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Cabin Fever Expo, Lebanon PA this weekend.
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A buddy of mine just hit me up. Way to late for me to get there. d'oh!

If you're in to model gas engines, steam engines, machinery, toys, trains, trucks, boats, and making them, this is a great show. Lots of builders and vendors.

It's at the Lebanon Valley Expo Center, 80 Rocherty Road, Lebanon, PA Saturday and Sunday if you're interested.
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Only into drugs and women.
If you hear of an expo for that, let me know...
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Just peruse the Las Vegas conventions list........pretty sure there’s a few drugs and women conventions there...
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Right up the road a piece...
But no interest in that at A L.L....

ONLY GUNS, AMMO AND GASH get me to drive to that heroin dozzzing and nodding town...

I won't even dig in any trash can up their for unchecked lotto tickets unless I use a stick and thick azz metal oyster schucking gloves due to SHARPS IN EVERY CAN UP der'...
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Imagine a small mezzanine with a kitchen and eating tables and a small foyer....


Tack on one wing that is the size of a 1970's elementary school cafeteria...
Tack on anthor wing the exact size and heighth of
A 1980's middle school gymnasium...

That the Lebanon , PA ...EXPO CENTER...

IN NO WAY IS IT a massive BIG CITY place...O.K. size for small venues and gun parking too.
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That may be. These are usually really interesting events. Lot's of neat machinery and projects.
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