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Cain FF
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I scored a 5er of these here, being i was a fan of the Csin F, i was anxious to try them, well had my first last night, as expected, it packed a punch! just like the Cain F... with the strength , it still had good taste...luckliy it was a petite belicoso, any longer i might have had to lain down :)
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Never heard of FF till now...

The F is my least favorite of the bunch, and I personally think it is 'weaker' than the regular Cain (what some refer to as the 'Habano')...

Daytona is more complex, especially in the 6x46 Corona...

The most boring of all is the 6x60 F...

The Cain Maduros are just meh IMNSHO...

I do like the Connie robs now and then with a pot of coffee in the AM...

All of the Cain Nubs are washed out to my palate...

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The OR Cain F tubo lancero was fantastic.

Tried a few here and there a few years back and don't think they hold a candle to the OR tubo lance. It was only the tubos though, I'd bought regulars around the same time and they seemed different. Maybe all in my head.
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