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Do or Die
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I've heard only bits and pieces regarding this 19 year old loser who was planning a "Columbine-like" escapade at the college he is attending. Difference being the sofistication of his weapons, and the fact that his planned timing would have most certainly killed hundreds of college kids instantly. Don't know all the specifics, but he was caught the day before his planned massacre by some attentive photo lab girl. Anyway, here's my question to y'all: If this dirt bag is found to be guilty of planning this failed blood bath, how much time should he get? If the state he is in allows the death sentence, should he get it? Should he be treated as if the crime was committed, or should the sentence be less because it was foiled?
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In most states, the prosecution needs to prove malice and intent to get a conviction of murder. To me, these photos are proof that this fool's intention was to cause as destruction as he could have in the least amount of time. TRY HIM, CONVICT HIM, BURN HIM!!!! Thankyouverymuch.
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