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My son ordered two Rocky Patel Hamlet Tabaquero for Christmas one for him and one for me from CBid. They were wrapped in plastic from the manufacturer and we both had to cut the seal on the boxes to open them. Mine had a beautiful wrapped in Christmas color bands triple twisted cigar...his was an empty box...not even the foam pad inside to protect the cigar!
Talk about poor quality control from RP!
Jakethesnake86 Offline
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E mail them. I’d bet they’ll make it right. That’s fugged up though
bgz Offline
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Nah, that's a far fetched story. They won't buy it. Tell em your dog ate it.
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Seems like your son got the better box…
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^ this
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LOL, but yeah, venture into the customer service wilderness. Not sure how it'll go since Celtic is so seldom seen nowadays
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izonfire wrote:
Seems like your son got the better box…

Applause LOL
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yup...izon is always good for a zinger...
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