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2019 College Football Pick'em...Dead Ass Last...
clintCigar Offline
#1 Posted:
Joined: 05-14-2019
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So in the mail today I get a pleasant surprise. My official 2019 College Football Pick'em "Dead Ass Last" prize! Thk u Chris and Dave! I will smoke these and ash them with PRIDE! LOL
2019 College Football Pickem Dead Ass Last 687X549.jpg
Palama Offline
#2 Posted:
Joined: 02-05-2013
Posts: 20,267
That is a niiiiice lookin’ ashtray! ThumpUp

Clint - you had any of those smokes before?
CelticBomber Offline
#3 Posted:
Joined: 05-03-2012
Posts: 6,781
Well, since this was posted yesterday.... How were they?

Awesome ashtray!
delta1 Offline
#4 Posted:
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Phil222 Offline
#5 Posted:
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clintCigar Offline
#6 Posted:
Joined: 05-14-2019
Posts: 4,350
Surprisingly I have only had the DE Undercrown Sun Grown. Chris is a good guesser LOL.

Cathcam13 Offline
#7 Posted:
Joined: 01-11-2018
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At least there isn’t a pineapple flavor White owl in there. 🤣😂🤣
Sunoverbeach Offline
#8 Posted:
Joined: 08-11-2017
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Huh. I'd have been better off skipping a couple weeks out of the season too Frying pan

JK. Nice booby prize Chris & Dave
csgamecock Offline
#9 Posted:
Joined: 05-08-2012
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Nice...... the tracking aid it wasn't gonna get there till today, glad it made it early!
stinger88 Offline
#10 Posted:
Joined: 05-29-2012
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Hopefully next year we can do this again.
clintCigar Offline
#11 Posted:
Joined: 05-14-2019
Posts: 4,350
agreed. this year was a total shiit show and still goin....kind of lol.
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