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Life is short, make it sweet 500 by Ram27 (General Discussion) Today, 12:53 PM
hydroxychloroquine is back on! by rfenst (Politics) Today, 12:52 PM
ESPN has gone full on SJW by ZRX1200 (Politics) Today, 12:48 PM
Where are all the 2nd Amendment People? by victor809 (Politics) Today, 12:44 PM
Hey Izon by ZRX1200 (General Discussion) Today, 12:40 PM
Thoughts and Prayers Appreciated by Palama (General Discussion) Today, 12:29 PM
An Ex-Cop on Police-Involved Shootings and the ‘Warrior Mindset’ by Gene363 (Politics) Today, 12:26 PM
During Friday’s White House Protests, Trump Was Taken To Underground Bunker by ZRX1200 (Politics) Today, 11:27 AM
Can't bid, age verification by JadeRose (General Discussion) Today, 11:10 AM
Trump Shares Letter on Twitter Referring to Protesters as “Terrorists” by JadeRose (Politics) Today, 11:07 AM
COVID-19 Safety by teedubbya (Everything Else) Today, 10:41 AM
no answer on phone and email by Lookis (Cigar Discussion) Today, 10:31 AM
George Floyds funeral/memorial bothers me. by frankj1 (Politics) Today, 10:31 AM
14th Annual 4th of July OpFTH CAT Challange 2020 by Mandobro (Trades) Today, 9:31 AM
Spring Blind Review 2020 by benja123 (Trades) Today, 8:54 AM
OVERBIDDING by benja123 (Cigar Discussion) Today, 8:48 AM
Skyscraper sized Asss-teroid speeding directly towards T.W.'s BUTT by tonygraz (General Discussion) Today, 8:39 AM
Just another day in Texas by bluwater1959 (Everything Else) Today, 6:11 AM
Anyone else low on sticks by bluwater1959 (Cigar Discussion) Today, 6:05 AM
Another View by teedubbya (Politics) Yesterday, 11:02 PM
Lars Tetans? by 24132413 (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 11:00 PM
Here ya go Jade... by frankj1 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 10:37 PM
What'cha Smok'in Azzhats 1,000,000!!!! by clintCigar (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 10:26 PM
PIB/Wants 2012 v3 by Sunoverbeach (Trades) Yesterday, 9:20 PM
Remember the good old days? by RobertHively (Politics) Yesterday, 8:15 PM
What 1,000,000 beers you Azzhattts drinking? by Burner02 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 8:01 PM
" Class of 2020 graduation 500 " by frankj1 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 7:51 PM
Gen. Mattis Mad-Dogs Trump by frankj1 (Politics) Yesterday, 7:22 PM
Thursday Funnies by frankj1 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 6:35 PM
Steve King by izonfire (Politics) Yesterday, 6:33 PM
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