Whether you enjoy pipe tobacco or cigars, Dunhill is your go-to brand. Steeped in tradition, the Dunhill brand that stands for quality and dignity began in 1907. This legendary tobacco brand is the industry standard when you're looking for a great English tobacco to relax with. You'll find a wide array of bold traditional English mixtures created by Alfred Dunhill, that pipe connoisseurs seek year after year. If you prefer cigars, Dunhill offers a portfolio of excellent premiums crafted of the same quality you expect from Dunhill.

Not only will you find quality made cigars with the Dunhill brand, but a variety of blends as well made from the finest tobaccos to ensure to please every palate. For the medium-bodied fans Dunhill 1907 is blended with Dominican ligero and Brazilian Matza Fina filler, and for the full-bodied fanatics Heritage received an impressive 93-rating for its hearty Nicaraguan and Honduran peppery tobaccos. Dunhill offers a portfolio that every cigar enthusiast will enjoy. So what are you waiting for, light up your Dunhill tobacco or cigars today and experience a quality brand.

Dunhill 1907 (Rothschild) (4.5"x48) Box of 18QuickviewDunhill 1907 (Rothschild) (4.5"x48) Box of 18
Units Available: 1Bid to Win: $46.50Closes In: View Lot  Add to Lot Watch
Dunhill Aged Maduro Marevas (Corona) (5.1"x42) Box of 10QuickviewDunhill Aged Maduro Marevas (Corona) (5.1"x42) Box of 10
Units Available: 1Bid to Win: $38.50Closes In: View Lot  Add to Lot Watch