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My first question for you all - What is the best cigar event you have either had yourself - or that you have been part of? either family - or the big Cigar fests or just friends at some get together...???

I have been slowly pushing cigars on to my extended family for years now - every holiday - summer get togethers, presents etc... and it is working!! (CI should send me a commission check) - it is almost an art to get a total noobie to give cigars a chance..

My family had the traditional big Christmas celebration last year - and covid turned it into over 2 weeks of festivities, food/baking, partying, movies, the works!... and on one of those days - the men gathered on a big patio - fire roaring - and we all smoked cigars for over 8 hours - well into the night - wiped out a mothership 'fresh rolled' wheel Rosado 40 pack between us all. Even a few of the ladies joined in... one of the best cigar days/nights in a long long time..

What have you been part of that was a great 'unforgettable' cigar herfexplosionfestathon... ?
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The grotto.
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I hear the 5 minute herfs with Jimmy were pretty cool.
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FGM Herf at least five times. Epic 4-day herf! Pray we will be able to reconvene again under the generosity of our GREAT BOTL, Ray!!!

Went to CigarFest over 10 years ago when CBID was wildly popular. Met dozens of CBID BOTL. That and parking lot herfing was the best part. If I were ever to go again, I would stay at the resort, but NOT buy a CFest ticket again.
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