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New Guys - What does your name mean?
hegemonic Offline
#1 Posted:
Joined: 01-17-2000
Posts: 1,294
If you haven't had to explain what your username here meant before, then that makes you a "new guy". What does your username mean or stand for?

To find out the username for a c-bid 'veteran', go to:
plabonte Offline
#2 Posted:
Joined: 09-11-2000
Posts: 2,131
Uh, my first name is Paul and my last name is Labonte. Put them together and you get plabonte.
xrundog Offline
#3 Posted:
Joined: 01-17-2002
Posts: 2,212
Naturally curious eh? I get this all the time. My e-mail name is xrundog. I used to run alot. I wanted runningdog, like a cool indian name. Already taken. Shortened to rundog, used it at hotmail. Switched to a new ISP,guess what? rundog taken. By now my MD said quit running use cardio machines. I am now an xrundog. It's complicated but unique.

Tim in Tennessee
huttman78 Offline
#4 Posted:
Joined: 02-06-2002
Posts: 115
Huttman78.....Last name Hutter, born in 1978, I am a man, but come to think of it people used to call me huttman.
BBJ Offline
#5 Posted:
Joined: 11-21-1999
Posts: 286
go And The 11/ the Next Number In Line.That Scares Me Knowing that there Are At Least 10 More Thansmans That Did Not Have A Transplant
BBJ Offline
#6 Posted:
Joined: 11-21-1999
Posts: 286
Now Let Me try That Again.
transman11/I Use Transman Because I Surived A Liver transplant 3+ Years Ago In You Know About The 11
hegemonic Offline
#7 Posted:
Joined: 01-17-2000
Posts: 1,294
LMAO!! Um.. transman... you're currently posting as BBJ... LMAO!!
bud451 Offline
#8 Posted:
Joined: 09-11-2010
Posts: 2,237
Man...thanks Heg, I thought I was missing something.
plabonte Offline
#9 Posted:
Joined: 09-11-2000
Posts: 2,131
Are you sure it was the liver that was transplanted and not something more cranial? (just kidding)
mhollowa Offline
#10 Posted:
Joined: 10-03-2001
Posts: 517
mhollowa. m for Michael. Hollow for my head and A for the being first in line for a user name.
BMW Offline
#11 Posted:
Joined: 10-21-2000
Posts: 3,010
Heg, I didn't see myself listed on the other post although I have expalined my handle before. BMW, not the car just my initials.Barry
BJLM1970 Offline
#12 Posted:
Joined: 11-04-2000
Posts: 86
Everyone calls me Big Jay (6ft3 250lbs) so thats the first B then JLM is the initals of my name and the 1970 is for my 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo that I have had since high school. I will try and dig up a pic and put it on the pic post. It is in a warehouse right now in the process of being totaly torn down.
mmay Offline
#13 Posted:
Joined: 06-10-2001
Posts: 121
First initial, last name. With advancing age, I have to keep it to something I can remember most of the time.
CL Offline
#14 Posted:
Joined: 02-08-2000
Posts: 855
Good stuff, guys. Now Heg, tell 'em what "hegemonic" is.
jcrimmins Offline
#15 Posted:
Joined: 04-26-2000
Posts: 787
Hegemonic is the Yiddish term for "He who sodomizes". It's a term of endearment in the pervert community.
J/K Mike (Heg)
ellesson Offline
#16 Posted:
Joined: 05-13-2001
Posts: 150
my last name cj
delarob Offline
#17 Posted:
Joined: 06-28-2001
Posts: 5,315
Delarob - First name Robert, live in Delaware.
billmerit Offline
#18 Posted:
Joined: 07-27-2001
Posts: 214
First name is bill. I think I have some 'merit'. But, maybe not.
decasere_CW Offline
#19 Posted:
Joined: 07-15-2002
Posts: 178
just my last name actually its DeCasere and the correct pronounciation is(now follow me phonetically)
De Ches a ray, said with an Italian accent. I use it because there are only 3 grown male DeCasere's in America and one in Jail so it's not ever taken.
tailgater Offline
#20 Posted:
Joined: 06-01-2000
Posts: 23,096
You have internet access from prison???!!!
tailgater Offline
#21 Posted:
Joined: 06-01-2000
Posts: 23,096
By the way, what are you in for? Did you hegemonize a minor?
decasere_CW Offline
#22 Posted:
Joined: 07-15-2002
Posts: 178
I am not in prison, i have a cousin in prison for fraud and forgery, you know Italian and wants to be a goodfellow.Just stupid if you ask me.
bud451 Offline
#23 Posted:
Joined: 09-11-2010
Posts: 2,237
****edaboudit....I'm 100% Italian and 100% legal, poor but legal :)
Todog Offline
#24 Posted:
Joined: 05-05-2001
Posts: 804
Todog means cigar in Gaelic(Irish). I am Todogman(cigarman) on other boards! John
calavera Offline
#25 Posted:
Joined: 01-26-2002
Posts: 1,856
calavera means skull in spanish. or so a foreign exchange student once told me. however, I use it because it is my last name and is never taken.
Teninx Offline
#26 Posted:
Joined: 11-24-2001
Posts: 138
In pistol competition, Ten (rounds) In the X (ring)
of a bullseye target is a perfect score (100-10X). I've scored that only once in a match, but it's the goal of every shooter.
Orv Offline
#27 Posted:
Joined: 10-03-2001
Posts: 71
I trying to start a new word like herf. As in let's go Orv a cigar. Not buying that, oh well how about the first 3 letters of my first name. ORV
510 Offline
#28 Posted:
Joined: 01-31-2002
Posts: 18
510. I own 2 Datsun 510s (1971 and 1972). They are one of the first affordable cars that had an over head cam. They also have independent rear suspension which makes it fun to do 80mph on a freeway on-ramp, and is great for racing. When they first came out they were beating BMW 2000s and Camaros in varios races. If you want more info just type 510 into a search engine and 500 web sites will pop up.
Have a great smoke. Mike
engletl Offline
#29 Posted:
Joined: 12-26-2000
Posts: 26,332
Engle is my last name and T L are my initials since my isp login was issued in that manner that is what I remember. Todd
ClancyDaBulldog Offline
#30 Posted:
Joined: 12-31-2001
Posts: 78
i have an english bullie by the name guessed it!
BBJ Offline
#31 Posted:
Joined: 11-21-1999
Posts: 286
For the record.The Handle BBJ Was Given to Me By the Owner Of Cigar Bid!BBJ/Big Bad John!
Thank you,You Can Resume Posting.
redneck1 Offline
#32 Posted:
Joined: 11-15-2000
Posts: 813
Chose redneck1 because I was working with a redneck at the time I registered. Figured it would be easy to remember. Some of you may know me as olmike on another BB. I have to comunicate some on a radio where I work. Half of the time people key their mic's late and all you hear is the last name. There are two other people on our channel that have the same last name as me. So, in order to hear my first name (and not answer for someone else) I asked some of the guys to ask for Ol' Mike then pretty much everyone started using it. I might not hear the Ol' but I hear the Mike!
thepapa Offline
#33 Posted:
Joined: 02-29-2000
Posts: 62
Umm...I'm a Papa....
Mr.Mean Offline
#34 Posted:
Joined: 05-16-2001
Posts: 3,025
Ummm... I'm mean.....bastid
donutboy2000 Offline
#35 Posted:
Joined: 11-20-2001
Posts: 25,000
In 2000 I got a job delivering donuts.
dockdoc2 Offline
#36 Posted:
Joined: 11-19-2000
Posts: 3
"doc" as in a medic, dock cause my sailing buddy always thought I would rather be at the dock making drinks and grilling than out on the water. 2 cause it's the second registration due to a lost pasword.
#37 Posted:
Joined: 12-14-2001
Posts: 8
justforfun Offline
#38 Posted:
Joined: 03-06-2002
Posts: 797
My call name beats the alternative. Wouldn't you agree?
santacore Offline
#39 Posted:
Joined: 06-20-2001
Posts: 31
back in high school my friends called me "santa-core" which kind of stuck. my real last name is sanacore. i've rolled with it since nick names can be a lot worse.
BigTony Offline
#40 Posted:
Joined: 07-22-2001
Posts: 185 name is Anthony and everyone except my family calls me Tony. I'm a bit "round" in the middle...and in my last job the guys started calling me Big Tony. It could be worse.. so I'll keep it.
YoungNFoolish Offline
#41 Posted:
Joined: 02-25-2002
Posts: 9
Well I am a young guy (for a cigar smoker) and I used this name with "The Motley Fool" website. You will have to visit the "Fool's" website to understand why someone would call themself a Fool.
Charlie Offline
#42 Posted:
Joined: 06-16-2002
Posts: 39,751
Name is Charlie and wife's birthday is May 3! Since most passwords require 4 to 6 digits,,,,,,,,,,,oh fuhgedaboutit! Charlie
cruiser Offline
#43 Posted:
Joined: 06-15-2001
Posts: 739
Why I take 2-3 cruises a year allways Balcony Cabins,and yes I like shade, so half the time on my cruises I am out on the balcony and smoke the hell out of the cigars 7 day cruise about 25-30 cigars! EOM
tandem401 Offline
#44 Posted:
Joined: 03-01-2002
Posts: 112
In 1978 I joined a new company called Tandem Computers, trademark Tandem NonStop. The name reflects my employee number. The company was bought out a few years ago to become a division of a larger company. It's now called Compaq Nonstop.
jazzman Offline
#45 Posted:
Joined: 11-06-2000
Posts: 1,012
pretty simple---i like smooth jazz music and am of the male persuasion---therefore jazzman...
eleltea Offline
#46 Posted:
Joined: 03-03-2002
Posts: 4,560
LLT are my initials. Or should that be LLT *is* my initials? Hmmmm. Still sounds right.
hegemonic Offline
#47 Posted:
Joined: 01-17-2000
Posts: 1,294
Anyone else care to explain? :)
Guv Offline
#48 Posted:
Joined: 05-10-2002
Posts: 198
I took my name of my Dog! We call him Governor because we gave him a Stay of execution! He was going to be put down the next morning if we did not adopt him! Nice dog, he barfed all over my car on the way home that night. I should have left the **** get gassed!!!!!!
xibbumbero Offline
#49 Posted:
Joined: 01-25-2002
Posts: 12,395
X=ret,IB=city=bumbero=Spanish for FF,actually it's bombero,but all my friends still work,so they call me a bum. X
rookie139 Offline
#50 Posted:
Joined: 03-02-2000
Posts: 2,149
Check the old thread..LOL...J/K...When I first became a cop, several of the vets there called me "rookie"...My star # is "139"...I've been on for five years now and it's too much of a pain in the ass to change my screennames...LOL
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