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US Court of Appeals
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I cannot believe a Court dominated by Judges appointed by President Reagan has again sided with the Demoidiots and against their own Party! They rejected President GW Bush's case to deny a hand count in Florida. What do we have machines for, I ask? Just because out of three million votes cast state wide, that the difference between GW and AG was less than 1000, they want to count by hand? I go back to my proposal of eliminating the popular vote and go by the Electoral College based on the Majority rule of the State Legislator! But, that's just me. Wake up America!
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Machines are obviously flawed, take a look at the newest recounts. BTW, what did people do before there were machines???? Duh, they counted them by hand. Who could blame either a Democrat or Republican? If it was GW who was behind in the count he would do it too, I promise you....wake up!
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