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07/24/2018-I am running a series of cigar auctions for the sole benefit of OpFth.

Parts of this post was a cut and paste from the following thread: A big thanks to ypetryna for his help to OpFth. I hope this was OK.

As many of y'all know Operation From the Heart is a nonprofit organization that sends care packages to our soldiers serving abroad. OpFTH is 100% donation driven, when the donations stop Bill and the other agents fund our shipping costs out of their own pockets.

All monetary donations go to the Operation from The Heart shipping fund!

Here are the "General" rules:

I will be listing a series of rare and hard to get cigars in various combinations starting now and running until I choose to stop which will be based on interest.

The auctions will run from Wednesday 12 midnight eastern time until the following Tuesday at 11:59pm Eastern time. The last bid posted to the forum with an 11:59pm time wins. (see note below)

The bids will include cash and/or cigar(long filler) minimum amounts and I used rarity and MSRP as best as I could find to establish the required minimum bids with the required cigars being the premium. If you think that the required bid is too high, please do not bid. I am not trying to give away cigars, I am trying to help OpFth out.

Once you have met the minimum required bid, your higher bid amount may include either cash and/or cigars.

A winning bid should be settled within one week and when smitty confirms receipt of monetary and/or cigars, I will send out your winning items. All winnings will be sent via USPS promptly with the winner providing their personal email address to me VIA PM so that I can track the package.

You may post the PayPal confirmation number for the monetary bid on this thread. If you use a check or money order the verification will take longer.

You may pay for your bids by personal, certified check, or money order.(Send to schmitty but make them out OPERATION FROM THE HEART or OPFTH (not smitty).

29456 Groesbeck Hwy
Roseville MI 48066

Cigar donations can be sent to smitty (at the same address above).

Please be sure to add a note with your CBid handle and identify your donation as "Tim Auction."

The preferred method for monetary donations is Paypal. Go to Paypal and send money to: [email protected] if that is easier for you Techies REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR CBID HANDLE

Instant, Secure, online contributions VIA Paypal VIA Credit Card on the OpFTH website!
Click on the Paypal or JustGive Logo’s on the left hand side of the page.
WE prefer PAYPAL, you get an instant receipt for tax purposes!
The paypal will provide Smitty with real time verification, and lets try to make his life easier.

Paypal is the prefered method (DO NOT list Cigars or Cigar Bid anywhere in the donation...Title donations "Tim Auction" Email your confirmation receipt to zitotczito at gmail dot com.

Each box cost roughly $15 to ship.

Now just a few bits of FYI

OpFTH is a 501(c) Non-profit
None of the Agents or Directors take a salary, we are 100% volunteer
The main office (smitty22 in Roseville MI) spends roughly $500 a month in shipping give or take.
close to 80% of OpFTH's shipping funds come from the fine B/SOTL here on CBid
The annual 4th of July C-A-T accounts for roughly 60% of the Annual funds used each year
Right now There is very little funds in the OpFTH account, which means smitty self funds shipping cost until more funds come in.
As long as there are Soldiers fighting abroad OpFTH will continue to send packages

And as always I extend my, Bill and the rest of the OpFTH family's MANY THANKS to ALL that continue to donate and allow us to keep sending as many packages as possible to those Soldiers that are risking their lives for our better good.

Some links to help.

on facebook

on Crowdrise

Cafe Press (link through and buy OpFTH themed goods)

Good Search (search engine that donates for every search to the charity you choose, and also has many online partners that donate for purchases)

And as always...THANK YOU for your continued support of OpFTH

**Disclaimer, I, zitotczito, am not an agent of OpFTH and all auctions are for the sole benefit of OpFth and I am receiving no renumeration for these auctions from any source. I also in my sole discretion can amend, change or clarify rules.**

Thank You


Minimum Bid is $110.00 and 30 cigars.
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This auction is closed-Thank you for your consideration.
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