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Whitetail II Glass top humi (100) vs. El Rey Glass top humi (150)?
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Was looking at both...
Already have 2 whitetail #1 (50 gars)
And a W.T. #2 (100 hard) WHICH IS REALLY NICE...

Lately, the WT II'S get bid way up there.

This El Rey 150 is at the most
1" longer x 1/2" deeper x 1/2" higher...

?please "SPLAIN TO US"
HOW? another "50 cigars" can fit in the
El Rey Glass top "150" vs the "100" in the WT II
when it is only 1"x 1/2" x 1/2"
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I've been working on an extreme-box pressed version of cigars for this very reason.... Having a little trouble keeping them lit tho... I've found it best to just break off a little chunk and burn it on a pin under a glass.. works pretty well... Mellow
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I've noticed that estimated counts by humidor almost always vary from reality and mostly reality is a lower number I do have one 200 count humidor that holds over 200 cigars - including many churchill size and larger. Of course more coronas may be their interpretation of cigars.
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