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Tree pollen
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Hate it😡This time of year in the northeast everything is covered in a film of yellow pollen. Not to mention my nose. Claritin tablets are part of my breakfast. Only thing that keeps it at bay is a good rain. Hoping we get some this weekend.🌧
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Yeah... spring and summer were always watery eyes and sneezing for me. I don't know which pollen gets to me, but it isn't here in the southwest.
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Here in the Ohio River Valley town of Louisville, KY it is horrible. We have been ranked the worst city in the country for the past 6 straight years for allergies and sinus problems. I suffer year round from allergies and sinus problems even with allergy shots and every over the counter meds you can get. I'm just now recovering from a sinus infection that I was treated for back in Dec. '16 that led to bronchitis. This mild winter has been hell. It's one of the reasons that I quit cigars.

This chit sucks. ram27bat
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Yup, it rains pollen here in South Carolina. I finally got tired of sinus infections from allergies and went to an allergist doc. I was allergic to several trees, molds, dogs :( and some other things. After years of two shots, one on each arm, every week, it's now a maintenance shot in each arm, about every two or three weeks. I still take Claritin-D at night, life is good.
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We get real bad oak, pecan, and pine plus all the flowing plants as well as ragweed and smutweed.
I've bee smoking almost everyday and it seems to keep my allergies clear.
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