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Biden’s December Illegal Border Crossing Numbers Worse Than 3 Previous Years Combined by Sunoverbeach (Politics) Today, 11:34 PM
Biden Administration Mounts Daring Mission To Evacuate Hunter’s Remaining Cash From Ukraine by Sunoverbeach (Politics) Today, 11:32 PM
Leaked Audio: Biden’s DHS Secretary Admits Border Is ‘Worse Now’ Than ‘In At Least 20 Years,...... I by Sunoverbeach (Politics) Today, 11:31 PM
3 Biden Admin Negotiators Leave Team Working On Iran Nuclear Deal........ by Sunoverbeach (Politics) Today, 11:30 PM
Stealth Omicron Variant by Sunoverbeach (Politics) Today, 11:27 PM
I Hope Neil Young Will Remember... by Sunoverbeach (Politics) Today, 11:24 PM
"BOMB 💣 CYCLONE 🌀" Is arrivinG on East coast this Saturday by Speyside2 (General Discussion) Today, 11:16 PM
SCOTUS Breyer Retiring by RayR (Politics) Today, 11:16 PM
Knowledge Recently Acquired by Burner02 (General Discussion) Today, 11:14 PM
I am T.i.R.ed of commercIAL.s with Jennifer AnnistON by frankj1 (General Discussion) Today, 11:10 PM
Big Papi, the Hall is calling by frankj1 (General Discussion) Today, 11:05 PM
As disgusting as it gets. by frankj1 (Politics) Today, 10:33 PM
Science deniers!!! by tailgater (General Discussion) Today, 10:15 PM
What wine you whinos drinking 1,000,000?? by Speyside2 (General Discussion) Today, 10:10 PM
THEY FOUND CROS!!! by delta1 (General Discussion) Today, 9:58 PM
What Whiskey You Drinking 1,000,000 by Burner02 (General Discussion) Today, 9:57 PM
" The Bat out of Hell 500" by delta1 (General Discussion) Today, 9:55 PM
What'cha Smok'in Azzhats 1,000,000!!!! by LeeBot (Cigar Discussion) Today, 9:54 PM
I smoked a great cigar today, thanks to............ by delta1 (Cigar Discussion) Today, 9:45 PM
What cubans are ya smoking? by delta1 (Cigar Discussion) Today, 9:40 PM
2022 NFL Playoffs Wagers by delta1 (Trades) Today, 9:26 PM
What'cha BRIAR and COB azzhats smoking 100,000? by tonygraz (Cigar Discussion) Today, 7:29 PM
PIB/Wants - Non Elitist by Sunoverbeach (Trades) Today, 6:28 PM
500 Things Outside Your Window by rfenst (General Discussion) Today, 6:27 PM
trade by corey sellers (Trades) Today, 5:37 PM
An Fernandez fallen angel cigars by Dg west deptford (Cigar Discussion) Today, 5:29 PM
Omicron 725 a varient of concern. by delta1 (General Discussion) Today, 3:12 PM
What ya listening to ? by DrMaddVibe (General Discussion) Today, 2:00 PM
Harley Davidson 2022 by Krazeehorse (General Discussion) Today, 10:31 AM
What 1,000,000 beers you Azzhattts drinking? by Burner02 (General Discussion) Today, 7:43 AM
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