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Anyone seen Drafter?
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Oklahoma State University hosts 'Drag Queen Story Hour' for kids as young as 2-years-old

The event is targeted for children ages 2 through 8Published

By Adam Sabes, Fox News, April 15, 2022 - Oklahoma State University hosted a "Drag Queen Story Hour" for kids as young as 2-years-old earlier in April.

The event, "Drag Queen Story Hour," which took place on April 9, was part of Oklahoma State University's Pride 2022 month.

A description for the event stated that Ami Rhetto and Olivia Lycan, two drag performers, would read books that highlight inclusion and acceptance.

"The books featured will be Red A Crayon's Story by Michael Hall and Speak Up by Miranda Paul," the description stated.

The activities during the "Drag Queen Story Hour" were geared towards children aged 2 to 8, but said "all ages are welcome to join in on the fun."

The Oklahoma State University Museum of Art and the Oklahoma State University OSU Office of Multicultural Affairs hosted the event.

As part of the university's pride week, the Oklahoma State University Student Union Activities Board hosted "Condom Bingo" as well.

The event was first reported by Campus Reform.

Other institutions also announced plans to host drag events for kids.

The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle announced it will host a week-long summer camp titled "Drag-tastic Summer Camp: The Art of Drag," slated to take place on August 8–12, as Fox News previously reported.

Individuals aged 12 to 18 will have the chance to "investigate drag history," while also creating drag "personas" during the camp.

A spokesperson for Oklahoma State University told Fox News Digital after the event occurred that the poster "does not have the correct, updated information and we will be removing it."

The poster listed that "stories and activities" were geared towards kids aged 2 through 10. An age recommendation was also scrubbed from the event description after the Fox News Digital request for comment.

"Calling all current and future kings and queens! Explore self-expression in MoPOP’s week-long, drag-tastic summer camp! Led by Seattle performer Joshua Hancock, you’ll investigate drag history and work together with local artists to create your own personas," the event description said.

Participants can choose a drag name, learn "hair and makeup techniques," as well as developing a "character’s stage presence."

At the end of the camp, participants will get to "celebrate" the new "drag personas with a private showcase."

The cost to attend the camp is $370 until May 31, then rises to $400 for the week-long camp.

A spokesperson for the museum told Fox News that they are proud to offer drag for young people to win core "self-expression."

"We celebrate creativity with all members of our community as a core part of our mission. Like any other arts enrichment program, we are proud to offer an opportunity for young people to use drag to explore self-expression through creating characters and performances that express and uplift their unique identities," the spokesperson said.

I'm sorry but WTF?
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Don’t judge DrafterX’s life choices….

At least he’s not trading My Little Ponies with Victor809 anymore.
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If it wasn't so damn sick, the above would be hilarious.
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CROS TOLD me .....that he joined a tanning salon and is passing as a pakistani store owner selling booo kooo glass bongs and glass crack pipes at a SONOCO GAS STATION IN MT. JOY , PA....

THAT SAID "FALSE FLAG DRUG DEN" that espouses everything they sell is for tobacco use only is the key hash connection to the east coast hadji network of U-HAUL rental store HASH DISTRIBUTION .... alleDgEdly
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that's what I heard too!
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You must have access to the HMONG GRAPEVINE...
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What a bunch of sick twisted perverted basturds.
I wonder how many woke parents are signing their kids up?
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I heard teedubbya has him locked in his shed with CROS and Victor.
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I heard that toooo...

But with a different twist....

The "shed" was really RAMMIES COBBED TOGETHER from stolen construction site materials
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….just copying California!

500 people attend drag queen story hour at California library, wildly outnumber protesters

Feb 17, 2019 10:34am PST by Marissa Higgins, Daily Kos Staff

If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where drag queens volunteer their time to read to locals, including children, the elderly, or those in hospitals, you’ve probably already experienced what fun magic and sense of community these story hours bring. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks these events are appropriate for kids, and that’s when protestors decide to insert themselves.

In recent example, about 25 people showed up at the Brentwood Community Center in Brentwood, California, to protest a literary event that involved a drag queen reading children’s books to, you guessed it, children. How many people showed up to attend the event? Oh, a cool 500.

Bella Aldama, the drag queen who read at this particular event, said, “There is nothing wrong with reading a children's book that displays diversity and different gender identities. We are all different, and everyone deserves respect and love. We are not trying to teach or brainwash anybody. Drag is just a form of gender expression."

Drag Queen Story Hour started out in San Francisco before spreading to neighboring parts of California, including El Cerrito and Concord. It’s actually spread across the country, but not without some depressing reactions from opponents. For example, take avid Trump supporter James “Doc” Green Sr. You might remember that he recently went semi-viral for attempting to violate a restraining order as he tried to protest a drag queen reading event in Houston, Texas. He posted a video of police removing him from the library to YouTube. Notably, he’d been banned from the library for allegedly recording children without permission at a prior event. Oh, and he was carrying a concealed weapon at the time, which police confiscated.

Why are these sort of events so important? They offer positive exposure and build community, to start. Normalizing various gender expressions from a young age can be hugely beneficial to children as they experiment with and discover their own identities. After all, anyone can do drag; you can identify as queer (or not), a man (or not), and be any race, age, religion. And in a media culture that often still depicts LGBTQ and gender non-conforming people as evil or dangerous (how many times is the villain in a children’s movie discretely coded as queer?), positive representation in real life can do wonders.
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Why are you sooooo down on drag queen's ???

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The more things are forbidden, the more popular they become.
- MT
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WTF..?? There didn't used to be gay-homos in Oklahoma... I bet that Bassard Biden flew them in in the middle of da night.. !! Mad
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I saw him.
And then POOF!
He was gone…
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izonfire wrote:
I saw him.
And then POOF!
He was gone…

Drafter Soze
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What a drag
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JadeRose wrote:
I heard teedubbya has him locked in his shed with CROS and Victor.

It’s obvious that TW locked himself in the shed as well and can’t get out.

I’ve spent time with him on the VHerf.
I could see that happening…
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