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Highly Rated Cigars That Suck
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#51 Posted:
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Stogie1020 wrote:
I gotta get my "to try" list somewhere...

I tried to subscribe to Delta's recommendation newsletter but after I sent in the required noodz, I never heard back...

Illusione HL have been consistently good over the years...I got a box at the other auction site for ~$6.35/cigar
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I love the ep Carrillo new wave
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Stogie1020 wrote:
Oh, I forgot... CAO Flathead (95 rated). I have a buddy who keeps trying to convince me they are great, but I have tried the V554 and V660 (and the Steelhorse, technically a different cigar altogether) and the Flathead is totally one-note for me. And that note is poop.

Absolutely agree on that one. I tried both of those vitolas also and was nigh unimpressed. Furthermore, I expected a bit more strength from cigars with such "macho" branding.
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Dg west deptford wrote:
Davidoff always let me down

Every single time. Gorgeous looking though.
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