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Earth, Wind & Fire: September 500 by Palama (General Discussion) Today, 1:15 PM
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2021 Cbid college football pick'em THE RETURN! by stinger88 (Trades) Today, 8:48 AM
Del Rio, Texas :10,580 illegals living under a bridge? WTF??? by Brewha (Politics) Today, 8:39 AM
Top general was so fearful Trump might spark war that he made secret calls to his Chinese counterpar by CelticBomber (Politics) Today, 4:21 AM
What Whiskey You Drinking 1,000,000 by Palama (General Discussion) Today, 3:14 AM
What ya listening to ? by Palama (General Discussion) Today, 3:12 AM
Cigar Bid great customer service by Brewha (General Discussion) Yesterday, 10:41 PM
Streaming Video: What are you watching? by Ram27 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 10:36 PM
What'cha BRIAR and COB azzhats smoking 100,000? by tonygraz (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 10:34 PM
NYC Carmine's itaLIaN rest. Hostess assauTED for Covid I.D. proof by Brewha (General Discussion) Yesterday, 10:21 PM
I have found my perfect cigar by bgz (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 9:46 PM
What 1,000,000 beers you Azzhattts drinking? by ZRX1200 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 9:03 PM
What Rum You Drinking 1,000,000 by ZRX1200 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 9:02 PM
PIB/Wants - Non Elitist by mjrburn (Trades) Yesterday, 7:42 PM
Padron Cigars (and like or dislike now) by borndead1 (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 6:56 PM
How to Destroy America in One Easy Step? by bgz (Politics) Yesterday, 6:28 PM
mjrburn Got Me by delta1 (Trades) Yesterday, 6:27 PM
California voters rejected the attempt to remove Gov. Gavin Newsom from office. by rfenst (Politics) Yesterday, 6:17 PM
Camacho Nicaragua by Stogie1020 (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 5:40 PM
Hockeydad "brrokEReD the NEW US, UK & AUSSIE SUBmarinar pACt" by zitotczito (Politics) Yesterday, 4:11 PM
FDA experts among group opposing US booster shot plan by ZRX1200 (Politics) Yesterday, 3:53 PM
Brain Dead Biden Drone Strike Mistakenly Kills Aid Worker and Children by zitotczito (Politics) Yesterday, 3:45 PM
Good Morning Friday by DrafterX (Everything Else) Yesterday, 1:40 PM
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