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The Liberal Media....
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I've never felt that the media had any reason to be biased towards the liberals. I simply saw it as the liberal mentality being more "feel good" and therefore newsworthy. But I watched a disturbing spectacle last evening which has changed my mind. On the 6:00 news one of the "major" networks showed some dumb-ass Floridian ranting and raving about the ballot. He showed the now infamous ballot with the reform party on the right pointing to the second hole. He stated how easy it was to see where to punch when the ballot was shown vertical on the tv screen, but when you lay it horizontal on the voting booth desk the holes appear differntly! He continued showing the television audience for about 3 minutes the difference between vertical and horizontal. He was yelling, spitting, almost slurring and also ranting about how he did not intend to vote for Buchanon. First of all, how does the network allow this drunken fool to speak his mind?? Secondly, how does he know that he punched the wrong hole? Does he specifically remember punching the second hole down versus the one WITH THE GORE/LIBERMAN ARROW POINTING TO IT!!!! This embarrassment has gone on long enough. Count the votes, get the mail ins, and announce the victor.
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AND THEN they go to Kosovo or some other military post and find the ONE military man who sent in an absentee ballot for Gore. Did you see that? He was telling the reporter how incredible it would be if his vote was the one to push Gore past Bush for the presidency. If the media was strictly reporting unbiased news to us, they would have interviewed a soldier most representative of the military -- a republican voter! You can't tell me most of the military votes Democratic!
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But we're the media. We can tell you anything we want...
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