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Presidentin' Is...The Thing...You Know...The Thing!
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Joe Biden Appears to Fall Asleep While Meeting With Israeli PM

While Afghanistan collapses, COVID rages, and the U.S. economy stagnates, you can take heart in the fact that we have an energetic, dedicated leader ready to tackle any issue that comes his way.

Alright, so you can’t take heart in that — because the president is actually Joe Biden. But still, surely he can at least remain awake long enough to meet with the Israeli prime minister. I mean, it’s not like that’s a demanding assignment.

Apparently, that was too much to ask, though. Biden appears to have fallen asleep at one point during the meeting, and I don’t mean that as a joke about the fact that he consistently looks out of it. I mean that it looks like he literally fell asleep.

He’s fine, you guys. This is fine.

To appease the fact-checkers, I’ll note that I can’t tell for sure that he’s asleep here. Perhaps he’s just resting his eyes? I don’t know, but what I do know is that there’s nothing normal about Biden hanging his head for 30+ seconds this way, instead of having his attention locked on the head of state he’s ostensibly there to speak with. At one point, the video zooms in and you can see that his eyes are closed.

This gives a window into what the president’s handlers have to deal with on a daily basis. When he shows up five hours late for a vital press conference on Afghanistan or disappears for days on end, it’s probably because he’s not even awake.

There’s something wrong with Joe Biden, and whatever stimulants they’ve been giving him in the past aren’t working very well anymore. How does this man make it another 3+ years? I just don’t see how it’s possible, and suggestions that he’ll run for re-election are laughable.

More and more people are noticing what the rest of us have seen for years. Biden is a man in steep physical and mental decline. Further, that decline is affecting his emotional health as well, with angry outbursts becoming more and more common.

There’s no way he can lead this nation any longer, something that’s become abundantly clear over the last two weeks, and if the president had any shame, he’d resign.

Building Back Better Nappy Time
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Treason: Afghanistan Disaster Is More Proof Biden Is Owned Lock, Stock and Barrel by China

The tragedy and catastrophe that just happened in Afghanistan is more proof positive of my contention -- President Joe Biden, his family and his Democrat puppet handlers are China-owned. They are doing China's bidding.

The Biden crime family is owned lock, stock and barrel by China and the Chinese Communist Party. Biden's stolen presidency is the best thing to ever happen to China.

I don't need to remind all of you of what just happened in Afghanistan. Everyone saw it. The question is, can you believe your own eyes? How could this happen? This is the worst debacle in U.S. foreign policy history. And it threatens to become the worst catastrophic failure in U.S. military history. Why? Because it was all foreseeable and preventable.

If only Biden and the Democrats were as good at foreign policy as they are at rigging and stealing elections. We'd be ruling the world, not taking orders from the Taliban.

But all those American GIs dead and wounded (and all their devastated parents) don't even represent the worst-case scenario. Biden is leaving Americans behind to fend for themselves. There is no way out. How many will be murdered? How many will be tortured and raped and starved? How many will be held hostage for a billion-dollar ransom? This is like shooting fish in a barrel. This is potentially the greatest public-relations scenario ever for the Islamic State group.

I've warned for many months now that Biden is the most corrupt president in history. I believe he and his family are owned lock, stock and barrel by the Chinese Communist Party.

Everything Biden has done, every action, every statement and every policy since his inauguration has weakened America and enriched China. None of this can be a mistake or coincidence. Biden and his puppet handlers are beholden to China.

Let's examine the "mistakes" of Afghanistan. A picture emerges. These aren't mistakes.

First up, who evacuates the military first, leaving thousands of American citizens unprotected from bloodthirsty savages? Everyone knows you evacuate the citizens first, then the equipment and lastly the military. No one could be stupid enough to send the military home first. This was no mistake. This is TREASON.

Second, who leaves $85 billion of military equipment on the ground? Overnight, we just made the Taliban the 26th most powerful military in the world -- with your taxpayer money. Who does that? No one is this stupid. This was no mistake. This is TREASON.

Third, who puts the Taliban in full charge of security for American citizens? This is pure insanity. That would be like putting the Gestapo or SS in charge of getting Jews safely out of Germany. No one could be that naive. This was no mistake. This was TREASON.

Everyone involved in this decision should be arrested or court-martialed. Tragically, our Obama- and Biden-appointed military leaders are too focused on COVID-19 vaccines for an illness with a 99.7% survival rate; critical race theory; climate change; purging all white conservatives from the military; and paying for sex reassignment surgeries.

Biden trusted the Taliban to protect our soldiers and citizens? Aren't they the enemy? Aren't they radical Islamic terrorists? Don't they execute people in the street? Don't they steal little girls to rape, enslave and marry? Wasn't all of Afghanistan running for their lives a few days ago from the vicious, bloodthirsty Taliban? But Biden made them our partners?

But wait, it gets worse. Biden gave the names of our citizens and Afghan allies to the Taliban to allow them through the gates of the Kabul airport. That's a "Kill List" for the Islamic State group to hunt down all our people. The U.S. government has officially named the Taliban "terrorists." And Biden is handing the names of our citizens to terrorists? This is no mistake. This is TREASON.

What president would even consider leaving Americans behind to be murdered or held hostage for ransom? This is no mistake. This is TREASON.

Who spends 20 years, trillions of taxpayer dollars and American lives and limbs, then just runs away so China can waltz right in and take possession of all the lithium and rare-earth minerals? No one is this dumb. This is no mistake. This is TREASON.

Every action Biden takes weakens America and enriches China: The open border and shipping COVID-19-infected refugees all over our country; vaccine mandates; the budget-busting green infrastructure deal; killing our energy industry; and paying millions of Americans to not work. Now disaster in Afghanistan. Biden is destroying America and helping China become the dominant force in the world.

These aren't mistakes. This is TREASON.

Not treason?

What about now?
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Biden Must Stay

The withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan is the biggest scoop of the year 2021, that has already topped the coronavirus crisis. Less than in two weeks after the capital was surrendered to Taliban, the country has already been in chaos. The tectonic changes in the entire world system caused by the fleeing of Western soldiers have already been analyzed from every possible angle. The actions of US President Joe Biden were evaluated not only by leading experts, but also by every armchair expert.

But time flies, and the international community remembered that this was Trump who had signed a deal with the Taliban. In his turn, has finally come back from his vacation and promptly comments on the situation in Kabul, strictly following his rhetoric, without giving any sensational reasons for discussions in the media. Social networks were no longer exploding with videos of Afghans falling from planes, and the numbers of evacuees from the country were, not fast enough, but steadily growing. The Taliban now control the perimeter of the airport, cooperating with US forces, to the point that they have reportedly got the personal data of local citizens who have cooperated with the US and who cannot get into the airport. Even in the Panjshir region, the Taliban have finally managed to negotiate with local resistance forces.

Despite the attempts of the media to squeeze the latest sensational news out of Afghanistan, it seemed that the situation was approaching its stabilization, albeit fragile.

But no such luck. Once again, the world media exploded with news from Afghanistan, just at the moment when CNN claimed that the evacuation of US citizens and local staff of the American embassy was supposed to end in less then two days.

The terrorist attacks rocked Kabul, claiming lives of more than a hundred people, and even more others were injured.

At least 13 U.S. servicemen were killed. The United States has not known such one-time losses in Afghanistan for ten years, since terrorists shot down a helicopter with navy seals in the Afghan province of Wardak in August 2011, killing 31 American special forces, including 22 fighters of the elite group 6 SEAL.

The bombings in Kabul were too bloody and caused a great resonance. There is no doubt that their final goal followed some political interests. But cui prodest?

ISIS in Afghanistan hastened to take responsibility for the attack.

Islamic State — Khorasan was created by radical representatives of the Taliban six years ago. According to the recent report by UN experts, the number of ISIS-K members is currently about 1,500-2,000. They accuse the Taliban of colluding with the United States and call them enemies of the Afghan people who forgot that foreign invaders should be killed.

However, terrorists’ ties with the US special services have long been known. For example, when last year the Taliban stormed a government prison where captured ISIS militants were being held, the terrorists did not refuse the US help, and American servicemen took out some of the prisoners by helicopters. After that, the Taliban accused the United States, the government of Afghanistan and ISIS of colluding against the Taliban and the Afghan people. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai claimed that the Vilayat Khorasan is the US tool in Afghanistan.

Did these couple of thousand ISIS members get mad on the Taliban that they did not share their American friends and decided to remind of themselves with such bloody attacks?

On the other hand, it was known about the upcoming terrorist attacks long before the explosions. The Pentagon was the first to report about them. Immediately pointing to ISIS, they said that ISIS had threatened a terrorist attack at the Kabul airport since Afghanistan came under the control of the Taliban. The US was allegedly trying to prevent ISIS from these attacks, simply claiming about them in the media, without doing anything to somehow improve the security at the airport.

Those, who de facto received important political benefits paying with hundreds of lives that were claimed by the explosions in Kabul, were granted with a very convenient position, hiding behind the accusations against ISIS.

There is no doubt that one of the main goals of the terrorist attacks at the Kabul airport was to discredit the activities of US President Biden. This is interesting not to ISIS, but to some political elites in the United States. If ISIS-K pursued tactical goals by conducting terrorist attacks, then a certain part of the White House administration came closer to implementing their strategic goals via the explosions.

Rumors about the Biden’s early resignation have been circulating for several months. Now he is under unprecedented pressure from his own entourage, being forced to resign under the pretext of some health problems.

Today, two-thirds of Americans have a negative attitude to the U.S. withdrawing from Afghanistan. The rating of the US president has a steady downward trend. And all this was before the bombings in Kabul and the victims among the American military.

Such a scandal around the situation in Kabul led to the desired result, to the fact that Biden was criticized not only by Republicans, but also by Democrats. Unity on policy and politics in Biden’s party has appeared to unravel a bit after the Taliban’s lightning-fast takeover of Afghanistan. Despite the fact that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was supported by Democrats and even a majority of Republicans.

“I am disappointed that the Biden administration clearly did not accurately assess the implications of a rapid U.S. withdrawal. We are now witnessing the horrifying results of many years of policy and intelligence failures,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Bob Menendez.

“This certainly has not been a good day for America. The images we saw coming out of Afghanistan show a tremendous humanitarian crisis. This is going to hurt us, no question about it,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Member Ben Cardin, D-Md.

The events in Kabul dealt a heavy blow to Biden administration. In addition to the ongoing demands for impeachment, the US House of Representatives and the US Senate insist on organizing an official investigation into the circumstances of the decision to withdraw troops and the process of their withdrawal from Afghanistan in order to establish the measure of guilt of the current administration.

After the arrival of the new administration in the White House, US groups of influence are still fighting for power. Against this background, various incidents related to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan could be seen from another angle. For example, the alleged mistakes of US intelligence, who provided Biden with biased data, could be a deliberate distortion of facts aimed at ensuring that Biden was not ready at the moment when the situation in Afghanistan collapsed. As a result, Biden tried to relax on his vacation in Maryland, and could not even answer in time for the chaos in Kabul.

As a result, the “expected terrorist attacks” brought Biden closer to the potential resignation. And the real beneficiary of these attacks is the one who approached the presidential chair in the Oval Office, namely the infamous Vice President Kamala Harris.

The American deep state is interested in her coming to power. A significant part of the American military establishment is interested in her presidency, taking into account the multibillion-dollar budgets that were wasted in Afghanistan.

In a short time, she has already proven her adherence to militant neoliberal ideology, in fact, neoliberal fascism.

A year ago, Trump referred to “55-year-old Black woman”, as she identifies herself, as “one of the most liberal” senators.

Unlike Biden, if Harris comes to power, an escalation against China or Russia, whose western borders will probably soon face the deployment of all the military contingent from Afghanistan, is inevitable. She would push the rhetoric against China on the Uighur Muslims and Hong Kong issues. Allegedly fighting for human rights, she would escalate the rhetoric against the Russian “authoritarian” regime, as well as Saudi Arabia, Syria and North Korea.

At the same time, Harris remains a firm backer of Israel. Her first foreign policy vote in January 2017 was to criticize the UN for condemning the country on its settlements in Palestinian territories. She takes an active part in the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a US lobbying group that advocates for a strong US-Israel relationship.

“[The] first resolution I co-sponsored as a United States senator was to combat anti-Israel bias at the United Nations and reaffirm that the United States seeks a just, secure, and sustainable two-state solution,” she told.

Her coming in power would lead not only to deterioration of relationships with other states but to another destabilization in the U.S.

Thus, Biden now acts as a certain deterrent for the next round of aggression from the United States. His task is to “guard the red button” for the next six months or a year, until the Washington elites calm down. If Harris comes to power without being chosen by the Americans, the probability of a global conflict next year will increase significantly.

A DNC $hitshow.
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A senior advisor...Boy.


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This is what the Democrats want in a leader!

Biden repeatedly implies he’s not in charge of when, where he can take questions from the press
'I’m not supposed to take any question,' Biden told reporters on Sunday

In media news today, Obama's former education secretary gets slammed for likening anti-maskers to Kabul suicide bombers, Disney faces internal pressure to conduct an outside probe of ABC News' handling of sexual harassment claims, and ABC's Jon Karl says Biden admin calling Afghanistan a success is not based in 'reality'

President Joe Biden has repeatedly implied that his handlers set the rules and determine when and where he’s allowed to take questions from the press, leading observers to ponder who is actually calling the shots behind the scenes.

The trend began with Biden’s first formal White House press conference as president in January. Following his remarks about his "Made in America" manufacturing initiative, a member of Biden's staff was heard calling on specific reporters to ask their questions to the president, something that was similarly done during the 2020 presidential election and the transition period. However, the president has since escalated the practice and Biden has repeatedly suggested he’s not in the driver’s seat when it comes to handling the press.


"I’m not supposed to take any questions"

Biden declared Sunday he wasn’t "supposed to take any questions" during a visit to the National Response Coordination Center at FEMA headquarters as Hurricane Ida slammed Louisiana.

"I’m not supposed to take any questions, but go ahead," Biden said to a reporter before quickly changing his mind when he was asked about Afghanistan.

"I’m not gonna answer Afghanistan now," he said before turning his back to the press and walking away.



Biden also raised eyebrows last week when he took questions from reporters for the first time since the Kabul terror attacks that left 11 Marines, one Army soldier and a Navy corpsman dead.

While presidents have often relied on pre-set lists of reporters to call on at formal press conferences, his phrasing that he was "instructed" to choose a certain journalist drew attention.

"Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O'Donnell from NBC," Biden said.

"As usual… they gave me a list"

Biden was mocked for "saying the quiet part out loud" in June when he admitted at the outset of his press conference in Geneva he would only be calling on reporters from a prepared list.

"I’ll take your questions, and as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m going to call on," Biden told the press following his anticipated meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Observers wondered whether the "they" Biden referred to was his communications team.

It's unclear whether Biden is trying to be folksy when he uses that kind of language.


"I’m going to get in trouble"

Biden joked when taking questions at a press conference in June following the G-7 summit, claiming that his staff will be upset with him if he does not conduct the event as they wish.

Early on in the question-and-answer portion of the program, Biden was quick to inform reporters that he would operate strictly by the book.

"I’m sorry, I’m going to get in trouble with staff if I don’t do this the right way," Biden said before calling on Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs.

"I'm really gonna be in trouble"

Biden also said he would be "in trouble" if he continued to take questions from reporters during a rare back-and-forth with the press in April.

After speaking about new federal health guidelines for mask-wearing for vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals, Biden answered a few shouted questions from gathered reporters at the White House.

"I'm sorry," he said, after listening to questions about his own mask-wearing and a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. "This is the last question I'll take, and I'm really gonna be in trouble."

"I'd be happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do"

Biden’s unusual word choice when it comes to answering questions doesn’t only apply to the press. The White House confused onlookers in March when it suddenly cut the feed of a virtual event after Biden said he was "happy to take questions" from Democratic lawmakers.

Accompanied by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. and the House Democratic Caucus, Biden addressed lawmakers on the topics of COVID relief and the ongoing vaccine rollout. He closed his remarks by calling on Democrats to help "restore faith" in government. He then appeared ready to take questions.
Media holding Biden accountable Video

"I'd be happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do, Nance," Biden told the speaker. "Whatever you want me to do."

The feed ended seconds later, after a brief pause from the president.

Its apparent that the DNC doesn't like America, Americans, the military, their allies nor the idiots that keep voting for them because they keep on tossing in complete imbeciles and they vote for them! It's a race to the bottom with them. Every time you want to believe they hit bottom, they break out the excavating equipment and dig another basement! This isn't leadership. This is a f'ing joke now!
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I think you need psychiatric help and not just because you keep posting to yourself.
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Is Tony upset because his President keeps proving himself to be a bafoon?
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Well... he is Dr. MAD Vibe... kinda like The Mad Hatter... only without the tea pots and rabbits.

Well, maybe he has those things... but I doubt he's got the big top hat... but if he's banging a hot blonde named Alice with big tits... well, MAD Props to the good Dr.

So it sounds like Tony is concerned about a fellow board member... not about what the president forgot about this morning.

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bgz wrote:
Well... he is Dr. MAD Vibe... kinda like The Mad Hatter... only without the tea pots and rabbits.

Well, maybe he has those things... but I doubt he's got the big top hat... but if he's banging a hot blonde named Alice with big tits... well, MAD Props to the good Dr.

So it sounds like Tony is concerned about a fellow board member... not about what the president forgot about this morning.

No, Tony is clearly progtard pissed that DMV keeps posting about what a bafoon Calamity Joe is, so he just keeps striking out foolishly.
It's understandable I guess, the shame has to be unbearable to see his Bidey destroying Amerika and the world.
This wasn't what Tony expected BUILD BACK BETTER to be like.

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What We Left Behind in Afghanistan

Many of the reports coming out of Afghanistan this past week mention something that’s simultaneously deplored and swept under the rug.

I mean the fact that when the United States raised the white flag to the Taliban, it left behind an enormous amount of American-made military hardware.

Just a couple of weeks ago, all of that war-making matériel had been the property of two entities.

Some belonged to U.S. forces. A lot of it belonged to the U.S.-supplied Afghan military—the mighty 300,000-man-strong force that, on July 8, President Joe Biden said would prevail over the Taliban if push came to shove.

Push did come to shove, as we all know, and now those vast stores of military hardware are under the sole control of the Taliban.

There have been several differing inventories of those stockpiles. One just published in the London Times provides what’s perhaps the most authoritative accounting published to date.

Scattered in seven Afghan army garrisons across the country, from Kabul and Kandahar to Herāt, Mazār-i-Sharīf, and Kunduz, those arms depots include an impressive amount of U.S. military hardware: 22,174 armored Humvees, 42 pickup trucks and SUVS, 64,363 machine guns, 162,043 radios. 16,035 night-vision goggles, 358,530 assault rifles (the real ones, not the “assault rifles” that Joe Biden warns about in the United States), 126,295 pistols, and 176 artillery pieces.

And that’s just for starters. The United States also generously left behind more than 100 helicopters, including 33 Blackhawks, four C-130 transport planes, and about 60 other fixed-wing aircraft.

There was also plenty of ammunition to go along with all of that loot.

The question that hasn’t really been pressed about this rather awe-inspiring armory is, why?

Why did we leave it behind to be used by the Taliban?

I don’t believe that question has been addressed with anything resembling the determination that it deserves.

Some people have suggested that it was just a matter of simple incompetence on the part of the Biden administration, particularly the State Department, which is overseeing the evacuation, and the president himself, who apparently chose to ignore advice from some of his advisers about the time table for the evacuation.

But I suspect that there’s something more insidious at work than simple incompetence.

What we’re dealing with here is politicized and, therefore, malevolent incompetence.

This is beginning to be recognized in some surprising venues.

The New York Times just published an op-ed by Elliot Ackerman, a former Marine who’s part of a group of “veterans, journalists, and activists” who have been privately helping to organize evacuation efforts in Afghanistan for months.

“Never,” Ackerman wrote, “have I witnessed a greater, swifter collapse of competence than what I have seen with the U.S. evacuation of Afghanistan.”

Nor is he shy about identifying the source of the pandemonium: “Events at the airport—desperation, death—indicate the extreme chaos that ensues when the commander in chief doesn’t actually understand the value of service.”

Like many observers, Ackerman focuses mainly on the chaos in Kabul.

But I continue to wonder about all that firepower and supporting matériel that we left behind.

Why did we do so? Why didn’t we destroy it?

As far as I know, no one has answered those questions.

Of course, military hardware isn’t all that we left behind.

The evacuation “mission” is apparently also leaving behind hundreds of Americans.

“Biden is not letting U.S. citizens through the airport gates. It has been impossible to get anyone through for the last 24 hours,” according to Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), among others.

“This administration has been lying about their intent to save Americans. Unforgivable.”

Biden has been quick to try to shift the blame for this whole debacle onto Donald Trump. “He made a deal with the Taliban!” is his constant refrain.

But Biden neglects to point out that Trump had a plan to leave by the beginning of May, before the start of the “summer fighting season” and well before the Taliban had overrun the country.

Biden came up with his own timetable for the optics: He wanted to be able to claim the credit for ending “America’s longest war” and to do so in a way that would deny Trump any credit for it.

It has backfired spectacularly, and the blowback, I predict, is far from over.

For those who wonder about the kinder, gentler Taliban with which Biden is partnering, we’re already getting some vivid indications.

Sure, they post pictures of themselves eating ice cream to taunt Biden. I’ve even seen reports that they’ve bought or are planning to buy a painting by Hunter Biden to install in the presidential palace. Maybe that’s satire. Who knows?

The Biden administration and its media poodles keep suggesting that the Taliban may be turning over a new leaf. I think you would have to be mad to think so.

One representative incident: The London Times is reporting that “Taliban fighters have shot dead an Afghan folk singer after it outlawed music and women’s voices on television and radio in the bellwether province of Kandahar, laying the ground for a nationwide ban in an echo of the brutal Islamist regime of 20 years ago.”

Uh oh.

What have we left behind in Afghanistan?

The brilliant editorial cartoonist Michael P. Ramirez provided the crispest summary in his cartoon for today.

A big transport helicopter is flying over our (former) embassy in Kabul. One speech balloon asks, “What did we leave behind?”

The other answers, “Our credibility.”

Unless you're a Democrat! They NEVER had any!!!!

At this point the NRA should start running full ad campaign blitzes telling America that Joe Biden is giving away automatic rifles for FREE!!!
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Biden ripped for apparently glancing at watch during ceremony for fallen troops

President Biden has come under fire for apparently glancing at his watch during a solemn ceremony at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware for the 13 US troops killed in the terror attack near the Kabul airport.

Biden and first lady Jill Biden were at the airport for a “dignified transfer” ceremony, a somber military ritual of receiving the bodies of fallen service members who died in foreign combat.

During the event, he placed his right hand to his chest as the flag-draped coffins were carried off the Air Force C-17 Globemaster plane.

But at one point, the commander-in-chief appeared to cast a furtive glance at his watch before putting his arms behind his back, prompting criticisms from veterans, Republican politicians and conservative commentators.

“Looks like he was being inconvenienced by having to show some respect for these American Heros [sic],” Samuel Williams, a disabled US Army veteran, said on Twitter.

“It’s true. Joe Biden checked his watch during the dignified transfer of the servicemembers killing in Afghanistan at the airport,” columnist Nicholas Fondacaro wrote.

“You can see him jerk his left hand to pull the watch out from under his sleeve, then look down at it,” he added.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee wrote: “Many of us remember Pres Bush 41 checking his watch during a debate and how awful it looked (even though we all felt same way about that debate.) But this is shocking and will be remembered.”

Foreign policy analyst Nile Gardiner, director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at The Heritage Foundation, said that “there is nothing more important than paying your respects to America’s fallen war heroes, Mr. President.”

Former White House doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) said in a tweet:
“Apparently our Commander-in-Chief has better things to do than honor the 13 service members who died on his watch?

“I’m DISGUSTED! God bless these heroes and their loved ones. They deserved better,” he added.

The 13 troops who were killed in Kabul had been assisting with the evacuation of Americans and Afghans after the swift fall of the country’s government.

Among the casualties were 11 Marines, one Navy corpsman and one Army soldier.

The victims ranged in age from 20 to 31, including 23-year-old Marine Sgt. Nicole Gee, who was captured last week in a photo cooing over an Afghan infant.

To be fair to Joe, there was a Pre-K Ice Cream Social scheduled that night that kicks off the school year and he really really really didn't want to miss it.

Priorities. Like making every Gold Star parent have to hear about Joe and Beau's plight that Trump caused.
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Biden Defends Afghanistan Airlift As "Extraordinary Success", Commits To Helping Those Left Behind

Update (1540ET): Late into the speech, Biden addressed critics who ask why the US couldn't have started the evacuation sooner. Biden insisted, with no evidence to back it up, that no matter when the evacuation started, there still would have been a "rush to the airport."

And while Biden waxes poetic about the Bin Laden raid, it's important to remember that he was actually against the raid as Vice President.

A reminder: Biden was against the bin laden raid.
— Cincy Hustle (@cincyhustle513) August 31, 2021


And also served as vice president for 8 of those years, and served in some elected capacity for at least 16 of the 20 years.

While Joe Biden is dunking on ending a 20-year mistake of a war, remember he was the vice president for eight of those years.
— Annie Frey (@anniefreyshow) August 31, 2021

Biden was a U.S. senator, vice president, or president for 16 of the 20 years of the war in Afghanistan. He voted for it, funded it, re-authorized it, and prosecuted it for 16 years.

No politician on earth is more responsible for the failed mission in Afghanistan than Joe Biden.
— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) August 31, 2021

Bottom line: the Afghanistan pullout was a success, but any of the unsuccessful bits were President Trump's fault.

Biden’s message today (but much shoutier, as if his doctors haven’t quite figured out the right mixture of uppers to dope him with following his afternoon nap): Everything in Afghanistan was a success, except for all the bad stuff I did, which was obviously somebody else’s fault.
— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) August 31, 2021

And it doesn't matter anyway, because the important thing is that this horrible money-wasting war is over: "I refuse to send another generation to Afghanistan...300 million dollars a day for two decades...I refuse to continue a war no longer in the national interest of our country."

We are hardly surprised that Biden won't be taking questions tonight.

* * *

Update (1534ET): President Biden confirms that 200 Americans remain in Afghanistan, almost all of whom are dual citizens. "The bottom line: 90% of Americans in Afghanistan, who wanted to leave, we're able to leave," Biden says. For those Americans remaining in Afghanistan, "there is no deadline."

Some were incredulous that Biden, who shouted and slurred through most of the speech, would brag about this. And yet he declared that "no nation, no nation has ever done anything like it in all the history," he said.

I may have hallucinated something. Did Biden just brag that 90% of Americans get out (and thus only 10% were left behind)?
— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) August 31, 2021

Biden basically just admitted that he abandoned 10% of Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan.
— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) August 31, 2021

Others still can't get over Biden calling the airlift a "success" as Biden insisted the US will continue to help those who want to leave.

— The_Real_Fly (@The_Real_Fly) August 31, 2021

Biden hyping the fact that the State Department encouraged Americans in Afghanistan to leave months earlier totally ignores the fact that the Biden administration was simultaneously saying that the Taliban wouldn't seize power
— Peter J. Hasson (@peterjhasson) August 31, 2021

Biden also seemed incapable of modulating his tone, even when asking his audience to join him in prayer.

Biden can't moderate his tone. Even when asking for prayers, he sounds like he is yelling at us.
— Victoria mcd (@echo369ss) August 31, 2021

Several twitter users pointed out that Biden couldn't even lie coherently.

Didn't he just tell us how great the intel community did? He's not even trying to lie coherently.
— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) August 31, 2021

"In April, I made a decision to end this war." —Joe Biden, 18 months after President Trump signed a deal to end the Afghan War
— Michael Knowles (@michaeljknowles) August 31, 2021

This operation was a complete success. Also this was all my predecessor's fault.
— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) August 31, 2021

The Taliban have made "commitments" to provide everybody safe passage, even those who worked for the other side, and the US has "leverage" (ie money) to help hold the Taliban to their word.

But whatever happens, the bottom line is this:

The buck stops with Trump
— Joel Pollak (@joelpollak) August 31, 2021

* * *

Update (1528ET): Nearly 50 minutes late, President Biden finally took to the podium to read a prepared statement where he declared the withdrawal from Afghanistan an "extraordinary success."


Then explained why everything went so horribly wrong.

Biden calls evac "extraordinary success", and is now explaining why it wasn't
— zerohedge (@zerohedge) August 31, 2021

* * *

Update (1520ET): President Biden is once again running inexplicably late. There's still no hint at when he will start speaking.

President Biden's speech on Afghanistan was delayed from 1:30 to 2:45. It's 3 o'clock now, and no word on when it will start.
— Chris Megerian (@ChrisMegerian) August 31, 2021

* * *

Now that the last American soldier (though not the last American citizen) has left Kabul, President Biden has apparently gotten permission from his handlers to address the American people and remind us all that the disastrous final moments of the nearly 20-year-long war weren't his fault.

With 90 retired generals signing a letter calling on Biden's defense secretary and leader of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to quit and take responsibility for the disastrous pullout, the messiest pullout in US history, according to President Trump, it's hardly a surprise that President Biden feels another face-to-face with the American people is necessary.

He is slated to begin speaking at 1445 (though he has been notably late recently):

As we noted earlier, now that the Taliban have taken control over every province in Afghanistan except for 1 (the rebel bastion of Panjshir), it's up to them to govern effectively. To try and accomplish that, they're seeking help from one of the most unlikely places: the US (along with Russia and China).

There are still at least 100 to 200 American citizens trapped in Afghanistan after being unable to reach the airport. Right now, it's unclear when commercial flight will restart; Turkey has reportedly offered to assist the Taliban in getting the airport up and running against.

Ahead of Biden's speech, Republican lawmakers held a press conference criticizing Biden's "bungled" removal of troops from the country. Meanwhile, the MSM has taken every opportunity to point out that the timeline for the withdrawal was set by President Trump in negotiations with the Taliban.

But whatever happens next in Afghanistan - it's not America's problem. Or at least, not yet.

Just wait till China and Russia hold him and his clown car of advisors guilty as charged on the World forums!

Also, I wonder how many of those 90 retired generals were part of the effort to elect this POS?

Don't have food or drink in your mouth or throat when reading this next link.

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RayR wrote:
No, Tony is clearly progtard pissed that DMV keeps posting about what a bafoon Calamity Joe is, so he just keeps striking out foolishly.
It's understandable I guess, the shame has to be unbearable to see his Bidey destroying Amerika and the world.
This wasn't what Tony expected BUILD BACK BETTER to be like.

That's not true. Nobody gaf that dmv is cutting and pasting GB of data on cbid servers... except for maybe cbid.

You're just telling stories again.
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File this one under "No Goats Were Hurt During This Mission"

Here's One Guy No One Thought Joe Biden Would Leave Behind in Afghanistan

Who else has Joe Biden and his crack Secretary of State Antony Blinken left behind in Afghanistan?

Besides “hundreds” of “stranded” Americans, there’s news that the president left behind a guy who once helped saved his life in the most desperate of circumstances.

The Wall Street Journal reports that an Afghan interpreter who helped save then-Senator Biden’s life was left behind like so many others.

Thirteen years ago, Afghan interpreter Mohammed helped rescue then- Sen. Joe Biden and two other senators stranded in a remote Afghanistan valley after their helicopter was forced to land in a snowstorm. Now, Mohammed is asking President Biden to save him.

Biden was part of a team of senators in Afghanistan whose helicopter was forced down in a “blinding” snowstorm in the treacherous Afghan mountains.

The Journal reports that Biden used that incident to puff up his “bad ass” bona fides on the campaign trail.

“If you want to know where al Qaeda lives, you want to know where [Osama] bin Laden is, come back to Afghanistan with me,” he said on the campaign trail in October, just months after the February rescue. “Come back to the area where my helicopter was forced down…in the middle of those mountains. I can tell you where they are.”

Left unsaid was what it took to save him from the Taliban fighters bent on killing any foreigners . The day before the rescue, the 82nd Airborne killed two dozen Taliban soldiers nearby.

The Journal reports that the interpreter, identified only as Mohammed to protect his identity, spun up with members of the 82nd Airborne and Blackwater contractors. They jumped into Humvees and drove hours to save Biden and Senators Chuck Hagel and John Kerry.

As a private security team with the former firm Blackwater and U.S. Army soldiers monitored for any nearby Taliban fighters, the crew sent out an urgent call for help. At Bagram Air Field, Mohammed jumped in a Humvee with a Quick Reaction Force from the 82nd Airborne Division and drove hours into the nearby mountains to rescue them.

The team rescued the senators, who stayed warm in the helos and joked about tossing snowballs at the Taliban. Kerry later cracked, “We were going to send Biden out to fight the Taliban with snowballs, but we didn’t have to do it.”

Mohammed’s attempt to get into the U.S. has been held up for months by red tape. Veterans, who served with the interpreter on the more than “100 firefights,” made appeal after appeal to to get him out. He got to the Kabul airport, but when he was told his wife and children would not be able to come with him, he left and went into hiding.

Now Mohammed is begging Biden to get them all out: “Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family. Don’t forget me here.”

He says he can’t leave his house.

And now Joe’s gone.

Though many interpreters who helped American forces have been saved, Mohammed’s feeling the truth of Otter’s words to Flounder in Animal House: “you f**ked up, you trusted us.”

Joe got what he wanted out of the relationship: a campaign story.

Mohammed’s going to have to find another way out.

Joe’s done here.

Joe's been done for decades. It's the damage he imposes on the US and the rest of the world that should scare everyone.
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Who want's a Do-Over? You do! YOU want a Do-Over doncha?

Biden to Go Back on Vacation, as Even His Own People Are Horrified Americans Left Behind

It looks like Joe Biden will be off for vacation to Delaware once again this weekend.

Hey, guys, he’s had a hard week of surrendering and yelling at us! It’s been so hard on him that America doesn’t appreciate or understand the “extraordinary success” that he brought us in Afghanistan. He needs his nap time. and some ice cream to deal with our offensive ignorance. And whatever the heck they are doing to him in Delaware to keep him going, despite his incoherence and incompetence. Who is he seeing on these long weekends? One would think that’s a rather important question.

Biden has made at least 18 trips back to his home in Delaware since he took office. As we’ve previously reported, they don’t keep any visitor logs of the folks who are meeting or seeing him there.

You would think that having made such horrible decisions on Afghanistan, trying to rescue Americans might be uppermost in his mind. Apparently not so much, vacation is more important.

But even some of his own staffers were horrified that he blew off people and left Americans trapped in Afghanistan, according to Politico.

From Daily Mail:

‘I am absolutely appalled and literally horrified we left Americans there,’ one administration official told Politico on Tuesday. ‘It was a hostage rescue of thousands of Americans in the guise of a NEO, and we have failed that no-fail mission.’

An NEO is a noncombatant evacuation operation. Another White House official told Politico that the mission cannot be labeled as accomplished if Americans are left behind.

It’s hard to know exactly how many people have actually been left.

There were at least a couple of groups being tracked in the media.

There’s a group of children from California. The San Juan Unified School District said that obviously the number is fluctuating and that some students may be in transit but that 27 students were still trapped as of today in Afghanistan. The students come from 19 families and were in the country for personal reasons like visiting family members during the summer break.

Then there’s Sara who had repeatedly tried to get out. She was with 37 other Americans, as she told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

“I just found out that they left and I was just silent for a little while,” the woman, identified as Sara, who is an American and was an interpreter in the country for 14 years, told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday night. She’s staying in a house with about 37 other Americans who needed to get out. “It is heartbreaking. I just don’t even know what to say to you […] Even they did not tell me that it was the last flight so I had hope that we would leave,” Sara said of herself and others in her house, including a mother with disabled children. “I don’t know anymore, what to believe anymore. I don’t believe in anybody anymore because they’ve been fooling me for the past 10 days.” Surely doesn’t sound like she’s been contacted by the Biden bunch with a plan.

That’s just two groups, God knows how many other people there are. But Joe doesn’t seem to give a darn.

Creepy Joe can't even go on a vacation without screwing it up!
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I wonder if this is accurate? :-&

Will anyone on the Hill even ask for an investigation into this?Think


I bet it's true though...just based off of his past performances.
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Biden's 17 Greatest Achievements!
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US in talks with Taliban over additional Kabul evacuations

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Tuesday the United States is coordinating with the Taliban to secure additional charter flights from Kabul for people seeking to leave the country.

With the U.S. having concluded all military operations in the country following the Aug. 31 deadline for withdrawal, the State Department has been working closely with Taliban leaders to facilitate additional evacuations for an estimated 100 U.S. citizens who still want to exit Afghanistan.

Speaking during a joint news conference with Qatar 's top diplomats and defense officials, Blinken said people with eligible travel documents will be given safe passage for departure by the militant Taliban government, asserting that the U.S. will hold the terrorist group to that promise.

Blinken also said the U.S. is "not aware" of a "hostage-like situation" at Mazari-i-Sharif in Afghanistan after reports that the Taliban were not allowing Americans to leave.

“We are not aware of anyone being held on an aircraft or any hostage-like situation in Mazar-i-Sharif,” Blinken said during a news conference in Doha Tuesday. Blinken did concede the U.S. was aware of a "relatively" small number of Americans seeking to depart Mazar-i-Sharif.

On Monday, the U.S. evacuated four American citizens from Afghanistan, marking the first U.S.-facilitated overland evacuation since the end of August.

Blinken left the U.S. on Sunday for a trip to the Persian Gulf as President Joe Biden 's administration aims to work on diplomatic approaches to security threats in the region, according to U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin .

Austin and Blinken were in Qatar to thank the Gulf Arab state for its assistance with the transit of thousands of evacuees from Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of Kabul on Aug. 15. With the trips, Blinken and Austin aim to reassure allies in the Gulf and Europe that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan does not mean an abandonment of working with partners to combat extremist threats in the region.

“Operation ALLIED REFUGE would not have been possible with our friends in the Gulf. Their support saved lives,” Austin said in a tweet on Sunday.

Blinken is slated to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee later this month to testify about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, which will be the first scheduled public hearing with administration officials since late August.

We know Blinken is a liar. His IQ is far lower than the need of the job he's doing. It's like if you really really really wanted to f'd let this schmuck do it and tip him.

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Joe Biden: Out-Of-Touch Carnival Barker

Joe Biden is an angry old man.

He addressed the nation yesterday afternoon by shouting at us about what an “extraordinary success” his retreat from Afghanistan had been.

None but the most loyal Biden poodles were fooled.

The president is so far gone that he seems unaware we watched his botched surrender to the Taliban in real time. We saw a reckless mission that left both Americans and Afghans stranded and desperate to get to an airport that was being guarded by a band of erratic, medieval terrorists. We saw our military blown to bits by suicide bombers. We saw a president checking his watch during what is usually referred to as a “dignified” transfer of the remains of slain American warriors.

The Washington Post, which helped elect this fool, was unable this week to find a Gold Star family that felt the president treated them with dignity and compassion in Dover.

They said Biden was shallow, distracted and that he blabbed endlessly about Beau Biden and his own personal grief.

They know - and so do we - that Biden is nothing more than an unctuous huckster who’s unable to read a room.

The president refuses to take responsibility for this unprecedented disaster. He blamed his predecessor for the failure. He blamed Afghan security forces. Ever defiant, he even blamed the people trapped in Afghanistan for not getting out sooner.


Yes, this was such a successful “withdrawal” that special operators and veterans are risking their lives and spending their own money to extract the Americans and Afghans that Biden left behind.

If there was any doubt before yesterday, there is none now: Biden is a bitter, disrespectful and unintelligent politician.

Worst of all, he is willing to pimp out his own dead son in relentless attempts to gin up sympathy.

In doing so, Biden cheapens the memory of the only good son he managed to produce and turns Beau into a national punchline.

Who uses a dead son like this?

I’ll answer that: A crass, unprincipled politician who will read whatever his handlers or his ambitious wife slap on the teleprompter.

Biden insisted yesterday that we should be celebrating the end of a war.

Someone tell this carnival barker that as a nation we’re not celebrating.

We’re sick knowing that we left Americans behind in Afghanistan in a lawless nation governed by bloodthirsty cavemen who see women as chattel, Christians as infidels, and friends of our country as traitors deserving of public executions.

but how the shine comes right off without even bumping into it! Frying pan Frying pan Frying pan
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Vote for a clown, ya gotta expect a circus!

Without further adieu...ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, he/shes and even theys...The Leader of the Free World.

God help us all.

Unless you voted for this crap.
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Medical Experimentation and Collective Punishment Are War Crimes

Fake President but Real Dictator Joe Biden: "We are going to protect the vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers." Ah, if only the "vaccinated" workers had as healthy immune systems as their unvaccinated colleagues. Whatever the friendly U.S. government is injecting into people, it's certainly not inoculating against or inhibiting transmission of the Fauci Virus if the "vaccinated" must walk around in bubble-boy suits for the rest of their lives. The "vaccine" that works so nice you have to take it,, we'll let you know when you've had enough, prole!

Before "hope and change" replaced the Scientific Method, not only did the medical community know the difference between males and females, but also vaccinations actually conferred immunity. Is there some unwritten rule that we must endure fake vaccinations during fake presidencies? I know we live in a time when the political left redefines words daily to fit its desired propaganda objectives, but if "vaccine" now means nothing more than "an injection that may or may not prevent illness so long as the subject remains in sterilized environments and wrapped in protective headwear," then that's hardly different from defining "bulletproof vest" as "a garment that may or may not prevent bodily harm, so long as the wearer curls up in the fetal position and hides from danger." Now that Americans are being threatened with economic destruction unless they let Uncle Sam slap on some rubber gloves and play doctor, I think we know where this bowdlerization of medical terminology is naturally heading: "Vaccination, noun: The choice between letting the lying liars who run the U.S. government pump your an experimental serum into your veins or being forced into unemployment, homelessness, and starvation; also, Vaccinate, verb, a profane expletive for fornication, as in, 'The pudding-brained Pretender-in-Chief sure vaccinated me this time!'"

As long as we're considering technical definitions, maybe it's time to consult long-standing international agreements on the protection of human rights and the prosecution of war crimes. As its first stated principle outlining the bare minimum required of medical professionals "to satisfy moral, ethical, and legal" duties, the 1947 Nuremberg Code states clearly:

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

Let's put aside whether, in their rush to "vaccinate" the world, medical bureaucrats have sufficiently "enlightened" patients as to all the health hazards that might be reasonably expected to come from an experimental treatment because the usual long-term studies that track potentially harmful side-effects of new treatments over the course of ten or more years were thrown out the window so governments could quickly jab their citizens without much scrutiny. Long-term harm? Only the future will tell.

Rather, let's highlight what the Nuremberg Code says about consent: it must be free from "force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion." Does this set off any alarm bells for ethicists concerned about not following in the footsteps of Nazi medical science or treating civilians as guinea pigs for experimental research? Is it possible that Herr Biden's angry threats against healthy citizens for not partaking in his medical research might amount to "duress" or "coercion"? Let's see — jab this in your arm, or we will fire you, render you unemployable, threaten the financial survival of you and your family, and maybe leave you destitute and homeless. Ding, ding, ding! Talk about "overreach"! Surely, threatening people with economic destruction if they won't submit to medical experimentation is the exact kind of government "force" (or mandate) the war crimes tribunal at Nuremberg was trying to prevent in the future. Surely, "vaccine" mandates explicitly designed to outlaw "freedom or personal choice" should be scrutinized with an eye open to the human atrocities of the past. Yet here we are, seventy-five years later, and medical experimentation is back in style. Maybe the New World Order the globalists keep forcing down our throats is once again written in German, even if "President" Dummkopf speaks only gibberish.

Not only is the right to avoid the imposition of human experimentation protected by the Nuremberg Code (principles adopted by the Food and Drug Administration in its own agency regulations), but also "collective punishment" more generally is still a war crime under the Geneva Conventions! The Fourth Geneva Convention explicitly states, "Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited." The 1977 Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions ensure that real or threatened collective punishments are crimes against humanity "at any time and in any place whatsoever." But what do we have coming out of the White House today? Out of anger and malice, the Delaware Führer has targeted unvaccinated citizens without any regard as to whether they might individually have natural immunity or have gained immunity from having already been infected with the Fauci Virus. Instead, D.F.'s vaccine mandates are structured to punish an entire class of Americans who have the temerity to believe that adults should be able to make personal decisions about their own health. Because racial minorities make up a larger share of this unvaccinated class, collectively punishing the unvaccinated has the obvious effect of disparately punishing non-white Americans for the "crime" of deciding for themselves what should be injected into their bodies. If we still had a working Constitution, some might call that an obvious denial of equal protection under the law. Regardless, if threatening the livelihoods of a group of people for refusing to submit to forced government injections of an experimental treatment doesn't constitute "collective punishment" and a crime against humanity, then the door to future war crimes is wide open.

Maybe one day when all the woke fascism around us is finally repudiated, we can convene a special tribunal to sort through this whole mess, provide due process to all the accused, and then vaccinate the lot of them.

Remember when they called Trump a dictator?
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I think that article is going to butthurt some people.

This must have been like when Dummkopfs did stuff to some people without their consent. Frying pan .
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^I brought up that code a while back.

When does it stop? Why do you think they keep trying so hard at "gun-control"?

We've jumped the shark as a country. Unless people pull their heads out of their asses, we're f---ed... and not in the good way.
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Biden’s Blunder Could Lead to Israel’s 9/11

The United States gross incompetence in Afghanistan gifted the Taliban a military airport the size of a large town containing $83 billion of the finest military equipment that included hundreds of aircraft.

We have already seen the Taliban gruesomely using Black Hawk helicopters to dangle hanging men as they flew over Afghan towns as a warning to the citizens below.

So for what other evil purpose can they devise for the use of this American treasure trove?

A C130 US military transport plane packed with explosives crashing into a tightly populated urban city would have the same devastating effect as a nuclear explosion. It would be a world shattering statement by a messianic terror organization akin to 9/11 that they enabled Al-Qaeda to execute twenty years ago.

It would have to be a crazy terrorist organization on a martyrdom mission. The Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS are all messianic jihadists with a deadly hatred of the West, and Israel.

The Taliban now possess four giant American C130 military transport planes.

Just pack a monster-size aircraft full of explosive material and fly it to its target, or targets.

No need for a fuel supply for the return flight. This would be a one-way mission.

But would a jihadi martyrdom group try to crash an explosive-packed transport plane into an American city?

It would certainly be a tempting target. Sweeping in over the Atlantic to hit New York in another 9/11 style attack must be tempting. They won’t have to hijack a commercial plane. They have their own, thanks to Biden and his military generals.

There is only one problem. The C130 can fly to America from Bagram without refueling but not with a packed payload of explosive material, and there are not many options for the Taliban for refueling. Apart from Iran, no other country would give them landing rights, and the element of surpise could be lost on the long distant leg over the Atlantic.

So what other country would present a huge and attractive target for the Taliban, or one of its Afghan-based jihadi allies, to attack?

Israel, the one country in the world the Taliban doesn’t recognize. What better Islamic message would it send if it, and not Iran, obliterated the Jewish State.

Coming in undetected and crashing into Tel Aviv with a population of over four million would make 9/11 look like child’s play.

With three planes they succeeded in killing 3,000 Americans. With one or two planes they could kill millions of Jews.

Apart from mass deaths and casualties, an attack on Tel Aviv would knock out sensitive infrastructure including power grids, communication and transport systems. It would destroy Israel’s central military command and control center and vital military defense facilities. Depending on its impact location, it could destroy Israel’s major Ben Gurion Airport.

Such a 9/11 style attack, setting out from Bagram airfield and coordinated with Iran, could be an Israel Doomsday scenario particularly if two planes were employed in the deadly mission.

A second plane targeting Haifa would have a devastating effect. Although the population of Haifa is far fewer than Tel Aviv, just over a million people, it also houses chemical storage facilities that, for years should have been removed to safer locations. A packed plane exploding a large chemical storage plant would indeed produce a mushroom cloud akin to a nuclear blast making the Beirut port blast looks miniscule in proportion.

Whatever remains of Israel would be dangerously exposed to any enemy wanting to move in for the final kill, and we have them in large numbers on our northern, southern and eastern borders.

Is such a nightmare scenario possible?

If the planes were to fly unrefueled from Kabul to Israel with a maximum payload of 44,000 pounds the distance is within reach.

The distance from Afghanistan to NYC is double.

Flying time is just beyond four hours. Taking the land route over compliant countries such as Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, the lement of surprise is entirely feasible.

The target has to be Israel.

Unless Israel was alerted for such an attack, in advance or on route, it wouldn’t know what was about to hit it until the final seconds.

If Israeli intelligence did not pick up clues that such a mission was in the planning, would its air traffic control be aware of large planes on route to their target flying over countries with which Israel has no cooperation or open communication? Probably not, until they appeared out of Lebanese air space and into Israel.

And that would be too late to intercept huge flying bombs heading to Tel Aviv and Haifa.

The distance from the Lebanon border to the Haifa port is just 45 miles. The C130 has a cruising speed of 335 miles per hour. That is less than six minutes flying time to Haifa.

Would there be time for Israeli air traffic control and the Israeli Command and Control Center to identify these mystery aircraft or scramble a jet especially if the planes had external US Military markings but did not response to radio communication?

Surely precious time would be lost as Israel went in search of verification from the United States? By the time Israel had made contact with the Pentagon, the explosions would confirm that the unidentified planes were our version of 9/11.

A far worse version of 9/11.

Such hesitancy would be understandable, but it would result in the death of a million Israelis or more and the destruction of Haifa and Tel Aviv on a scale unknown since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Such a nightmare scenario is too dreadful to consider, but contemplate it we must, because the malevolent actors involved in such a mission have the same dedicated goal of all our enemies in the region. To destroy the Jewish State and everyone in it.

Why should Iran continue arduously spinning underground centrifuges to produce the material for a nuclear bomb, then have to fit the bomb onto an aircraft when they can more easily assist a neighboring Islamic terror regime do the job for them, albeit in a simpler, more straightforward, form? Don’t they always prefer to use proxies to die doing their dirty work?

All they have to do is to train the pilots to fly the planes, pack them with explosives and send them on their suicide mission.

With Haifa and Tel Aviv gone, Jerusalem and the rest of Israel would be in chaos, exposed to the whims of the combined enemies of Israel, those who have sworn to destroy the Jewish entity and establish a Palestine from the river to the sea. Hamas from the south, Hezbollah from the north and east. Who would come to the rescue of the survivors? Nobody.

Our enemies would not shed a tear if the land was burnt to a cinder and the dead included Christians, Druze, and yes, Muslims They would celebrate the slaughter prophesized by the Prophet. Peace be upon him. They would have achieved the holy mission of Israel’s annihilation.

Does anyone think that Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, even the fanatics of the PLO and PFLP would hesitate before descending on defenseless Jews, to kill them and take their property? Haven’t they done this in the past? Isn’t this what they have been indoctrinated to do by their leaders in Ramallah, Gaza, and Beirut?

If you think this is an unbelievable nightmare scenario, think again and plan for such an Armageddon. That is the only way to prevent such an outcome in which the mechanics and the intention are there for all to see.

What to do? The answer is both simple and complicated. Pinpoint the exact location of the planes. The complicated part is the plan and the execution of the mission to destroy them before these vehicles of death destroy us.

The weak United States was not prepared to attack Bagram to destroy billions of dollars of their equipment. They cannot be relied on to carry out such a msision. Can Israel do the job? Afghanistan is further than Iran. I am confident in the ability of Israel’s military intelligence, our Mossad, and our air force to do the job.

This is an existential threat that Israel must solve, and quickly. Before 9/11 comes to Israel.

Thanks to Biden it's the Taliban that's BUILDING BACK BETTER!

The DNC really is a terrorist organization.
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Well, she sure as hell ain't Black!

But she's awake! Not woke.
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LMAO……weekend at Bernies
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A President with NOTHING to say because NOBODY believes him anyways!
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Watch: Senator Demands To Know "Who Cuts Off Biden's Mic? ...We Need To Know Who's In Charge"

Republican Senator James Risch demanded Tuesday to know who is in charge of cutting off Joe Biden’s microphone when he goes off script, as has been witnessed several times over the past few months.

During a hearing before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Risch asked Secretary of State Anthony Blinken who is “calling the shots?”

“One of the things we need to get to the bottom to is who is responsible for this? Who made the decisions?” Risch said, referring to Biden’s Afghanistan debacle.

The Senator then added that Biden “can’t even speak without someone in the White House censoring it or signing off on it.”

Risch further urged “This is a puppeteer act, if you would, and we need to know who’s in charge and who is making the decisions.”

“There is not enough lipstick in the world to put on this pig to make it look any differently than what it actually is,” Risch added regarding the Afghanistan mess, adding “The American people want to know who is responsible for this?”

“Somebody in the White House has authority to press the button and stop the president, cut off the president’s speaking ability and sound. Who is that person?” Risch then directly asked Blinken, who denied that this had ever happened or that there was any such person.

Tweeting out the video, leftists insisted the claims were ‘bizarre,’ ‘ridiculous’ and ‘absurd’:

The incident Risch was specifically referring to happened a few days ago:

Yet, this isn’t the first time the White House has cut Biden’s feed. Biden’s audio feed was cut last month as he was about to respond to a reporter’s question on his administration’s military withdrawal deadline from Afghanistan.

As we reported at the time, the feed was muted (it’s on a delay) because Biden made a sardonic comment.

The White House also cut the feed during a live streamed event in March after Biden said, “I’m happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do …”

Also, according to Politico, Biden’s staffers have admitted to cutting him off to avoid gaffes.

And as we have seen, it isn’t far fetched to suggest Biden is micromanaged:


Remember those pressers the former President would hold? Where he would answer all of those questions off the top of his head without notes? Without any prescreening? THOSE WERE AWESOME! You know what made it better? They were trying to catch him in some "gotcha" moment and the script was always flipped back on them!!! When he would blurt out "Fake News" and the presstitutes would act like a puppy that just pee'd on the rug and got smacked with a paper...I would just laugh and laugh! God, I miss those. A man that could think and talk off the cuff not this stuttering, dithering, fumbling, mumbling idiot of a goon we have in office now. My, how this nation has slid down Mt. Idontgiveafuck. We need to get our hands on all transcripts this buffoon has to see the damage or side deals he's cooked up.
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US Coast Guard spots Chinese warships off Alaska

US Coast Guard says a group of Chinese warships, including its most advanced Type 055 destroyer, were spotted sailing in the waters off Alaska late last month.

Four Chinese warships, including one of its most advanced destroyers, were spotted sailing in the waters off Alaska late last month as the Chinese navy steadily expands its range, according to photos posted on a Pentagon information service.

The photos taken by the US Coast Guard showed the four Chinese naval vessels shadowed by two US Coast Guard cutters in international waters within the US’ exclusive economic zone in the Aleutian Islands on August 29 and August 30, according to the Defence Visual Information Distribution Service.

According to the photo captions, the US and Chinese vessels had “safe and professional” interactions and their verbal communications were in accordance with international standards, including the Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea, a non-legally binding agreement to prevent clashes at sea.

This is not the first time Chinese naval vessels have been seen in the waters off Alaska – in 2015, five PLA Navy ships were spotted in the Bering Sea off Alaska, in what the Pentagon said at that time was the first such operation to the region by the People’s Liberation Army.

Under President Xi Jinping, Beijing is expanding its warship fleet as part of a military modernisation drive

In 2019 alone, it launched two dozen large warships, from destroyers to huge amphibious landing docks and corvettes, and last year three Type 055 stealth destroyers – the world’s second-most powerful warship – entered service.

Yue Gang, a retired PLA colonel and a military commentator based in Beijing, said the August foray led by its most advanced destroyer close to US shores could be meant to show China’s rapidly expanding reach.

“It’s been six years since [the Chinese warships] last sailed to waters off Alaska, which could be a display of the new force of the Chinese navy,” Yue said.

“Big warships need to test their abilities to maintain combat readiness during ocean missions.”

A powerful navy with more advanced warships was also necessary to support China’s increasing economic presence around the world, he said.

Former PLA instructor Song Zhongping said the latest mission to the waters off Alaska was part of the PLA’s ambitions to build a blue-water navy.

Song said the Type 055 could conduct missions in far seas and could not be limited to neighbouring waters.

“China is now capable of far-sea operations on a regular basis,” he said. “The navy also needs to travel farther afield especially when China is building a strategic navy to carry out blue-water operations.”

Song said the Chinese mission was not necessarily directed at the United States.

But Yue said the presence of Chinese naval ships close to the US shore could be part of Beijing’s response to Washington’s increasing activities near Chinese waters, particularly in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait.

Split between US and Russian control, the Aleutian Islands is a chain of large volcanic islands and smaller islands and hosts America’s air and naval bases.

It is also part of the strategically important “first island chain”, from Russia’s Kurils to the South China Sea.

Earlier, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force confirmed that four PLA warships crossed the Soya Strait on August 24.

As part of their bitter geopolitical rivalry, China and the US have stepped up military activities in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, with both areas becoming potential military flashpoints.

Last Tuesday, the US Pacific Fleet confirmed that the Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group carrying F-35 stealth fighters, was in the South China Sea to conduct maritime security operations as part of the US’ commitment to uphold a rules-based international order with regional allies and partners.

It was the first time the stealth fighters had been sent on such a mission and the exercise was to show the ability of the US’ forward-deployed naval forces to respond quickly across the region, the fleet said.

The US destroyer USS Benfold also sailed near Mischief Reef last week, a move Chinese defence ministry spokesman Wu Qian said was “further ironclad evidence of US hegemony over navigation and militarisation of the South China Sea”.

China no longer fears the US, it's leadership nor it's military. It's "Game On" and we have Sleepy Joe wanting ice cream!

BUILDING BACK BETTER...sounds like that's for the Taliban and China!
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I wonder how this thread hasn't got a dmc takedown notice yet...

Oh yeah, only credible sources actually care about their content rights.
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Spanking When the presstitutes squirm and finally realize that they were in on the con job, look for them to be more vocal to save their own face and their "House". The Free Press MUST survive after all!

Biden facing ‘pretty big credibility crisis’ according to NBC’s Chuck Todd

President Biden is facing an almost insurmountable “credibility crisis” after only nine months in office, according to NBC’s Meet the Press host, Chuck Todd.

“I think he’s got a pretty big credibility crisis on his hands because all of these problems in some ways showed up after he said something basically the exact opposite,” Todd said Sunday.

Todd was asked by his colleague what the Biden administration’s response was to the various crises they are facing.

“We can talk about the border crisis… We learned that the drone strike that had been touted as an attack and a victory over ISIS actually killed a group of civilians, including seven children. France recalling its ambassadors from Washington because of that nuclear deal they were cut out of between the United States, the U.K., and Australia, and also the COVID booster news…” Sunday Today host, Willie Geist, said regarding some of the issues President Biden is dealing with.

Todd explained Biden’s credibility crisis, highlighting the White House’s mixed messaging on specific issues.

Afghanistan withdrawal: wasn’t going to be messy, wasn’t going to look like Saigon,” Todd said, regarding the comparisons that many drew of Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan to the U.S. withdrawal from Saigon, Vietnam in 1979, something Biden himself said explicitly wouldn’t happen.

RELATED: Biden’s false predictions for Afghanistan come back to haunt him: ‘talk about clueless’

“The booster shots: he came out, and he essentially said that eight months and even indicated maybe we should start as soon as five months, now we’re not sure if anybody under 65 is gonna get a booster shot,” Todd continued.

“Of course, the border…It’s pretty clear we have a bigger problem now than we’ve had in years…And these policies have turned into becoming a magnet,” Todd added.

Biden is set to speak at the United Nations Tuesday, and Todd says Biden will have to handle credibility issues on the world stage.

“To make sure that people still view America as a, not just a stable democracy, but a competent leader of the free world right now,” Todd said. “He’s got a lot of work to do… He’s got a lot on the line here this month, that’s for sure.”

With stalwart Chuck Todd at his back Biden will have at best a limp-wristed defense mouthpiece. Go get 'em Chuck...try to get those ratings have a better chance of reporting actual Truth than that but I digress...
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Damn... the wheel on my mouse got a workout just to see this thread has no value.
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"Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to...."

'10 For The Big Guy': Politico Confirms Hunter Biden's China, Ukraine Emails Are Legit

Several emails from Hunter Biden's laptop have been confirmed as legitimate, according to Politico, citing claims in a new book, along with emails released by a Swedish government agency.

Ben Schreckinger’s “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power,” out today, finds evidence that some of the purported HUNTER BIDEN laptop material is genuine, including two emails at the center of last October’s controversy.

A person who had independent access to Hunter Biden’s emails confirmed he did receive a 2015 email from a Ukrainian businessman thanking him for the chance to meet Joe Biden. The same goes for a 2017 email in which a proposed equity breakdown of a venture with Chinese energy executives includes the line, “10 held by H for the big guy?” (This person recalled seeing both emails, but was not in a position to compare the leaked emails word-for-word to the originals.)

MORE: Emails released by a Swedish government agency also match emails in the leaked cache, and two people who corresponded with Hunter Biden confirmed emails from the cache were genuine. -Politico

Recall that news of Hunter Biden's laptop was broken by the New York Post shortly before the 2020 election - resulting in a multi-week Twitter ban on the outlet, and a baseless claim spread throughout the MSM and by notable Democrats including Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) that it was Russian disinformation.

Murphy notably received nearly 70,000 'likes' for his tweet calling it "likely Russian propaganda" - claiming he'd "seen the intel."


Taxpayer-funded NPR refused to even cover the story.

This story is very simple – Hunter Biden dropped off three computers with liquid damage at a repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware on April 12, 2019. The owner, John Mac Issac, examined the three and determined that one was beyond recovery, one was okay and the data on the harddrive of the third could be recovered. Hunter signed the service ticket and John Paul Mac Issac repaired the hard drive and down loaded the data. During this process he saw some disturbing images and a number of emails that concerned Ukraine, Burisma, China and other issues. With the work completed, Mr. Mac Issac prepared an invoice, sent it to Hunter Biden and notified him that the computer was ready to be retrieved. Hunter did not respond. In the ensuing four months (May, June, July and August), Mr. Mac Issac made repeated efforts to contact Hunter Biden. Biden never answered and never responded. More importantly, Biden stiffed John Paul Mac Issac–i.e., he did not pay the bill.

When the manufactured Ukraine crisis surfaced in August 2019, John Paul realized he was sitting on radioactive material that might be relevant to the investigation. After conferring with his father, Mac and John Paul decided that Mac would take the information to the FBI office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mac walked into the Albuquerque FBI office and spoke with an agent who refused to give his name. Mac explained the material he had, but was rebuffed by the FBI. He was told basically, get lost. This was mid-September 2019.

Two months passed and then, out of the blue, the FBI contacted John Paul Mac Issac. Two FBI agents from the Wilmington FBI office–Joshua Williams and Mike Dzielak–came to John Paul’s business. He offered immediately to give them the hard drive, no strings attached. Agents Williams and Dzielak declined to take the device.

The laptop - while allegedly containing inappropriate photographs of underage girls - revealed that President Biden lied when he said that he had no knowledge of Hunter's business dealings - and was in fact involved with them.

In the final months of the heated 2020 presidential race, The Post revealed a trove of emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop that raised questions about his then-candidate father’s ties to his son’s foreign business ventures, including Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company linked to corruption.

The emails revealed that the younger Biden introduced a top Burisma executive to his father, then vice president, less than a year before the elder Biden admittedly pressured Ukrainian officials into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company.

The never-before-revealed meeting is mentioned in a message of appreciation that Vadym Pozharskyi, a Burisma board adviser, sent Hunter on April 17, 2015. -New York Post

The laptop, which was protected by the password "Hunter02" according to the Daily Mail, was considered a national security nightmare.

And according to Rudy Giuliani, there were disturbing, underage photographs of young girls found on Hunter's laptop which were turned over to police in New Castle County, Delaware. The laptop also contained videos of Hunter smoking crack and engaging in sex acts with an unidentified woman.

Unpacking this monumental election meddling is journalist Glenn Greenwald:

Amazingly, Facebook and @andymstone -- having interfered in our elections by suppressing a story that the CIA, the Intercept and other media outlets lied about by claiming it was Russia disinformation -- now refuses to answer questions about the outcome of that "fact-check." 👇
— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) September 21, 2021

Imagine for a brief minute if the Free Press had vetted this incident with the veracity it deserves. Can't deny if the shoe were on the other foot how they would've reacted. You'd think carrying the water for the DNC would be tiring. The payoffs slim. They can't all be Bob Woodward ya know.

When the contents of this and the other laptops are'll just be more egg on the faces of some organizations that...well, their arms are gonna be sore.
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Well that didn't take long!!!

Now They're Mad: White House Reporters File Formal Complaint Against Biden

We reported last night on the bedlam that erupted while Joe Biden was meeting with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Johnson took three questions from the press. As Johnson was finishing his remarks, the Biden staff literally cut him off mid-sentence as they began shouting at the press to get out of the room in an amazing display.

Now, it could have been because Joe looked like he was about to nod off. But they’ve also just been cutting off the press and rushing them out of the room so he can’t answer any questions as a regular thing to protect him from gaffing. Amazingly, CBS’s Ed O’Keefe did get in a question about the border and because of the shouting, he couldn’t hear what was said. But he said he listened to it later. He claimed Biden said, “Violence is not justified.”

Now comes the word that the White House press pool was furious with how they were treated and immediately marched into White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s office and lodged a formal complaint, according to White House Correspondents’ Association President Steven Portnoy.

From Daily Wire:

“The entire editorial component of the U.S. pool went immediately into Jen Psaki’s office to register a formal complaint that no American reporters were recognized for questions in the president’s Oval Office, and that wranglers loudly shouted over the president as he seemed to give an answer to Ed O’Keefe’s question about the situation at the Southern Border,” the statement said. “Biden’s answer could not be heard over the shouting.”

“Psaki was unaware that the incident had occurred, and suggested that she was not in a position to offer an immediate solution,” the statement continued.

Portnoy requested that Biden hold a formal press conference as a makeup for continuing to ignore reporters’ questions, which is a common occurrence from Biden, and Psaki responded by claiming that Biden “takes questions several times a week.”

What did they expect was going to happen? This was the same guy who blew them off completely during the campaign and hid in his basement. Biden has blown them off for days, since last week without answering any real question.

The reporters never really appreciated how good they had it with President Donald Trump who was always answering their questions. This guy hasn’t answered questions in days, even hiding out at the beach, while there are major disasters and scandals blowing up all around him.

Psaki’s response is indicative of the disdain the Biden people feel for the reporters — basically, a “We can treat them like dirt and they will take it, coming back for more” attitude. They know the reporters basically politically support them, so they don’t fear any repercussions about their actions.

What a thought. Maybe actually do your job and hold Biden to account. Report on the constant gaffes, incoherence, and incompetence. Don’t be treated like dirt and stand for it. Ask why the Biden folks are doing this and what they don’t want you to see.
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What Frankin strange world to you live in ? Do you really thing trump was cordial to the press ? Were you convinced by his calling them the enemy of the people or his nasty responses when he didn't like the questions they asked ?
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tonygraz wrote:
What Frankin strange world to you live in ? Do you really thing trump was cordial to the press ? Were you convinced by his calling them the enemy of the people or his nasty responses when he didn't like the questions they asked ?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA, FFS Tony... Get over the mean tweets already. At least Trump answered questions!

Let's not forget that this was the media who did exactly ZERO fact checking of the years long ENTIRELY fake Russian collusion story...

You may not have liked DJT's answers, but there were answers.
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Promise our largest global adversary that you’ll break the chain of command and put our soldiers life at higher risk to let them know we’re going to attack because you no likey likey the POTUS?


Leak a disastrous mistake:

If you don’t see what’s wrong here you should probably go eat more tide pods.
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Stogie1020 wrote:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA, FFS Tony... Get over the mean tweets already. At least Trump answered questions!

Let's not forget that this was the media who did exactly ZERO fact checking of the years long ENTIRELY fake Russian collusion story...

You may not have liked DJT's answers, but there were answers.

I think you watched too much faux news.
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Look for more "journalists" to start turning against the alphabet state.
or I will even lose more faith in humanity.

The fruit is just hanging to low.

In fact the truth is laying in the street purifying & the msm not only doesn't report it they bury it
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Meh... the world is more entertaining if we're moving towards the apocalypse.

False prophets coming in droves... letting you know of his good name... All the while trying to grab that loot!

Time to get that mark boys... time to get that number... you want to eat... you're going to get that sh*t. You don't want one? No worries, we'll just hand you one at birth.

End of days... seven headed... 8 d*cked, 2 balled dragon comin.

Blood moon comin, fish gonna be dyin, water levels rising!

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Dg west deptford wrote:
Look for more "journalists" to start turning against the alphabet state.
or I will even lose more faith in humanity.

The fruit is just hanging to low.

In fact the truth is laying in the street purifying & the msm not only doesn't report it they bury it

I think you need to put a line between journalists and conspiracy liars.
Low hanging fruit - get to a urologist before you start tripping yourself.
You have faith in humanity (Tony walks away laughing at you again).
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We all laugh when you leave….we also laugh when you don’t.

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No evidence. This is what real crime looks like, public servants who don’t uphold but BREAK their oaths should be hung.
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The money not right yet.

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Biden team ripped as 'economically illiterate' for claim Build Back Better 'costs zero dollars'

The Build Back Better agenda is projected to cost $3.5 trillion

Analysts and lawmakers called President Biden out for tweeting that his Build Back Better plan "costs zero dollars," with even one supporter calling the claim false.

Republicans have ripped Build Back Better, a $3.5 trillion reconciliation package, as a massive bill that "ultimately provides benefits to wealthy liberal elites at the expense of working-class families." Moderate Democrats, like Sens. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., and Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., have also raised concerns about the reconciliation package, the latter noting the bill lacks cost analysis by the Congressional Budget Office.

"I don’t think we can afford everything," Murphy said. "Unless something changes, I have no choice but to vote no on every subtitle (in the bill) and on final passage."

In the midst of the Democrats' infighting, Biden argued his social spending bill is an "investment in working America" and will cost nothing.

"My Build Back Better Agenda costs zero dollars," Biden's account tweeted Saturday. "Instead of wasting money on tax breaks, loopholes, and tax evasion for big corporations and the wealthy, we can make a once-in-a-generation investment in working America. And it adds zero dollars to the national debt."

Even some who support Biden's agenda questioned his recent message.

Biden and his communications office were called liars, arguing that despite his pledge, the president's agenda will be costly and a burden on the middle class.

"I have to admit, I thought this was from a parody account when I first read it," Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., added in a follow-up tweet. "It was disturbing to see it was actually from our President. He thinks he can spend an unprecedented $3.5 trillion and not add a penny to the debt? This is who is in charge? Scary."

"Your comms person is ‘economically illiterate,’" Erielle Davidson, senior policy analyst at The Jewish Institute for National Security of America, said.

Others added Biden's tweet to the growing list of misleading narratives pushed by the administration.

Some urged the fact checkers to get to work, but didn't hold their breath.

Moderate Democrats are pushing for a smaller bill around $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has not shut down those attempts, but wondered where they would make cuts.

"Where would you cut?" she asked. "Child care? Family medical leave pay-fors? Universal pre-K? Home health care?"

Just economically illiterate? Frying pan Frying pan Frying pan

Did Hunter Biden have access to the Big Man's twatter while he was smoking crack?
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Glad you posted this DMV, I heard the shameless and desperate head moron known as POTUS say "My Build Back Better Agenda costs zero dollars,"fog as if even the leftist mediatards would believe such a whopper.Liar
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Hunter Biden bragged of having 'access to the highest level' in China, email claims

Hunter Biden boasted of having "access to the highest level” in China, according to emails of his business contacts published on Thursday.

The alleged claim by President Joe Biden's adult son was discussed in a Jan. 28, 2015, email obtained by Business Insider from Democratic donor Sam Jauhari to Saudi business tycoon Sheikh Mohammed al-Rahbani, as the men tried to put together a plan to free Libya’s many billions in frozen funds.

According to Jauhari, Hunter Biden sought a $2 million-per-year retainer when he offered to help unlock billions of dollars in Libyan assets that were frozen by the United States in the wake of the Obama administration-backed ouster of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and the collapse of the country’s government.

“Per phone conversation I met with #2 son. He wants $2 per year retainer +++ success fees,” Jauhari wrote to Rahbani. “He wants to hire his own people - it can be close circle of people for confidentiality. His dad is deciding to run or not.”

Jauhari continued: “His positives are he is Chairman of UN World Food Program, son of #2 who has Libya file, access to State, Treasury, business partner SofS [Secretary of State] J. [John] Forbes K [Kerry] son and since he travels with dad he is connected everywhere in Europe and Asia where M. Q. [Muammar Qaddafi] and LIA [Libya Investment Authority] had money frozen. He said he has access to highest level in PRC [China], he can help there.” He added: “His negatives are that he is alcoholic, drug addict - kicked [out] of U.S. Army for cocaine, chasing low class hookers, constantly needs money-liquidity problems and many more headaches. We should meet in Gstraad or London to decide next steps.”

It should be noted Hunter Biden was discharged from the U.S. Navy Reserve, not the Army.

The outlet cited “two people close to the negotiations” who said “$2” meant $2 million for Hunter Biden, though the report said it does not appear that a deal with Hunter was ever worked out. The report also said other documents showed Jauhari and his cohorts wanted to keep up to 5% of whatever Libyan funds they could unlock, which would have meant tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Chinese government was apparently a longtime obstacle to unlocking Libya’s billions in frozen assets. Mustafa Abdel Jalil, then the head of Libya’s National Transitional Council, said in 2011 that “China is obstructing the release of Libya’s frozen assets.” The Diplomat reported in 2019 that China “has not helped the Libyan government’s efforts to unfreeze financial assets.”

In his memoir, Beautiful Things, Hunter Biden wrote that in 2013, then-Vice President Joe Biden asked his son's teenage daughter to join him on Air Force Two to Japan and then to Beijing, where he was meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Hunter said he tagged along.

At the time, Hunter Biden worked with Devon Archer at Rosemont Seneca, and “our deal with the biggest potential was a partnership with a Chinese private equity fund seeking to invest Chinese capital in companies outside the country," he wrote.“While we were in Beijing, Dad met one of Devon’s Chinese partners, Jonathan Li, in the lobby of the American delegation’s hotel, just long enough to say hello and shake hands."

When Patrick Ho, one of Chinese energy tycoon Ye Jianming’s lieutenants, was charged by the Justice Department in 2017, the first call he reportedly made after his arrest was to Joe Biden’s brother James, who said he thought the call was meant for Hunter Biden .

Ho was indicted and convicted for his role in a global money laundering and bribery scheme. Ho, likely under FISA surveillance at one point, tried reaching out to Joe Biden's son for help because he agreed to represent Ho as part of his efforts to work out a liquefied natural gas deal worth tens of millions of dollars with CEFC China Energy leader Ye, who has since disappeared in China.

In 2017, Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter Biden's, worked with him and others to create a business dubbed Sinohawk to establish a joint venture with CEFC. Bobulinski repeatedly expressed in 2017 messages that he expected the venture to get off the ground with $10 million in startup money from CEFC. A Senate GOP report concluded that millions of dollars were sent by CEFC to accounts linked to Hunter Biden instead.

Hunter Biden still holds a 10% equity stake in Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company, according to Chinese business records.

The Chinese investment firm has invested in Chinese Communist Party-linked firms the United States has sanctioned, including a technology company accused of assisting in human rights abuses against the Uyghurs and a nuclear company that allegedly conspired to acquire U.S. nuclear technology to benefit China’s military.

Jauhari’s LinkedIn states he is the manager of Gulf Facilities Contracting and Trading, which does business in places such as Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, and Libya. FEC records indicate he gave more than $80,000 to the Obama campaign in 2012, roughly $30,000 to the Democratic National Committee, tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic state parties and congressional campaigns, and $2,700 to Hillary for America in 2015.

Rahbani’s LinkedIn indicates he is the chairman at Safid, an air distribution systems company in Riyadh.

U.S. election law prohibits foreign nationals from donating to federal campaigns, but prosecutors said Rahbani and a business associate gave Imaad Zuberi $850,000 to donate to President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection inauguration. Zuberi only donated $97,500 of it to Obama before pocketing the rest for himself.

Rahbani spoke in the past about his support for Obama and pulled pictures of himself with the former president and Joe Biden at a 2013 inaugural event down from his website after Zuberi pleaded guilty.

Zuberi, a California venture capitalist and campaign fundraiser who worked to gain influence with prominent Republicans and Democrats, including former President Donald Trump and now-President Joe Biden, was sentenced to a dozen years in prison for illegal donations and foreign agent lobbying schemes in early 2021.

Zuberi pleaded guilty in November 2019 to charges of tax evasion, making nearly $1 million in illegal campaign contributions through straw donations and foreign funds, and falsifying records of his extensive work as a foreign agent. For years, Zuberi donated mostly to Democrats before throwing large sums at Trump’s inaugural committee after his win in 2016.

Zuberi is seen in multiple photographs with Obama in 2014. The convicted criminal is also pictured numerous times in 2014 with then-Vice President Joe Biden in records made public by the Justice Department.

The businessman tried to work his way closer to Biden through Fran Person, who had served as Biden’s body man for eight years before leaving in 2014, after which Zuberi began to cultivate a closer relationship with him. Zuberi also worked to unfreeze up to billions in Libyan government assets, and Zuberi’s WhatsApp messages from 2015 reveal lengthy discussions with a redacted associate as they talk about setting up meetings in Washington, D.C., and Paris to try to unlock the money.

Zuberi, Person, and others met at the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris in May 2015 with the alleged Libyan deputy prime minister to try to figure out how to unfreeze the billions.

The new report from Business Insider pointed to another email from the following year — Feb. 26, 2016 — where Washington lawyer John Sandweg, acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2013 and 2014 under Obama, said he had talked to Hunter and his team about the Libya effort.

"I spoke with HB's team yesterday. They are interested in the project, but emphasized that for them to get involved, the team (lobbyists, lawyers and PR) would need to be a small group of folks they have a tight relationship with. They do not want a large group involved and they only want people with whom they have a close relationship with due to the sensitivities surrounding their involvement," he wrote.

Sandweg, now the head of the “Cross-Border Risks team” at Nixon Peabody law firm , confirmed to the outlet that he had been speaking with a business associate of Hunter’s about the Libyan project at the time, saying, “They indicated they would consider it and I passed the message back. Jauhari wound up hiring a different law firm instead.”

The outlet said neither Jauhari nor Hunter’s attorney responded to requests for comment, and the White House declined to comment. Rahbani attorney Martin Auerbach said the businessman "has no recollection of seeing those emails contemporaneously" and "knows to a certainty that he never spoke to and has no recollection of talking about Hunter Biden."

Concerns about Hunter Biden gained broader attention in late 2020 after he confirmed he was under federal investigation. Multiple outlets reported he is being federally investigated in connection with his taxes and possible links between his overseas business and China and other countries. Hunter Biden said in April he was "cooperating completely" with the investigation and insisted he is "100% certain" he will be cleared of wrongdoing.

When emails are collaborated they sure do lose their luster, eh?
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The MOST votes EVAH! 80 Million and counting cannot be wrong!

The 'F*** Joe Biden' Chant Is EVERYWHERE

Joe Biden is the worst president we’ve had since the last worst president we had: Barack Obama, who was the worst president since Jimmy Carter. It has escaped no one’s notice.

Covid lockdowns and mandates; the destructive, inhumane, callow, disgusting bug-out of Afghanistan; generational theft-level spending; and tyrannical diktats have touched everyone – except Hollywood and D.C., naturally.

Turn that flag upside down, Australia here we come.

Where people have been “allowed” to congregate they have made their disgust with Joe Biden well known in the coarsest and unsociable of ways – and they’ve been cheered for it!

Nearly everywhere you look, people in large groups and small are chanting “F*** Joe Biden!”

It’s turning into this generation’s “the wave.” Remember the wave?

F*** Joe Biden is a real phenomenon.

Remember Red Friday? Now F**** Joe Biden Saturdays are a thing.

It’s a hashtag

It’s a Wikipedia page.

It’s a flag.

And people are flying them.

The slogan is on Christmas ornaments.

In addition to hearing the chant at college football games for weeks, it has spread to – wait, what’s that I hear at The Ryder Cup? F*** Joe Biden.

The Ryder Cup.

Singer Luke Bryant good-naturedly scolded his fans when the chant broke out at his concert. Then he played back up.

I have no idea what event this was, but it became a F*** Joe Biden event.

In a food court somewhere, there it was.

Go Big Red, but F*** Joe Biden.

Get a crowd, add some beats, and F*** Joe Biden becomes a hip-hop event.

We’ve gone from stadia to Staind with F*** Joe Biden chants.

At Staind concerts over the weekend in Joe Biden’s Delaware and in Scranton, Pennsylvania (Joe’s hometown that he travels to whenever he runs for office), the band led the crowd in the F*** Joe Biden chant.

Translation, sans emojis:

“After the sports stadiums, it was the turn of the concerts. Tens of thousands of people who attended the famous American rock singer and songwriter “Aaron Lewis” concert cheering F*** Joe Biden”

Lead singer Aaron Lewis wore an “impeach Biden” hat and donned shirts that read “F*** Joe Biden” and “I Could Sh*t a Better President.”

Finally, please solve the puzzle, Joe.

So popular with everyone...he's a UNITER!

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I wasn't around for carter... but from what I read he was trash. IMO Trump was worse.... by a lot. Sh*ttiest president of all time...

He's the spoat.
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Tragic cost of Biden’s Afghanistan lies: Goodwin

Immeasurable: These are the brave young American men and women who are no longer with us because President Biden did not listen to his generals.:

Lance Cpl. Dylan R. Merola, 20, of Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.; Cpl. Hunter Lopez, 22, of Indio, Calif.; Cpl. Kareem M. Nikoui, 20, of Norco, Calif.; Staff Sgt. Darin T. Hoover, 31, of Salt Lake City; Cpl. Daegan W. Page, 23, of Omaha, Neb.; and Sgt. Johanny Rosario Pichardo, 25, of Lawrence, Mass. Middle row, from left: Cpl. Humberto A. Sanchez, 22, of Logansport, Ind.; Lance Cpl. David L. Espinoza, 20, of Rio Bravo, Texas; Lance Cpl. Jared M. Schmitz, 20, of St. Charles, Mo.; Lance Cpl. Rylee J. McCollum, 20, of Jackson, Wyo.; Navy Corpsman Maxton W. Soviak, 22, of Berlin Heights, Ohio; and Army Staff Sgt. Ryan C. Knauss, 23, of Corryton, Tenn. Bottom: Sgt. Nicole L. Gee, 23, of Roseville, Calif.

Biden lied, they died.

That’s no longer just an accusation. It’s now a fact, with Tuesday’s Senate testimony shredding President Biden’s nonsensical fictions about Afghanistan and confirming that he alone made the fateful decisions that created the chaotic and deadly withdrawal.

We now know for certain what was suspected all along — that the president rejected the advice of his top military aides about how to reduce the troop numbers while keeping the Taliban in check. He also falsely claimed to the public that al Qaeda was no longer in Afghanistan and declared the withdrawal a ringing success.

Reluctantly, but clearly, his commanders begged to differ. One by one, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley and head of U.S. Central Command Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said they advised the president either to keep 2,500 troops in Kabul or supported the proposal.

All three also said al Qaeda remains in Afghanistan and, as Milley put, is still at war with us. And none dared call the conclusion a success.

“The war is lost,” Milley said. “The enemy is in control in Kabul.”

The tone of the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing belied the bombshell testimony. There were no political histrionics and, for a welcome change, Democrats and Republicans followed similar lines of questioning, with the result that the devastating answers were mostly delivered in clipped, matter-of-fact style.

Although a Dem here and there tried to blame former President Donald Trump for his original agreement with the Taliban, there was no serious effort to sugarcoat Biden’s blunder.

Clearly, the president’s attempts to deceive the public were part of the events that put our vaunted military in the weak, vulnerable position of protecting a mass evacuation from a civilian airport in a city overrun by the Taliban.

As with most political lies, the truth always makes them look absurd, and so it does here. The president had insisted to ABC News on Aug. 19, as the disaster unfolded at the Kabul airport, that no military adviser told him to keep a limited number of troops to continue the strategic stalemate.

When George Stephanopoulos said to Biden, “But your top military advisers warned against withdrawing on this timeline. They wanted you to keep about 2,500 troops,” the president answered: “No, they didn’t. It was split. Tha- that wasn’t true. That wasn’t true.”

Stephanopoulos was skeptical, and according to the ABC transcript, tried again. “So no one told — your military advisers did not tell you, ‘No, we should just keep 2,500 troops. It’s been a stable situation for the last several years. We can do that. We can continue to do that?’ ”

Biden repeated his denial, but added a caveat: “No. No one said that to me that I can recall.”

Oh, good, he’s hiding behind his declining mental faculties. The president is either a fool or a half-wit. How comforting.

The immediate impact of his fateful decision for a complete withdrawal by Aug. 31st included the deaths of 13 service members in the airport suicide bomb attack. Had the US kept hold of the Bagram Air Base, it almost certainly would have been able to impose better security in the surrounding area and evacuate more Americans and those Afghans we promised to get out.

But once it gave up Bagram, then surrendered the embassy and retreated to the Kabul airport, it was forced to count on the Taliban to police the perimeter. The result was the suicide attack and the fact that scores, if not hundreds, of American citizens were left behind.

In addition, there are continuing reports that some Afghans who helped in our 20-year war effort are being executed, some of them after being tortured.

It is an outrageous, demoralizing end to a war sparked by 9/11. The most deadly attack ever on our homeland now includes a war we chose to lose to the very people who helped make 9/11 possible by hosting Osama bin Laden.

This pattern has no precedent in American history.

The immediate consequences are obviously devastating, and the long-range reality is that another war is more likely than lasting peace. Beyond al Qaeda’s continuing efforts to strike us, giving Taliban control of Afghanistan completes what one analyst calls a mega-terror state in the region, with Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan sharing borders.

Biden’s unnecessary surrender infuriates and terrifies those allies who count on us for their security and leads to jubilation among our adversaries who see proof that America is in retreat.

The Taliban are the big winners, again controlling Afghanistan and laying claim to having defeated the world’s mightiest military, making them heroes among jihadists everywhere.

If the White House understands any of this, they are keeping it a secret. Press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the testimony later Tuesday and initially fell back on Biden’s claim that the advice from military advisers was “mixed.”

But she kept talking and eventually, and perhaps inadvertently, landed on a more revealing explanation. Had Biden followed the recommendations for keeping troops there, she insisted, the US later “would have had to increase the number of troops, would have been at war with the Taliban, we would have more US casualties.”

That’s their version of the implications, that keeping a small force of special ops and intelligence specialists would have drawn the US back into a larger ground conflict.

But that scenario is far more of a cover story than an inevitability. It is premised on the idea that Aug. 31st was a firm deadline for withdrawal, but that’s a deadline the Biden team set for itself.

It had already gone well beyond the May 1st deadline in the Trump agreement, so as even Sen. Mitt Romney has pointed out, Biden trapped himself in a deadline of his own making.

Worse, Biden initially wanted the withdrawal to be completed by Sept. 11, hoping it would lead to a celebration of the end of the war.

Instead, by choosing surrender and guaranteeing defeat, he created a more dangerous landscape for America and its allies. All the lies in the world can’t cover up his disaster.

Now comes the hard part the party loyalists have to swallow down...either their man is a liar of epic proportions (The border is secure...the infrastructure bill costs nothing...Covid...Jim Crow on steroids...Afghanistan surrender...Border Agents whipping illegals...yada yada yada) or he's mentally unfit for duty. Can't have both. One hand paints him as a lying murderer or a stuttering mumbling dolt. His mental incapacity will be a perfect defense for his lying? My favorite clip of the generals trying to explain themselves and capitulating on resigning...PRICELESS
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