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Best cigar you ever smoked?
DCLover Offline
#51 Posted:
Joined: 09-26-2008
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Have to be that 1st Anejo 77 from pool-cue. After that experience I hate to light one up until it's been in the humi about 5 years.
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#52 Posted:
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DCLover wrote:
Have to be that 1st Anejo 77 from pool-cue. After that experience I hate to light one up until it's been in the humi about 5 years.

Mine was also from Roland Greg, but it was an aged Pepin rolled Padilla 1932 oscuro...what a cigar

I miss Roland, have you heard from him lately?
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#53 Posted:
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Not since the last time he posted, was a few months ago.
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#54 Posted:
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Was fortunate enough to win the Greatest day in racing contest given by Bucwheat(Julian) earlier this Summer. The winning were some outstanding aged Cubans. Two that come to my attention are the SLR Series A from 2001 and EDM from 2004. I am truly amazed how some folks can store cigars so long but I can see whyBeer
Some great BOTL/SOTL on this sight have/are very kind to share some outstanding cigarsApplause
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#55 Posted:
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Good one to revisit
GhettoNigFabulous Offline
#56 Posted:
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tie between CAO Brazilia and Partagas Black...........naysayers can suck it
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#57 Posted:
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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Maduro.
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#58 Posted:
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Two other bests, and both were handed to me by MACS. First was an aged Punch cc. I've forgotten the vitola and age. The other was an aged Montecristo Edmundo CC, forgot which year, that was enjoyed shooting the breeze looking at a Blood Moon in Ventura.

Memorable cigars! many great and "best cigars".
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#59 Posted:
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The one I enjoyed sitting with my son in Annapolis after his graduation from USNA. I have no idea what cigar it was, however.
bgz Offline
#60 Posted:
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A Monte #2 out of a box I got a while ago, a Cohiba Lancero from CBD, and Padron 40 year (consistently excellent, wasn't just one out of a box like the monte).
Pudding Mittens Offline
#61 Posted:
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Why, OF COURSE it was the CAO Brazilia, the "King of All Cigars"! Herfing
moonman Offline
#62 Posted:
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I enjoyed a Golden Pheasant once. I'd love to smoke more.
tonygraz Offline
#63 Posted:
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Hard to really tell what the best was- perhaps that one El Rey del Mundo Decadent Dozen that plumed or maybe those Gurkha Black Dragon Nublizers.
Mrs. dpnewell Offline
#64 Posted:
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Cigarfest 2010. Johnathan Drew had some pre-production Dirty Rats that he handed out to forum members who asked for them. I remember that cigar being the best cigar I had ever smoked. The OR Rats I bought a few months later, though fantastic, just didn't measure up to that cigar.

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#65 Posted:
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well I could say the Cuban made Pack of 3 MONTECRISTO DOUBLE EDMUNDO (6.25" x 50) gotten in Paris but is wasn't. Very good but still not nearly the best.

Connecticut wrapped cigar has to be the 20 Box of the XEN Torpedo (6" x 52) by Nish Patel. Never tasted such a BOLD cedar flavor in any since.

Sumatra wrapped smoke still is the OLIVA Serie 'V' Melanio Double Toro (6" x 60). The 7" x 52 TATUAJE COJONU 2012 is a close 2nd.

Habano wrapped cigars number in the 1000's. Hard to pick one. After a 2 years of aging the Rocky Patel Platinum Toro (6.5" x 52) is excellent full and very smooth. And a very well 3+ years aged LIGA PRIVADA T52 BELICOSO (6" x 52) kicked ass.

the BEST Maduro was probably ARTURO FUENTE ANEJO MADURO No.46 (5.65” x 46) after 3 years of aging. A close 2nd was the original batch aged 4+ years CAMACHO TRIPLE MADURO ROBUSTO (4.5” x 50). Bold choco flavor to spare.

Whistlebritches Offline
#66 Posted:
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It would have to be an RyJ Churchill(Habano) given to me by my XO somewhere in the Pacific around 84-85.......the light just went on.
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#67 Posted:
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RyJ Julieta my step dad brought back from London in 88 and a Tatuaje Noella Reserve DED gave me
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#68 Posted:
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ZRX1200 wrote:
RyJ Julieta my step dad brought back from London in 88 and a Tatuaje Noella Reserve DED gave me

Want another?

The best always seem to be ones that were gifted. I can think of so many over the years. One standout was a Vegas Robania Farmie (farm rolled by the father of Havana tobacco himself) gifted by Roman (DoRKS) about 2004.

A more recent was a custom rolled Alex CG gifted by Scot (SRH1) about 3-4 years ago. Opened my eyes to what a gifted private roller could do with his own ideas of blending Cuban tobacco.

That Toabado custom rolled gifted by Xibumbero while we were in TJ is still in my top 5.
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#69 Posted:
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Back when Christian Eiroa early days of Camacho cigars, I sent him an email telling him I traveled a great deal in my profession and every cigar shop that didn't carry Camacho cigars I requested them. He emailed me back requesting my address, which I gave him expecting a tee-shirt. A week later a box of Camacho Diplomas 11/18 wrapped in foil arrived, they were unbelievably great smokes and still my all time favorites. I still smoke Eiroa made cigars.
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#70 Posted:
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Foundation Tabernacle without a doubt. It's a mile long yardstick that I judge all other cigars against. I was urged to buy one very early on in my short experience with cigars while shopping for some RoMa Crafts in an out of town b&m. I made the mistake of smoking it before I had tried alot of other much cheaper cigars in my (then) pathetically stocked humidor. I can't bring myself to buy another with the deals on some very under the radar cigars I get here that faintly remind me of that one glorious experience I had. I need to quit being such a cheapskate.
harleyd31 Offline
#71 Posted:
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I went into a cigar store and saw a very old box of Don Pepin JJ Maduro's. About half a box left and asked the clerk what they would sell me the rest of the box for. I think I gave her $25 for the rest of what was left in the box. She said they were really old and she wanted to get rid of them. Those were the most amazing cigars I have ever smoked!! Wished I had some self control and made them last a little longer......
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