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Coast Guard Dude Surfs Narco Sub
Burner02 Offline
#1 Posted:
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Just another day at the office.

ZRX1200 Offline
#2 Posted:
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I loved the yelling part before boarding......bro, no way Jose is hearing you in that tuna can.
Gene363 Offline
#3 Posted:
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God bless the Coasties.
Mr. Jones Offline
#4 Posted:
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Was he wearing a bullet proof vest and a life preserver while packing "H.E.A.V.Y." ?
Palama Offline
#5 Posted:
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Totally rad dude.
izonfire Offline
#6 Posted:
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I would love that job.
Until I ended up on a fully submersible model...
delta1 Offline
#7 Posted:
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balls out...
dstieger Offline
#8 Posted:
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Coincidentally just watched Guardian for first time so movie, but the that and the vid above almost makes me take back some of the things I've said about Coasties over the years....pretty awesome takedown
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