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Post Election Recount
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I Know that there will be several recounts of all of the Fla. votes. I also know that while they may be paid for by organizations such as Judicial Watch or the Miami Herald, I don't care if they found conclusively and unanimously that Gore won by a 4 to 1 margin and the Pope himself verified it, OUR Prsiident is and will always be, President George W. Bush! Forget about it. The Electoral College RULES!
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5 Republicans on the Supreme Court didn't hurt either.
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Funny how the liberal media portrayed the 4-3 Florida Supreme court ruling a "resounding victory" for Gore, while the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling was a "partisan" result. The Democrats displayed the worlds most hypocritical outrage ever. They should have chanted "count every democratic vote" based on their target counties. I have YET to hear a half decent reason for their lack of ethics. Wasn't 8 years of poor morals enough?
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I'll second that motion!

Bravo and well said!!
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A lack of ethics on the Democrats part is an understatement. By railroading a hand count in Florida on the grounds that the statewide total was less than 1000 votes difference and far below the margin of error they almost stole the election. If Al Gore's brother was Governor of Florida and his daddy had made a Supreme Court appointment that had sat on the court he would be President-elect. I thank God every night that he is not and pray he may never be so! The word Democrat and ethics or moral do not mix. They are antinyms. Oxymorons. Morons! One Party. Republican! Electoral College, good. Popular vote, bad!
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Oh please....give us a break......not this again........
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