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THE RECIPE THREAD: Grillin, Crockpot, Tried Something New? Share It! by jjanecka (General Discussion) Today, 12:00 PM
CAO Amazon Basin ANACONDA by DrMaddVibe (Cigar Discussion) Today, 11:29 AM
kneeling by bgz (General Discussion) Today, 11:28 AM
Habanos- HUGE Trade List by DrafterX (Trades) Today, 10:37 AM
Trump may or may not know .... by TMCTLT (Politics) Today, 9:02 AM
After the hiatus! by bs_kwaj (Cigar Related) Today, 7:17 AM
Quick Review Graycliff 30 robusto by fliermartin (Cigar Discussion) Today, 7:04 AM
Which is Worse by fliermartin (Cigar Discussion) Today, 6:54 AM
Unusual Cigar Cutters by fliermartin (Cigar Discussion) Today, 6:45 AM
Senior Night by SmokeMonkey (Everything Else) Today, 6:14 AM
FGM's 13th Annual Mississippi Fish-n-Herf by fishinguitarman (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 11:05 PM
What a Buck!-I Still Can't Believe It! by fishinguitarman (Everything Else) Yesterday, 11:01 PM
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Humi-Care HX10 Crystal Gel Rectangle Humidifier @ 88%!? by tonygraz (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 8:45 PM
North Dallas Herf 2017 by mikey1597 (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 8:15 PM
I smoked a great cigar today, thanks to............ by mikey1597 (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 8:13 PM
4 soldiers bodies land in the USA by Burner02 (Politics) Yesterday, 7:58 PM
What cubans are ya smoking? by deadeyedick (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 7:04 PM
I need TMCTLT's Approval before I go any further by TMCTLT (Everything Else) Yesterday, 5:46 PM
NFL survival pool 2017 by chazbo (Trades) Yesterday, 4:35 PM
What'cha Smok'in Azzhats 1,000,000!!!! by tonygraz (Cigar Discussion) Yesterday, 4:35 PM
Fired a customer today by TMCTLT (General Discussion) Yesterday, 11:14 AM
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