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Covid Amnesty
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So they were wrong.
Very, very wrong.

And people suffered. Some severely.
Lost jobs. Stupid kids. poor natural immunity. really stupid kids. missed funerals. and I mean exceptionally stupid kids.

But they meant well. They used the media cherry picked information and ran with it.

So now they expect amnesty from retribution.

The motto remains: Responsibility for thee. But none for me.

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It was and continues to be the biggest scam of real science that I can think of.

From a social science prospective it shows how easy the masses can be manipulated and it took less than a year to do so.

I was thinking about this today while walking around WalMart.

- If the mask thing isn't stupid enough (people are still wearing them here), remember the one way traffic the stores had set up? If you went against the flow, some Karen was there to scold you.

- Threats of fines and jail time if you didn't abide by the quarantine mandates and curfews (the Rona is really bad after sundown).

- Mom and Pop pizza joints, diners, and small buisnesses are forced to close and put out of business but convenience stores and liquor stores are "essential businesses." I, being a WalMart employee, was given a letter to carry with me that stated that I was an "essential worker" in case the cops stopped me after curfew (WTF?).

- Want to get some fresh air? TFB... city and state parks are closed... Even dog parks were closed because the "experts" say that you can catch the Rona from Fido. Stay inside, they say. We need to "flatten the curve."

The extremes that the powers that be force fed the population defies all logic but people took it hook, line, and sinker. How dare you question the government, the media, and the quack "experts."

Folks wanted people that didn't get the shot to be rounded up and isolated from the folks that did. Folks carried their vaccine passport around in case they were questioned about getting the miracle injection. Folks wanted people to be charged with manslaughter if it could be proven that they didn't follow the rules and passed the virus on to someone who ended up dying from it.

You can't make this $hit up. This was reality.
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What good is virus if you can’t control people?
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I, from the start, was completely against the shots. Still haven't got one. Yet I didn't deter even my wife or son from getting it when they decided they would. I told them my thoughts and let them do what they would.

Brewha insisted I wanted to kill granny's and I was an irresponsible citizen. Teedub said I didn't have all the information and he did (but didn't share it).

I won't hold my breath waiting for an apology.
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The Big Pharms are Indemnified (sp?) from prosecution or repercussions by the Feds...

Just as the Pharms were when Mandatory Anthrax Vaccines on the Military members!! anyone with underlying Medical issues are affected the worse... I/We (wife and I) lost friends to COVID, but are also losing friends and family who received these Vacs and now are dealing with and losing to other medical issues brought on by them...

I refuse any Vacs. I came down with this crap in Feb 2020 thought it was bad case of Pneumonia (which I'd had a few other times in my life) down for 3 weeks pulled through.. got it again in July 4th weekend of 20, had it for 4 days. stayed under Q for 10 days.... since I've been around crowds who tested positive many times since and I never got an itch? your body is built to combat **** that doesn't belong in its system I'm a strong believer in not fuggin that up!
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