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Good Newbie Deal
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A number of new folks have posted recently, some asking for suggestions on what to smoke - some desperately NEEDING suggestions on what to smoke!

Well, the Mothership has a pretty good deal going on right now. 8 cigars for $10 with $3 shipping. None of these are most people's first-choice or go-to smokes around here, but they are not bad and certainly worth $1.65 per (including shipping) and much better than what I have seen some of the newbies - and Mr. Ghetto :) - have been lighting up.

Would give someone a good range of blends and strengths to try out and, if you liked a particular one of these, you could then branch out from there. For each of these style cigars, there are certainly better (and more expensive) examples out there, but for this price, it's a good starting point.

Also, if you do not already have a travel humi, you can add one for $5. This particular herf-a-dor is going for around $15 on eBay, so not a bad price at all if you need one.

The $3 shipping applies to your entire order if you get this deal, so if there is also something else you wanted to buy from CI (that does not already have a better shipping deal attached to it) you can save there as well.

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Not a bad deal at all for those new to cigars. Good looking out
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I grabbed 2 thanks!
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those arganese are not bad after a few months of hanging out i used to smoke those when i started
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mikey8991 wrote:
those arganese are not bad after a few months of hanging out i used to smoke those when i started

If you like those, CI has even a BETTER deal going on for them here, but it could expire any moment methinks since it was their "weekend" special.


This does not include shipping but you could combine it with the sampler offer to get a pretty good deal if these are in your wheelhouse.

I also grabbed one of these samplers with the herf-a-door. Going to keep a few for myself and package up 5 of them with the herf-a-door for a gift!

WARNING!!!!! The photo and the description do not match with one cigar. The photo shows an HC Black but, instead of that, the description mentions a Gurkha Sherpa Orange! Does not affect me since that will be one of the gifted items anyway but i know some of you would not accept a FREE Gurkah let alone one hidden in a sampler deal Shame on you

Newbie note: Cigar International otherwise referred to as CI or the Mothership is the only non- Cigarbid seller of cigars that you can mention by name on this board or post links about. CI owns Cigarbid so that makes sense, but the prohibition on not mentioning other sellers also applies, for some unclear reason, to the many other companies and sellers that are all owned by the same people that owns CI.
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Not a bad pack-and grabbing an extra for the Poker Run Raffle table this summer. Hard for my local shpo to sponsor with all the Kalifornia regulations affected business.
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