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Smoked a Cacique Miami
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I have a great tollerance for some cigars I would call dog ockets, But this cigar lasted 5 minutes before I could not stand another puff. It tastes like bitting down on a green tree twig. I tried to smoke it but this thing was as bad as it gets. I picked one up at a little grocery store near by who has a little humi where I can pick-up an occasional gespert. He was out but I thought I would give the Cacique a try. Never again!!!!Dambed it was bad!!!JMO
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I enjoy Cacique Miamis. I've got probably half a box of torps still in my coolador. A bit of a rough start, but it really smooths out and gets flavorful.
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I let this one rest about a month before I trid it. I really did not like it. It was way too green tasting for me. It left a real nasty after taste. Maybe this guys Plexi Humi left an after taste? Thanks for your input Sf. Maybe I will try another some day just because you think highly of it.
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I rather like these, too. You're shpo didn't keep them near kitty litter or the bano or anything, did they?
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This one sure tasted like it Pac.
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Hey man, to each their own. Give it a shot in a month, and see what happens. The first one that was gifted to me smoked very well, but the first one from my box was "eh." I believe my friend had his a while, so it might just be an age thing.
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I've got 2 boxes that have rested for about a year and they improved greatly with age. Still not a great cigar, a little one dimensional, but a decent inexpensive smoke.
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I was Googling these to see if there were any still in existence. The Cacique Miami are one of three non Cuban cigars that tasted like Cubans to me.

R.I.P. Tabacalera Tropical.
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Resurrecting a thread from 2006.
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