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Best older movie you revisited recently. by tonygraz (General Discussion) Today, 7:34 AM
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GoT final season by DrafterX (General Discussion) Today, 7:04 AM
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What ya listening to ? by Cigarlady7 (General Discussion) Today, 6:08 AM
Is CigarLady and Victor the same person? by Cigarlady7 (General Discussion) Today, 5:49 AM
n00b PIB by Cigarlady7 (Trades) Today, 5:45 AM
I smoked a great cigar today, thanks to............ by Sunoverbeach (Cigar Discussion) Today, 5:43 AM
New and good by Sunoverbeach (Cigar Discussion) Today, 5:28 AM
What'cha Smok'in Azzhats 1,000,000!!!! by Sunoverbeach (Cigar Discussion) Today, 5:23 AM
What Whiskey You Drinking 1,000,000 by Palama (General Discussion) Today, 3:01 AM
CLASSIC HORROR FILMS - 1960's to 2000 by Cigarlady7 (General Discussion) Today, 2:07 AM
Magwitch Disappearance by smokestaxx (Everything Else) Today, 1:25 AM
Why? by Krazeehorse (Politics) Yesterday, 11:55 PM
What wine you whinos drinking 1,000,000?? by Speyside (General Discussion) Yesterday, 10:52 PM
Who here goes to Mexico often?? by teedubbya (General Discussion) Yesterday, 10:49 PM
How high is to high? by deadeyedick (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 10:40 PM
What cubans are ya smoking? by deadeyedick (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 10:26 PM
What are you reading? by frankj1 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 10:06 PM
Netflix: What are you watching? by Cigarlady7 (General Discussion) Yesterday, 9:56 PM
My cigar sign by frankj1 (Cigar Related) Yesterday, 9:41 PM
13 run baseball pool "Sign Up" list . . . by Palama (Trades) Yesterday, 9:03 PM
Living in the humidor. by Cigarlady7 (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 8:55 PM
WTT/WTS my whole collection. Rare+aged stuff by frankj1 (Trades) Yesterday, 8:35 PM
Uh . . . by KingoftheCove (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 7:45 PM
Bernie "made the rounds..." On some Sunday A.M. news show... by Abrignac (Politics) Yesterday, 6:47 PM
Kentucky Fire Cured- Just an $8 dollar Parodi? by izonfire (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 5:32 PM
Padrons by Pudding Mittens (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 3:17 PM
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