... How will Combs keep that film out of evidence when those women prosecute and sue him?
4. Author: DrMaddVibeDate: Mon, 5/20/2024, 5:43PM EST
Everyone always forgets about Justin Bieber.
5. Author: jeeblingDate: Mon, 5/20/2024, 6:29PM EST
Diddy beat up Bieber too?
6. Author: Mr. JonesDate: Mon, 5/20/2024, 8:02PM EST

Only J.B.'s starfish was invaded...
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